How To Achieve Your Goals Part 2: Choosing The Right Goals

The right goal is the goal is the goal that solves your most painful problem.

Choosing the right goal is about:

1) The right expectation
2) The right principle

The Right Expectation

The right expectation is the realistic expectation.

A realistic expectation means a goal within the bounds of your reality.

Where you have a model to follow.

Where you do your homework.

Where you reality check your pathway to success against your capabilities.

Where you set a reasonable timeline with a margin for error.

Where you set a goal that’s challenging, but not challenging beyond your limits.

Then you have your ideal goal.

The ideal goal is powerful enough to motivate you but realistic enough not to discourage you.

Goals like:

The Right Principle

The right principle is the 80% principle.

The 80% principle means you aim for 80% of whats possible.

80% is enough to solve your problem.

Beyond that it’s diminishing returns and many times counterproductive returns.

80% in fashion means you look great without spending too much money.

100% means you spend a fortune and have people questioning your sexuality.

80% in fitness means you look built without sacrificing your health.

100% means you look like a freakshow and destroy your health with drugs.

80% with women means you can get women consistently without spending too much time picking girls.

100% means you exhaust yourself and your wallet chasing down girls every night at the club.

80% in business means you’re self employed, make six figures and still have leisure time.

100% means your life is your business and you have no time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

When You Have The Right Expectation And The Right Principle You Choose The Right Goals

Choose The Right Goals This Year And Make It Happen