How To Get What You Want: A Three Phase, Linear, Multi-Step, Actionable Gameplan

To get what you want you need a gameplan.

This is that gameplan.

Some of these concepts have been covered in other articles on setting goals, but some are new.

I don’t like to repeat myself, but I’ve been inspired lately, and I like linear.

My goal in this piece is to give you an actionable, linear, multi-step, action plan to get whatever you want.

My hope is that this piece gives you a plug and play solution for any goal you want to hit.

And that you can come back to it as a reference point on your journey.

Check out the video and bullet point notes for your reference:


Decision Phase

1) Choose Goals That Solve Pain

  • 24 hours in a day, 8 are sleeping, another 5 are maintenance/travel/chores, 6 good hours
  • Wealth, health, relationships, lifestyle – those are your most painful areas, in order (minus health issues)
  • Solve pain points to be happier – happiness should be primary priority in life
  • Put primary effort into your most painful point (wealth, if you’re young you just dont know it yet)

2) Reality Check

  • Model success, deductive reasoning to see if you’re capable
  • If you want to build facebook do you have the iq of mark zuckerberg – remove from model through deduction
  • Modeling celebrity style but not celebrity

3) Aim For 50% Of What’s Possible

  • Most people grossly underestimate what’s possible
  • What’s possible or 100% is actually not optimal
  • Optimal is the sweet spot of success, and that’s 50% of what’s possible
  • Sweet spot is defined as the point before returns become diminishing, counterproductive or dangerous returns – therefore not worth the effort
  • 100% means obsessive, unfun, dimished/counterprodutive/dangerous returns – 50% means optimal ROI (ROI measured in happiness/quality of life)
  • 100% is 17 hours of work a day is what you’re capable of, 50% is 8.5 hours a day
  • 100% is 90 lbs. of muscle (test, tren, Eq, Insulin, HGH), 50% is 45 lbs.(possible naturally or with TRT)
  • 100% fashion is 10k tailored suit on a sunday, 50% is clean, minimalist and stylish

4) Aim For What’s Sustainable

  • If it’s not sustainable it’s not worth doing.
  • Are you going to do acroyoga everyday forever? – probably not, therefore not worth it because benefits will be short lived
  • A hobby is fun, goals are sustainable and scheduled
  • Consistency and sustainability are key – no point pushing too hard only to drop it later
  • Everything I put into my routine, I assume is for life, thats why I’m careful with what I add
  • My daily sustainable actions are stretching, cardio, RLD, daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly recurring and acute tasks
  • If not – end quitting goals or possibly burnout/breakdown

Building Phase

1) Focus On The Concepts That Count

  • Handle the big concepts before you even think about the small concepts (if you ever handle small concepts
  • 80/20 principle – pareto’s law
  • Body is caloric surplus, progressive resistance, adequate protein, PED’s (not BCAAs, meal timing, sodium ratios)
  • Blogging is quantity, quality, time and SEO titles (not optimal newsletter timing or IG fans)
  • Lifestyle is sunshine, less stress, early rising, revenue control, organization and leisure time – (not learning a new language)

2) Schedule Your Productivity Primetime

3) Value Momentum Over Money

  • Momentum is engine of your mission and more important than money
  • Forget returning things, cancelling small subscriptions, making long purchase decisions – just get it done, throw it out or move on
  • Losing momentum is deadly
  • Avoid paralysis of analysis – spend what you need to accomplish your goals (within reason)
  • The more positive momentum you have the easier it is to accomplish your goals
  • And your goals should be big enough to justify ignoring the bullsh*t
  • Not permission to be reckless with money

Maintenance Phase

1) Set It And Forget It

  • End game – promised land
  • Goal is now running on autopilot
  • Antidote to productivity-cult-culture neurotic mentality
  • You want to get to a point where you’re good so that you can aim to get more for less and level up your lifestyle

2) Level Up Your Lifestyle (Luxury living)

  • Get the most reward for the least effort
  • Land of positive decisions – no longer pushing boulder up mountain, tap dancing behind on the way down
  • Business – outsource headaches, reduce hours, increase creative work, hire cold callers, VA, agencies – yet make same money or more
  • Mission – transform business into creative work – eg. productize service business into authority/product based business
  • Body – reduce time in gym and maintain body, or maintain with more creative exercises
  • Luxury isn’t Louis Vuitton, its living how you want