How To Transmute Your Suffering To Success

Life is a constant battle between pain and pleasure, success and suffering. This is unavoidable. However, pain and pleasure are not distributed equally. Some people spend most of their lives suffering while some people live most of their lives succeeding. But even the successful man still suffers.

The key is he learns how to structure his life for productive suffering and transmute that suffering into success. Productive suffering is when you suffer for a purpose. Things like grinding through the pain in the gym to hit your personal best. Or grinding through a project in business to add 15% to your income.

Productive Suffering

When you structure your mind right, productive suffering actually become enjoyable. I’m addicted to the gym, I have to forces myself to limit my workouts to twice a week so that I don’t get stiff. Otherwise I’d be in there every day for hours. Same goes with doing articles and videos, I love the grind of getting my ideas together and putting them out there for you.

When you’re able to accept suffering as a reality, but enjoy it and transmute it to success, it’s a beautiful thing. They say a man who loves his job never works a day in his life, and they’re right. I don’t know what I would do without this business, because without a mission I feel lost and aimless.

When I was younger, and hadn’t embraced the grind and structured suffering, I used to dream about being able to stay home all day and do nothing. I thought it would make me happy. But the reality is, staying home and doing nothing becomes boring and depressing very quickly. Life without a mission and goals very quickly becomes unproductive suffering.

Unproductive Suffering

Unproductive suffering gets you nowhere and should be avoided like the plague. Suffering like sickness, depression, and despair and grief and aimlessness. Sure, you can always find a way to win and pull yourself out of these states, but ideally you want to avoid them as much as possible.

I had the flu recently and was out of commission for 3 days, 3 days where my mission and my fitness we’re neglected. I did a water fast as a way to reboot my system and come out of it stronger, which I did, but ideally I’d like to avoid getting the flu again as much as I can.


Understand and accept that suffering is a reality. Not only that, but understand that to succeed you have to schedule productive suffering into your life. That means looking it head on, breathing it in, and learning to enjoy it. Not just enjoy but learning to love it and live for it. When you learn how to live for the grind, nothing can touch you. Because it’s hard as hell to compete with a guy who loves his work. And when you love your work you don’t work a day in your life.

Just make sure you don’t confuse productive suffering for unproductive suffering. Unproductive suffering should be avoided like the plague. You should do everything in your power to structure your life for the pursuit of happiness, both in your inner world and your outer reality, and that means cutting off unproductive suffering every way you can.