Be A Victor Not A Victim

The nature of our world is one of unlimited wants and limited resources.

Every man wants beautiful women, money, freedom, security and the latest technology.

Every man wants to enjoy a happy, comfortable life with plenty of leisure time.

Every man deserves these things – but that’s not how it works.

Nature doesn’t care what you deserve.

Nature is amoral and unfair.

Nature gives the finer things to the strong, ruthless, intelligent men who are determined to win.

To the victor goes the spoils

Be The Victor

Victory, by it’s very definition, is a net sum game. For you to win many people have to lose.

Whatever it is you want: the girl, the client, the house  – you have to take it from someone else.

If this bothers your conscience then victory is not for you – this is the world we’re born into.

Victims can’t accept the nature of the world.

They rail about social justice and privilege and oppression as if they can change human behavior.

They preach equality as if nature made anyone or anything equal.

They think they can change the world because they refuse to study the history of the world.

History Is Written By The Victor

In better days being a victor was something to be admired.

Men were taught to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Self-made men were lionized. Hard work, persistence and self-reliance defined the noble man.

These noble men came together and built a victor nation the likes of which the world had never seen.

Within just a few generations America became the most prosperous nation in history.

For over 100 years men lived better and with more freedom than ever before.

Times Have Changed

Since then America has been hijacked by a fanatical cult of collectivists.

By social justice warriors who want to handicap the strong and glorify the weak.

Victimhood has been elevated to the highest moral plane of their godless religion.

The very men who built their country have been deemed oppressors and beyond redemption.

The result is a nation of lazy, whiny, entitled, weak-minded crybabies.

America has been brought to it’s knees by these pussies and their victim mentality.


I refuse despite meeting all their criteria.

As a child I grew up a poor, fatherless, bastard watching my mother struggle to make ends meet.

I never knew my grandparents because they disowned me for being born out of wedlock.

I could whine about how unfair my life has been, but whining is what victims do, not men.

I refuse to be a victim because I refuse to let circumstances define me.

Instead I define myself by my achievements and by my character as a man.

Growing up fatherless made me stronger than other men.

I learned to rely on myself and solve my own problems.

Now I get paid to solve problems for other men.

To teach other men how to be victors.


1) Believe In Yourself

Believe in your own self worth.

Believe that you’re capable and worthy of good things.

If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.

2) Be Dedicated

Dedicate yourself to victory.

Develop a mentality of achievement and define yourself by your accomplishments.

Judge each day by how much you’ve achieved.

3) Define Your Mission

Define your life’s purpose – what you were put on this planet to accomplish.

You should be able to tell this to a complete stranger in one sentence.

A man on a mission can change the world, a man without one is lost.

4) Reframe Failure

Failure is an inevitable step on the path to victory.

Don’t let your losses define you.

View the inevitable failures along your path as feedback and learn what not to do.

5) Never Quit

Never, ever quit.

Promise yourself that you will never quit your mission until it’s accomplished.

This is especially true when things gets tough.

6) Become Victorious


Are You Committed To Total Victory?

I’ve given you the road map but the rest is up to you.

If you’re not willing to commit then I can’t help you.

I can only help guys who are willing to help themselves.

Guys who are willing to do whatever it takes.

Guys who refuse to be victims of a cruel, unjust world.

If you’re not willing to make the commitment to victory that’s OK, the world always needs more victims.

Victims like the men who live in a factory and work fifteen hours a day to make your iPhone.

Men who need suicide nets on their windows to stop them from jumping.

Men who are sentenced to a lifetime of slavery for being born in the wrong country at the wrong time.

Men who would kill for a shot at victory.

I feel for these men in my heart but I won’t be one of them, will you?

By being born in a western country you have a choice that these men don’t have.

By being born in a western country you have an opportunity that these men can only dream of.

Are you going to seize your opportunity or are you going to squander it?

The Choice Is Yours

Are you going to be a winner or a stepping stone on another man’s path to victory?

Are you going to call the shots or call another man your boss?

Are you going to beat the system or let the system beat you?

Are you going to take what you want or let another man have it?

Will you Be a victor or a victim?

  1. Hey Will, long time reader first time posting in the comments. I want to thank you for your work, it has really hit home with me. Do you have any tips for a young guy beginning his mission to overcome complacency/lack of motivation due to anxiety/depression. I’ve read your depression post but I just can’t seem to gain momentum to avoid inconsistency. I go through periods (days at a time) of hard work then periods where I don’t feel like moving. Just wondering if you have any insight on this issue.

  2. Will – you’re right on target again. Excellent piece. It needs to hit home with as many people as possible. Also like the previous comment on people mixing up wishing with decision making. also on target. Keep it up man. The world needs more of this.

  3. Thanks Brendan, I really appreciate your support. Yes there are two things you need to do.

    1) Focus on your pain and get angry. A lack of motivation is just a lack of pain. By refusing to change you’re telling life you need another 2,3,4 years of pain to change – that you haven’t had enough yet. Right now the pain of change is greater than the pain of staying the same. Pain is why an illiterate mexican immigrant, will risk his life to come to the U.S. illegally, work 15 hours a day knee deep in blood in a slaughterhouse for less than minimum wage.

    2) Become dedicated. Motivation on its own is not enough to change – you need to be dedicated. That dedication needs to be a deep, deep part of your character. That means you work whether you feel sick, depressed, tired – whatever it is.

    I know where you’re coming from and change is not easy, not even close – it’s brutal. That’s why most guys never change or achieve anything. Just keep kicking that door in till it flies of the hinges and it will happen for you brother.

  4. Will,
    I love these nuggets of wisdom you give us every time you write. I, too, grew up fatherless. Nor did I know my grandparents.
    I learned thru decades of hard experience that, not only is life not fair, but nature does not care for weaklings.
    Gentlemen, if you want something in life;
    1st Build yourself up.
    2nd Take what you want.
    They say life is there for the taking. If you lack what you want, maybe you need to strengthen your confidence in yourself.
    Will, as always, a pleasure your to visit your website and read your fantastic articles.
    You help me more than I can ever repay.

  5. Thank you brother, nothing makes me happier than to get these kind of comments, your support is truly appreciated. Knowing I can affect change and spare men some of the pain I’ve been through is it’s own reward. The articles on sex and dating are important but these are articles are the core of what I want you guys to learn.

    Your mentality is absolutely correct – life is cold and cruel. It’s not right and it’s not right and it’s not fair but that’s how it is. Most guys eventually go under and succumb to a life of quiet desperation. Waiting for a miracle that’s not going to come. It’s not until you get tough and push past where other men stop that you can enjoy a happy, comfortable life.

    All the best my man.

  6. true words of wisdom. you have a noble mission. you’re trying to help people. I want to help people as well and that’s motivating me to work as hard as I can. this article definitely summed up my thoughts on the world. Those men in third world countries, I really do feel for them. I want to get to the point where I can help them.

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