Why You Shouldn’t Do Psychadelic Drugs

Learn why I think you should stay away psychadelic drugs like weed, mushrooms, DMT and ayahuasca based on my history with addiction and my work as a security guard in the ER of a psych hospital – psychadelic drugs are no joke.

I also give you the exception to the rule (not permission) but who might be OK to experiment in moderation.

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  1. Hey Will. Solid content, as per usual.

    So to give a little background for context, I’m currently 30 and have been either smoking or vaping cannabis pretty much every day, straight up Snoop Dogg style, for the better part of the last 10-12 years. While cannabis has most likely affected my life more negatively than positively, I still feel I have lived a pretty good life up to this point and I’m a generally happy and positive person.

    Ever since finding RLD in May 2017, I have cut down to 10% body fat (215 lbs to 167 lbs), I’m up early every day (after spending most of my adult life sleeping until noon every day, thinking I’m some kind of rockstar.. long story….), and I’ve gotten my life back on a generally positive trajectory where it was kind of spiraling out of control previously. But one constant through the process has been cannabis. I’d almost say it has actually helped me get through the initial phases of getting back into form. For example I’ll usually take a couple rips from my vape pen before hitting the gym in the morning. It gives me that little reward for being up at 6:30am and actually getting off my ass and going to the gym, not to mention, for me, it makes it more fun. I believe it was other negative behaviors holding me back, like watching porn and ejaculating multiple times a day and a terrible diet, more so than the weed.

    With that said however, I believe I’m ready now to transition from the cannabis lifestyle, or at the very least cut down to just once a day, and only at night. I do realize that weed hurts me more than helps me in the long run in terms of being successful and getting what I really want out of life (getting paid, getting laid, etc.). I’ve been reading a little bit about kratom lately, and what I’m seeing intrigues me. I definitely need to do more research, but I was curious, what are your thoughts on maybe transitioning from a cannabis lifestyle (smoke weed every day) to a kratom lifestyle? Even just for the sake of easing off the herb.

    Thanks Will. I greatly appreciate what you do.

  2. Thanks Bob,

    I think cutting down to once a night is a great idea until you find your next reward. I’ve burnt kratom before, it is good, but it’s another addictive drug, although a better addcition IMO. The ideal is no drug addictions but I’m not going to preach. Goodlookingloser.com has a ton of stuff on kratom, you’re supposed to rotate strains daily to reduce tolerance which works to some extent but not 100%. Also it was almost banned in the U.S. and if the ban goes through again it will be tough to get.

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