How To Save More Money With This One Game Changing Mindset

Money is freedom.

To buy your freedom and join the one percent of people who get to do what they want to do in life, you need to have money.

And to get that money you need get your income up and stash that cash.

To see how change your entire attitude towards saving money, check out this video:

  1. Wow Will!

    That place looks really amazing and it’s as if you’re telepathic in some way. These are exactly the sort of things on my mind right now (getting more savings to grow what little I have and going to beautiful and exotic places). The timing of this video, for me, really couldn’t be more perfect.

    Yes, unfortunately I used to be one of those guys that spent 20% of their savings on a night out. It’s really what I was doing exactly this time last year and would probably be doing without RLD and taking the red pill on a personal level. Proud to say I am actually saving money with a purpose now.

    I think my biggest problem right now is simply feeling too lazy or comfortable being at home (living with my parents) to make anything happen. I mean materially comfortable like nibbling fancy chips, chocolates, a comfy sofa etc.

    I also think I am too disorganized but I’ve dived into your book on organization and started taking Wunderlist seriously. It’s not simple to set up and it feels really chaotic but even with it I feel like enforcing my rules under routines is the hardest part. For example no YouTube, random online browsing or reading until after 4pm is proving to be really heard to do.

    Finally, I haven’t really found anything that’s sort of ‘clicked’ for me in terms of a business project but I know that to succeed I need to basically live for it. So much that anything else in my life becomes secondary. I’m going to start taking intelligent risks and just start doing certain things until I get to a place where everything just feels smooth.

    I’ll be sure to update you when my first success, even if it’s really small, goes down.

  2. Thanks Will.

    I definitely am going to keep moving forward. I’d say I’m actually lucky to have you as a part of my improvement journey. Viewing just one RLD post has already changed my life by not being depressed and worse, after being exposed to a massive perspective shift, and that was already a while ago. I’m definitely going to move from research and videos to making it happen, so that I’ll catch up with you in Thailand in a few years time.

  3. This is very important stuff. The credit cards need to be cut up and tossed out; they are a nightmare that makes it way too easy to spend money you haven’t earned yet. Even for people who use them “for the points” or say they pay them off every month, they are still a time bomb waiting to happen when unemployment, gold diggers, or other expensive issues arise.
    I have personally just got rid of credit and have been amazed at how much easier it is to avoid most purchases or consider them more carefully when I use only cash and debit card now. Seeing the money balance decline makes me much more conscious of my finances. Very good info.

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