My Experience And Advice On Steroids: TRT, Orals, Dosage, Sides, Age, Genetics, AI, Gains, Injections

The decision to take steroids or PEDs is serious business and not to be taken lightly. In this video I try and offer a balanced perspective on my my experience with prohormones (legal steroids) and TRT as well as advice for guys thinking about taking performance enhancing drugs.

Disclaimer: Not medical advice or condoning illegal activity

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  1. Hey Will, great candid video. In my opinion I think you probably looked great before your enhancements. One personal observation I have made since my transformation. I am a natural mesomorph, but due to poor habits got fat. I have since dumped considerable amounts of body fat and feel great. I have noticed not only women but men checking me out at the gym, not in a homosexual way but in a envious way. Most of these guys are what i would considered way more jacked than me. Do you think as men we may suffer from body dysmorphia? I.E we are not happy with what we got?

  2. Thanks Rick. And yes, I think most gym rats suffer from some form of body dysmorphia, mild to severe, with a lot of hardcore bodybuilders on the severe side – guys who are super jacked but still feel like they look small. It all comes down to the story you tell yourself and whether its positive or negative.

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  5. Hey Will,
    Great job w/ this content man. Your work ethic is unreal. I’m looking to take a break from my job for 2-3 this winter during the slow season, and will be coming out to Thailand. Running a TRT dose w/ Aromasin every other day. About 250mg a week. Only problem, no prescription at this point. Able to get high quality, so cheap.

    My question: High quality testosterone and Aromasin available in Thailand without a script?

    Only lift weights about 3-4 hours a week; the TRT is mostly to keep up with all the running, swimming etc etc. (2-3 hours a day) Before the TRT, sex drive non existent with or without exercise. Maybe heavy marijuana use early in life to blame, who knows.

    Anyways, would be great to get your opinion/experience on it before the travel. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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