How To Understand Life: Combat Vs. Cooperation


  • A useful frame for looking at life is that it’s one part combat, one part cooperation
  • By frame I mean a mental map, the map is not the territory but is useful nonetheless
  • The first part of life is combat – for food, women, money, resources, status and many other things
  • People talking about equality of outcome don’t like to acknowledge that reality
  • The reality is that nature is a food chain, or a pyramid (not a metaphor, a reality)
  • It’s only because we dominated it to such an extent that we we’re able to step out of it
  • We, as men, are the most dominant predator species in the know universe
  • Thats what allows us our current life of luxury and the opportunity to even discuss these things
  • The rabbit doesn’t have that luxury, the rabbit doesn’t protest the lion, it runs
  • Everyday you compete for resources, women, clients and many other things
  • You need to eat living things to survive
  • This is one half of life
  • The second part of life is cooperation
  • We we’re evolved to live in hunter/gatherer tribes cooperating with each other to compete for food
  • You see acts of cooperation and kindness all the time and it’s a beautiful thing
  • And if you’re smart, you’ll find the right people to cooperate with to get what you want
  • That means building your tribe – the people that will help you compete
  • It also means giving the best service to your customers and clients
  • Most guys f$$# this up and compete within their tribe and cannibalize each other’s progress
  • Or the forget about their clients once the contract is signed
  • Building a competent, cooperative tribe is even more crucial in today’s world
  • We’re living in the biggest technological revolution ever
  • From the internet to social media to AR to VR to AI to automation to blockchain – it’s unprecendented
  • The future is incredibly unpredictable and you need the right team in place to win
  • If you’re smart, you’ll wake up ready to compete, but also ready to cooperate with the right people
  1. I’ve never stopped to think about it… I’m of the same species as the men who landed on the moon, stormed the shores on D-Day, and invented the light bulb.

    An apex predator.

    That’s a damn motivating thought. Thank you for that.

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