Recognize Game, Respect Reality, And Play To Win

See the game for what it is.

Not just game with women…

Women are a small piece of the puzzle.

I mean the game of life.

By recognizing game I mean recognizing reality.

The way things really are.

And not arguing with it.

Arguing with reality is mental weakness.

Protesting is for proles.

The rabbit doesn’t protest the lion, it runs.

The rabbit runs because it knows the lion doesn’t care about it’s protests.

In the same way the political class doesn’t care about the protests of the proles.

Its not fair but that’s the way it is.

It doesn’t matter whether its communism, capitalism or any other ism they want to sell you.

Outcomes in the game of life are always in-equal, because people are in-equal.

Even with capital off the table, power and status are still a competition and still not equal.

A quick look into the Russian Communist “utopia” will make that obvious.

If you think Stalin was equal to his comrades you need to read a history book.

In fact, you I suggest you read a lot of history books.

Reading history will put a bullet in your idealism, and that’s a good thing.

Because you need another ism like you need a hole in the head.

Instead you need to be able to see things clearly.

And history gives you sight beyond sight.

Because history repeats with mathematical precision…

History gives you the power to predict the future.

And my prediction for the future is that history will repeat itself.

People will form up into large tribes called Countries.

They will either elect or submit to strongmen through force.

Said rulers will wage wars against other countries for territory, resources and bragging rights.

People will continue to compete for food, clothing, shelter, women,money, power, status.

There has never been a time in history where this wasn’t the reality.

We can produce all the technological innovation in the world but human nature doesn’t change.

You can’t change the game because the game is bigger then you will ever be.

It was being played a long time before you got here.

And it will be played for a long time after you leave.

A true player recognizes and respects the game for what it is.

A true player doesn’t waste his precious time attempting to protest human nature.

A true player, plays the game to the best of his abilities until the casket drops.

When you get your mind right, the picture becomes crystal clear and you can read code.

You get instant insight into the motivations of the boss players.

You can see what it really takes to get and keep power.

To get power takes cunning, amorality, intelligence, luck, money, force, connections or all of the above.

To keep power means living on guard 24/7 in fear, stress and uncertainty.

But you also get to choose your path…

And instead of playing for power you can play for happiness and freedom.

For health, wealth, women and living life in the sunshine.

You can stop believing in other peoples dreams and start believing in yours.

You can leave all the isms and movements behind.

You can live your life on your terms and stay true to your path in the game.

When you stay true to the game, the game will be true to you.

But the key is, you have to play, there is no such thing as sitting on the sidelines in the game of life.

You need to get up and compete for money, food, resources, women and shelter.

This is the game…

You can do it ethically, and fairly, and add value, but you still have to compete…

You either play or get played, the game is not a spectator sport.

The good news is, you can create the life you want, when you’re willing to play for it.

And lucky for you, today is the best time to play the game of life in human history.

So get after it and go get what you deserve.

  1. the problem is there is no agreement on what is reality exactly.

    for instance you say: “In the same way the political class doesn’t care about the protests of the proles.”

    but this is not (always) true historically. many times those protests got so big/violent, the political class had to listen / back down / adapt to the demands of the ‘proles’. so ‘reality’ is not as immutable as you imply.
    moreover the ideas you’re putting forward above are not ‘beyond all ideologies’, but belong to one particular ideology, social darwinism.
    now one doesnt have to live for politics or social movements of course or even spend any time with them, one can make the decision it’s not worth it, as the chances for positive change are so low (though not zero, but almost) and the investment is so huge for an individual. nevertheless, social reality still exists and trying to reduce it to biology does not correspond to reality, but is instead a political ideology itself.

  2. GTA Chess Moves Till The “Casket Drops”, Failures Are The Confidences And Motivations, Move, Winner Spirit, Eagle Flying High, Thee Got Top?

  3. This is what I call a reality check!

    Indeed human nature will forever be human nature.
    We all want the same thing: Money.

    But in fact, FREEDOM, real freedom from 9-to-5 slavery and debts is inestimable.

  4. I really like (and often come back to) the videos you used to make where there’s only a static picture and you read the script sentence by sentence. Those were really powerful. I think it was a perfect candidate for such a video.

    Good content, as always! Keep it up bro!

  5. Will,

    Been listening on the cloud but like the videos too.

    Here are some suggestions (not that you asked):

    1. Consider a “Motivator for the Day” (similar to Forbes site) sayin to keep daily site fresh each time you check in
    2. Consider a “Donations” tab. (Some of us aren’t buying further content but might donate for the content which has value)
    3. Do one-on-one skype consulting
    4. Have a “travel to Thailand” link that you get paid to host. (Hey you constantly subliminally sell Thailand).
    5. Incorporate others in your videos .
    6. Try and get the sound (of planes overhead ) down somehow.
    7. It appears your target audience is M18-34, single. OK. But, that limits somewhat and your content (most of the non sexual stuff anyway) has a larger target base.

    Take what you want and leave the rest.


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