How To Change Your Mental State By Changing Your Physical State

If You’re In Your Head, You’re Dead – Tony Robbins

The best and quickest way to get out of a bad mood is by changing your physical state. In fact I’d go as far as to say that at least 50% of your mental state is defined by your physical state, if not 70%.

Think of the last time you came out of a long yoga class, or a solid workout and then into a nice hot shower, feeling super loose and then lay down on your bed and relaxed. I’d bet you weren’t being bothered by negative thought patterns, because you we’re able to enjoy the peace and lack of tension in your body. When you feel great, it’s easy to see only blue skies in the future.

Compare that to the last time you had the flu. I doubt if you we’re able to muster any state past reluctant acceptance of being sick and weak. It’s damn near impossible to think positive when you’re really sick, the best you can aim for is neutral. When you feel like sh*t, it’s easy to slip into low moods and see the future as dark and bleak.

Getting your mind right and thinking positive are important, but the most powerful way to create positive thoughts is to create good feelings in your body. For example, if you dropped an MDMA tab, within an hour you’d be having the best day of your year if not the last decade.

Because your thoughts are created in your brain, and your brain is a part of your body, and your brain runs on neurotransmitters. The higher levels of dopamine, and GABA, and serotonin you have, the better you feel. Unfortunately, drugs like MDMA come with a huge price and aren’t a good idea.

How you think is based on how you feel. How you feel is 100 percent in the brain. And your brain is 100 percent neurotransmitters. Pain is your warning sign, happiness is your state. Your mind let you be happy when your body is in pain. But when you blast through that pain with yoga and a massage, your mind rewards you with feeling good – see how that works?

The best quick state changes I know are:
The best slow state changes are
Best way to f*ck up your mental state
  • Eat garbage: terrific way to feel sick, sore and unstable
  • Walk around with terrible posture so your back hurts
  • Sit a lot and not exercise
  • Get sick a lot
  • Don’t get enough sleep

Basically the average person’s life. A life we’re not evolved for in any way shape or form. The more you fight your biology, the worse you’ll feel on a mental level. The more you live in accordance with your biology, from diet to exercise, the better you’ll feel.

When I was younger, I dreamed that one day I would be able to have total control over my mind. And many schools of thought from NLP to Magick believe in your ability to control your mind. But in reality, you’re way more human than you think.

Positive thinking is an incredible tool, but even a drop or a spike in blood sugar will throw your mood out of balance. Something as small as the common cold will drop your state as much as 20%, even if you’re excellent at positive thinking.

If you want to feel good, control of your physical state is crucial.