Why You NEED To Stop Smoking Weed (Especially If You’re 18-25)

Weed is a big problem for a lot of guys.

It definitely was for me at 20 when I was smoking 7 joints a day.

Check out the video and audio below to hear about my experiences with weed, what weed does to your productivity and why you should quit smoking weed forever.

*(I also give the exception to the rule for which guys can smoke occasionally, becuase there’s always an exception to the rule)

  1. Looks like all drugs and vices work the same way. They give us a quick high and a temporary illusion of pleasure, which we then have to pay off with a loss of energy, time, money,
    potential and opportunity.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s junk food, alcohol, video games, porn, soft drugs (including nicotine) or hard drugs.

    The harder the drug or vice, and the longer we indulge, the bigger the “debt” we have pay back.

    In a way, it’s simple mathematics. The problem is the emotional part.

  2. As a former weed addict I totally agree.
    I used to smoke 3 grams a day, using it to escape my emotional problems until it finally ruined me.
    It took me 3 months in jail to understand how bad I hurt myself by escaping to drugs and understanding what horrible mistakes I have done.
    Today, I’m a changed Man on my path to greatness.
    I have a loving relationship, an awesome family, and some cash in the bank.
    People don’t believe me when I say that jail was the best thing that ever happened to me.
    Only when you’re broken to tiny pieces you come back from the ground a new Man.

  3. Good advice! Just like alcohol when weed is abused it becomes an issue. Better to not use at all, however i like weed so i strive to be the exception you made at the end of the video. Thanks!

  4. Thanks pal, and you can be if you keep it to once/twice a week max, after you’ve nailed all your goals and taken care of business. With that said I think it should be either or in terms of your vices, either alcohol or weed, instead of drinking two nights a week and smoking two night a week.

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