Use The Pain To Push You To Greatness

Do you know why most people don’t change?

Because they’re waiting for a moment that never comes, a moment in the future. They’re waiting for motivation. If you’re waiting for that moment to come, its not going to happen, because change happens in the present, not in the future.

There’s no limit to how low a man can sink. Some men won’t change until life puts them on their knees. Some men won’t change until they hit rock bottom. The truth is, there is no rock bottom, rock bottom is where you choose to say enough.

Do you hate your job?
Do you hate your dating life?
Do you hate being disorganized?
Do you hate being out of shape?
Do you hate where you are in life?
Do you want to change?

Of course you do, but to want is not enough, everyone wants. Desire is not enough, it’s not until you take action that change begins. When you don’t take action it means you don’t want it bad enough. It means the fear of changing is still greater then the pain of staying the same.

Everything in life is a choice, by not taking action, you choose mediocrity.

By not taking action it means you haven’t had enough pain. It means you need more pain to make a change. When you accept another sh*tty day at your sh*tty job, you’re telling life you need more pain to change, that you haven’t hit bottom yet, that your pain isn’t enough.

I get it though, I’ve been there, in fact I bet I’ve been in a worse place than you have. I know it’s hard to make a change, otherwise everyone would do it. To change means you need to be able to do what the ordinary guy won’t do. The ordinary guy lets the pain of change outweigh the pain of mediocrity. The ordinary guy lets the fear of change outweigh the pain of staying the same. The ordinary guy sabotages himself before he even gets started.

Do you want to be an ordinary guy or do you want to be extraordinary?

If you want to be extraordinary then you need to put in extraordinary effort starting today.

The first step is always the hardest so take that pain and let it give you extraordinary fuel for your mission.

Take that pain and let it propel you to greatness.

Take that pain and decide that today is the day you say enough.

Success is there if you want it, all you have to do is go get it!