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How To Prepare And Position Yourself For The Future

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We live in the midst of the greatest technological revolution of all time.

The world is moving faster than ever.

The old strategies don’t work now and definitely won’t work further down the road.

As a player in the game of life you need to prepare and position yourself for what’s coming…

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  1. Solmon Avid
    April 21, 2017 at 1:57 am

    Would love to hear a bit more tips on flag theory. I’ve thought about planting a few, but had never realized, like you said, that this is one of the keys to safeguarding your future into the new century.

    Every time I’ve looked into it, I feel like I’ll end up somewhere unsafe or else I’m going to get scammed out of all my money somehow.

    Obviously risks with every decision, but would love to hear more about your experience there.

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