How To Handle Uncertainty As An Entrepreneur

In one of my recent YouTube videos, Rohit asked if I could do a vid on how to handle uncertainty as an entrepreneur.

He said he had quit 2 businesses and is on his 3rd business, is feeling uncertain, and is worried about going broke.

I thought this was an important topic so I put together a video and audio for you as well as a bunch of relevant, related resources.

Hope you find it useful.

How To Handle Uncertainty As An Entrepreneur

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  1. Hey wil,

    Thanks for doing what you do man.

    Curious on your perspective on how to deal with family when trying to build an ‘escape’ business? Working full time, working on the weekends on my freedom business AND trying to maintain an image that is comfortable to them is tough dude!

    Cheers, hope to meet ya in chaing mai someday soon.

    – AJ

  2. Thanks AJ, it’s not always going to be easy, but you have to hold the line and go hard, and let them know that you’re committed, good people will support what you’re doing

  3. Hey will, nice article.

    About a year ago I started a blog addressing beating porn addiction. However, at the same time I got a job as a door to door salesman. Trying to run the blog while learning how to sell hurt my sales results. I shut down all work on the blog to improve my selling skills.
    Since then I’ve really improved in sales and can now focus on my blog again.

    In that time span I’ve found your site and you’ve made me reconsider my blog for a service based coaching business.

    Is there a way I could shift my blog to a porn addiction coaching website? Or should I take another route and do other ideas I have such as finacial coaching or self development coaching mom

  4. WILL — i actually meant when your family doesn’t know you’re trying to get out of the pimp game.

    Cheers again man.

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