The Best Investment You Can Make (Game Changing Mindset Shift)

First off, recognize everything is an investment, not just when it comes to finances

Everything you buy is an investment

The question is, whether it’s a good investment or a bad investment…

A gym membership is a good investment, a carton of cigarettes…not so much

You need to stop thinking about spending money and start thinking about investing the tool known as money….

You’re investing, investing in your health, wealth, relationships an lifestyle

Every time you take your wallet out, remind yourself that you’re making an investment

This will change the entire way you look at money

Looking at every dollar you spend as an investment will stop you doing dumb sh$t

It’s impossible to be a drug addict while holding the mindset that drugs are a good investment in your health

Instead view everything you buy as an investment…

Because everything you buy is an investment.

So logically, the smart thing to do, is to make good investments.

And the best investment you can make is in making more income.

Because income is what makes all the other investments possible.

Forget about bonds and stocks that you’re lucky to get 6% out of.

6% is worthless unless you’re already rich.

Invest in getting your income to six figures…

And while you’re doing that, invest in getting your savings account to six figures.

Forget about all the other sh*t, you’re LARPing and lying to yourself.

Get 100k in the bank, and get 100k coming in every year…

And once you do that, aim to get $250k coming in every year.

Forget about everything else until then…

Forget about CNBC and your dollar cost averaging strategy.

Get your income and your savings up – that is the best investment you can make.

With it you can buy financial freedom, health, stability, food, shelter, clothes, and all the other investments you need to make in life.

Without income and savings you sleep on the street.

In summary, EVERYTHING is an investment, so make the best possible investment you can by investing in yourself and your financial freedom.