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Why You Should Build A Brand Not A Hustle

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  • Brands have a moat that protect you from competitors (think Coca Cola or Trump Towers)
  • Your brand has name recognition, not just for your brand but for you personally (your hustle doesn’t)
  • Your brand is long money, your hustle is short
  • Your hustle is not a mission, your brand is
  • You’ll never be as passionate about your short term hustle as opposed to your mission
  • Your brand is bigger and therefore not dependent on any one platform (youtube, fb, twitter etc.)
  • Your brand is fungible (I built my Youtube channel up off the back of my website)
  • When you work on your brand you build brand equity or goodwill (this will pay you in $)
  • Building a brand allows you to plan for your next decade or even your next 3 decades
  • You can stand behind and be proud of your brand (your hustle is often anonymous)
  • Your brand is long term money, your hustle is short term money
  • Be a builder of great things that last, not a short term hustler of sh*% you don’t care about

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