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How To Get What You Want: A Three Phase, Linear, Multi-Step, Actionable Gameplan

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To get what you want you need a gameplan.

This is that gameplan.

Some of these concepts have been covered in other articles on setting goals, but some are new.

I don’t like to repeat myself, but I’ve been inspired lately, and I like linear.

My goal in this piece is to give you an actionable, linear, multi-step, action plan to get whatever you want.

My hope is that this piece gives you a plug and play solution for any goal you want to hit.

And that you can come back to it as a reference point on your journey.

Check out the video and bullet point notes for your reference:


Decision Phase

1) Choose Goals That Solve Pain

  • 24 hours in a day, 8 are sleeping, another 5 are maintenance/travel/chores, 6 good hours
  • Wealth, health, relationships, lifestyle – those are your most painful areas, in order (minus health issues)
  • Solve pain points to be happier – happiness should be primary priority in life
  • Put primary effort into your most painful point (wealth, if you’re young you just dont know it yet)

2) Reality Check

  • Model success, deductive reasoning to see if you’re capable
  • If you want to build facebook do you have the iq of mark zuckerberg – remove from model through deduction
  • Modeling celebrity style but not celebrity

3) Aim For 50% Of What’s Possible

  • Most people grossly underestimate what’s possible
  • What’s possible or 100% is actually not optimal
  • Optimal is the sweet spot of success, and that’s 50% of what’s possible
  • Sweet spot is defined as the point before returns become diminishing, counterproductive or dangerous returns – therefore not worth the effort
  • 100% means obsessive, unfun, dimished/counterprodutive/dangerous returns – 50% means optimal ROI (ROI measured in happiness/quality of life)
  • 100% is 17 hours of work a day is what you’re capable of, 50% is 8.5 hours a day
  • 100% is 90 lbs. of muscle (test, tren, Eq, Insulin, HGH), 50% is 45 lbs.(possible naturally or with TRT)
  • 100% fashion is 10k tailored suit on a sunday, 50% is clean, minimalist and stylish

4) Aim For What’s Sustainable

  • If it’s not sustainable it’s not worth doing.
  • Are you going to do acroyoga everyday forever? – probably not, therefore not worth it because benefits will be short lived
  • A hobby is fun, goals are sustainable and scheduled
  • Consistency and sustainability are key – no point pushing too hard only to drop it later
  • Everything I put into my routine, I assume is for life, thats why I’m careful with what I add
  • My daily sustainable actions are stretching, cardio, RLD, daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly recurring and acute tasks
  • If not – end quitting goals or possibly burnout/breakdown

Building Phase

1) Focus On The Concepts That Count

  • Handle the big concepts before you even think about the small concepts (if you ever handle small concepts
  • 80/20 principle – pareto’s law
  • Body is caloric surplus, progressive resistance, adequate protein, PED’s (not BCAAs, meal timing, sodium ratios)
  • Blogging is quantity, quality, time and SEO titles (not optimal newsletter timing or IG fans)
  • Lifestyle is sunshine, less stress, early rising, revenue control, organization and leisure time – (not learning a new language)

2) Schedule Your Productivity Primetime

3) Value Momentum Over Money

  • Momentum is engine of your mission and more important than money
  • Forget returning things, cancelling small subscriptions, making long purchase decisions – just get it done, throw it out or move on
  • Losing momentum is deadly
  • Avoid paralysis of analysis – spend what you need to accomplish your goals (within reason)
  • The more positive momentum you have the easier it is to accomplish your goals
  • And your goals should be big enough to justify ignoring the bullshit
  • Not permission to be reckless with money

Maintenance Phase

1) Set It And Forget It

  • End game – promised land
  • Goal is now running on autopilot
  • Antidote to productivity-cult-culture neurotic mentality
  • You want to get to a point where you’re good so that you can aim to get more for less and level up your lifestyle

2) Level Up Your Lifestyle (Luxury living)

  • Get the most reward for the least effort
  • Land of positive decisions – no longer pushing boulder up mountain, tap dancing behind on the way down
  • Business – outsource headaches, reduce hours, increase creative work, hire cold callers, VA, agencies – yet make same money or more
  • Mission – transform business into creative work – eg. productize service business into authority/product based business
  • Body – reduce time in gym and maintain body, or maintain with more creative exercises
  • Luxury isn’t Louis Vuitton, its living how you want

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  1. blueguitar
    February 3, 2017 at 4:58 am

    Great overview – thanks!

  2. blueguitar
    February 3, 2017 at 5:17 am

    Also, the 50% idea reminds me of the old-school Aristotle/Greek saying that the value is in the mean or the golden mean.


  3. BuckWild
    February 3, 2017 at 8:17 am

    Just picked up 4 hour work week [and getting Tools of the Titans soon] after listening to your latest stuff. Great shit, 2017 is on fire so far by setting goals etc. Leaving my own place cuz bitches aint shit while you got a gun to your head. I’m setting up the exit plan from my “good job” and getting ready to move into the next level of life. Props.

  4. February 4, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Great stuff man, glad to hear it.

  5. February 4, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    Very insightful blueguitar and thank you.

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