How To Quit Anything

I have an addictive personality. I used to have a difficult time quitting things. I read every book on the subject and they were all useless to me. This strategy is extremely simple and allowed me to quit cigarettes, drugs and alcohol six years ago and I’ve never looked back.

The first thing you need to is decide to quit. If you haven’t decided to quit then decide right now. Now that you’ve decided to quit right now I want you to say goodbye to your addiction because your addiction is now finished!

Now that you’re no longer an addict that doesn’t mean you won’t still get cravings to go back to your filthy habit. What you have to do is to say no to your craving every time it comes up. There will be an ugly voice in your head saying let’s go for a cigarette (or whatever your addiction is).

All you have to do is tell it no. It will try to argue, rationalize, bribe and lie to you but you will treat it like you would a demanding child and keep telling it no as many times as necessary. NEVER RATIONALIZE WITH THE MONSTER, JUST SAY NO!

Be prepared that for your first week you might have to tell the monster no 300 times a day or more. Don’t fall into the common trap of trying to motivate yourself when things get hard. Your instincts will tell you to think about all the reasons why quitting is a good decision but don’t do it. That leaves you open to attack from the monster because trying to motivate yourself is admitting you haven’t quit. Just say no.

You’ll be miserable for the first couple of weeks so it’s important to give yourself something to look forward to everyday, be it sex, movies, music or something to help fill the void the addiction left. This will not fill the void completely but will make you feel better until your body adapts to the loss of your addiction.

When I quit cigarettes, I used mast@$bation, exercise and junk food. Don’t do what I did, try something healthier. Make sure your substitution is less harmful than your addiction ie. don’t substitute cigarettes for black tar heroin.

It’s also a good idea to quit alcohol or any other resistance-lowering drug for the first 3 months of quitting anything because you’re much more vulnerable to the monster’s demands on booze.


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