Why You Need To Stop Believing In Other People’s Dreams And Start Building Yours

Unless you have ownership it’s not your dream – full stop, end of discussion.

That company, that political movement, that sports team – none of those are yours.

For it to be your dream, you have to have equity.

When you have equity, your effort to fulfill that dream is worth it.

When you have equity you get paid on things you did a decade ago.

When you have equity you get a shot at total financial freedom.

When you have equity you get passive income.

When you have equity you get to reinvest the profits and benefit from compound interest.

When you have equity it’s yours dream.

When you work for someone else, it’s their dream.

Your company can have their best quarter in history but you’re not getting that a piece of that revenue You’re not going to get passive income from that company. You’re not going to get money from clients you brought on after you quit or get fired. And you’re not going to get rich because employees don’t get rich, owners get rich.

The owner, the C suite and the activist investors get rich, not you. That mission statement on the wall is not your mission – you are disposable to that company. You do not owe that company an ownership mentality. And that company is most definitely not a family, families don’t fire their brothers and sons.

That political movement isn’t your mission either. Your vote and your activism on social media gets you nothing. Politicians get money, power, respect and mindshare. Political influencers get adulation, donations and people buying their products. You get nothing…

Nothing on the upside at least. But you can definitely get something on the downside, especially if you’re promoting an unpopular movement. You can get publicly shamed, fired, de-platformed, de-monetized or even attacked in the streets.

Are you anti-fragile enough to risk a life’s worth of revenue over your tweets and blog posts? The leader of your movement doesn’t even know your name. Your fellow activists won’t help you pay your rent. Are you that good financially, emotionally and physically that you can afford to be giving all your mindshare to a movement?

Your sports team is no better. It’s a corporation whose representatives are 20 year olds, most of whom don’t even come from your city. You have one life, you can’t afford to spend it watching overpaid 20 year olds exercise. Who gives a f$#@ if they make it to the playoffs when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. What does “your team” winning the championship do for your mission in life?

Here is the reality, you can’t afford not to build your dreams.

You need to have a mission because you need to be able to survive and thrive and today’s world is not your grandfather’s world. 

Retirement costs a mil in today’s dollars let alone what it will be by the time you get to your 70’s. And those social programs won’t be waiting for when you get there. And to get there means you have to hustle, because that corporate job isn’t secure – the days of 30 years and a gold watch are gone. Your company will outsource your job to a robot or a person in the Philippines the second they can.

And it’s not just about that corporate job, it’s about your job in general. I’d bet automation will replace 30% of all jobs today within 30 years, if not sooner. There is a good chance a computer will be doing what you spent all that time in school specializing in.

The truth is, we also have major structural problems in our economy. Personal debt is at all time highs, and savings are at all time lows, most people you know are living paycheck to paycheck. The middle class is dying and those jobs are moving to Asia. This is the reality in the west…

You don’t have the luxury of buying into other people’s dreams. That 50k job, or that movement, or that sports team is not going to get you where you need to go. You need to look out for #1 and focus on fulfilling your dreams.

You need to solve taxes by either moving or getting your income above 100k and taking advantage of writeoffs and loopholes. Rich people don’t pay taxes like the poor, because you can’t stay rich paying 40% a year.

You need to solve debt by getting rid of it and getting your income up.

You need to get a business going so you can get paid and not be bound to any skillset. An entrepreneur will never be replaced by a robot.

You need to get control over inflation by reinvesting into your business and compounding that interest.

I’m talking about surviving and thriving in this brave new world.

I’m talking about creating and acheiving your mission on this planet.

I’m talking about getting control of your revenue where you can’t be fired.

I’m talking about becoming an entrepreneur who can pivot in and out of trends.

I’m talking about building a big safety net and getting rich and comfortable.

I’m talking about getting the women you want in your life.

I’m talking about getting healthy food in you and getting the physique you want.

I’m talking about building up your network of people who actually care about you.

All that stuff is a full time job, you don’t have time to be LARPing around as a twitter “activist”, or playing fantasy football, or giving the best years of your life to make your boss richer.

The only game you play is your game with your mission where you make the rules. Otherwise you’re getting played. And playing at the highest levels takes total dedication. People that care about you will help you and support you taking care of your wealth, health, relationships and lifestyle, people that won’t are getting in your way.

The good news is, despite all the bad news, today is the best time to be alive. For the last 10,000 years, the vast majority of our ancestors we’re feudal-level-serf-farmers. Today you can work from anywhere, build anything and have unlimited mobility.

You have access to technology and healthcare our ancestors only dreamed about. You have the internet, the greatest equalizer known to man. Everything you need to win is only a few keystrokes away online.

F$#@ everyone else’s mission, focus on yours and make your dreams a reality.