Action Is Everything

Action is everything.

Not reading quotes from successful entrepreneurs.

Or reading biographies of successful people.

Or even doing “research” on your business because lets get real, “research” is not real work.

The best thing for your business is almost always the last thing you want to do…

Getting the license, getting the business bank accounts, making the 100 cold calls a day.

That’s what real work is, and the most important work is the work you least want to do.

It’s not about becoming…

So many guys get this wrong, you don’t have to become anything to become successful.

You don’t have to BE anything to BE successful because:

  1. identity is an illusion (albeit a fun and useful one)
  2. the identity of success is merely just a side effect of taking right actions over a long period of time

What you really are is the Holy Spirit temporarily incarnated into a body to play the game of life.

Playing the role of successful entrepreneur is a good return on your investment in the game of life because you can use that illusion to give you state as well as create and reinforce positive actions and habits…

But understand success is the result of consistently taking those positive actions over time, not the other way around.

You don’t get success because you want it, or because you got the degree or because you did everything “The Secret” told you to do.

Instead success is about channeling your WILL into the right thoughts and the right actions over a long period of time.

Only then do you get to play the role of successful entrepreneur on the great stage of life.

And it’s a much better part than playing the broke failure, I’ve played both and can confirm that through direct experience.

But I didn’t become successful because I got a degree, or because I read “The Secret”…

Consistent action got me there.

That’s why I hate when my coaching clients tell me that they’re not as tough or as committed as me, as if that commitment is something I inherited, as opposed to taking the right actions over time, and waking up fighting laziness and mediocrity every day.

I’m not tougher than anyone by default, toughness is just a side effect of me choosing the right actions. And to continue to take pride in my mental toughness, I need to continually choose the right actions, or risk getting soft and weak.

When you say you don’t have the commitment, what you’re really saying is I refuse to take the actions necessary for success because I don’t want to win badly enough….

You want it, but you don’t really want it.

Because it’s not about becoming successful, you become an overnight success from taking the right actions for 3 to 10 years. From living groundhog day every day, making your 100 calls, and ticking off tasks, in the same office, day after day, for what feels like forever.

Processing is worthless, you don’t need to focus on all the things you’ve done wrong or go back to your childhood and “process”, all you’re doing is wasting time and opening up old wounds.

Shaming is worthless, you don’t need to beat up on yourself and wallow in your own misery while you play victim, not only does that waste time but toxic shame crucifies and murders your soul.

All you need to do is recognize you took the wrong actions: from choosing the wrong girl, to not choosing business ownership, to not making the cold calls, to not sacrificing weekends to all of the above…

And from there, make the decision that you will choose the right actions in the future because it’s in your character as a MAN. Tell yourself enough is enough. And that moving forward you will consistently take the right actions. And never give up. Because it’s not about motivation, it’s about dedication.