How To Make Your Beliefs Serve You Instead Of Serving Your Beliefs (And Why It’s Important)

Do your beliefs serve you or do you serve your beliefs? That is the question.

If you truly pursue happiness as your primary priority, it’s crucial that your beliefs serve you and not the other way around.

Check out the video below to see how to make your beliefs serve you and why it’s important  – plus the notes on what you can expect to learn:

  • Your reality is subjective
  • Science is model agnostic
  • My models (models that serve me)
  • Strategy of pursuit of happiness as aiming for the best state available
  • How to understand confirmation bias and examine unproductive beliefs
  • How to use logic and creativity to turn bad beliefs into better beliefs
  • The key to self actualization
  • Why you need total control of your beliefs instead of submitting to ideologies
  • Why limiting beliefs are important (as long as they’re protective limiting beliefs)
  • How to rework a belief without short circuiting logic
  • Why consistent calibration of your beliefs is key
  • Why you should leave positive beliefs alone (if it’s not broke don’t fix it)

  1. i think you’d be surprised that with your expanded readership you have viewers/readers who have very different politics than you, eg. myself (i’d describe myself as a socialist believe it or not), but that doesnt stop me from liking your stuff on personal development. actually, since your focus is not political it might be counterproductive sometimes to bring in politics to your videos.

  2. Thanks Z, and you’re correct, politics is a major trigger and therefore counterproductive, I don’t care what anyone’s politics is, my message is tunnel vision: to give men practical strategies to live better lives (be happiier), whatever you guys believe is all good for me – I’m beyond being triggered by politics (actually just did a vid on that if you want to see how to never get triggered by politics). All the best.

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