How To Live Better By Not Lying To Yourself

When you lie to yourself you f*ck up your life.

Lying to yourself or to others, is the easier move, at least at first, but in the long run it’s the more damaging move.

When you stop lying to yourself, it’s painful at first, but it gets better, and eventually your life get’s a lot better.

But I’m not going to preach to you about the morality of lying, I’m going to sell it to you in terms of your self interest:

Check out the video, audio and notes below to see how to live better by not lying to yourself:

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1) Acceptance And Understanding Of Yourself

  • You see yourself for the first time
  • You see what a selfish beast you really are and why it’s ok
  • You learn how to accept and incorporate your shadow self into your persona

2) You Develop A Razor Sharp Understand Of Others

  • All your social insight comes from you – all the experiences you can perceive in others comes from your reference points
  • The less you lie to yourself and the more aware you are, the better your reference points are and the better you can read others
  • You also develop more empathy for others because you recognize the same selfish traits in yourself instead of pretending to be noble

3) You Get What You Want

  • If you’re lying to yourself it’s impossible to get what you want because you can’t admit what you want
  • It’s impossible to get what you want if you make excuses for yourself
  • When you lie about what you want you end up living

4) You Can Solve Your Problems

  • When you lie about your problems you don’t have a prayer at solving them
  • When you tell youreself you’re not depressed or you don’t have social anxiety or you’re not an alcoholic – that means you can’t solve those problems
  • When you accept reality you can deal with reality

5) Quality Of Life

  • Lying robs you of your time and energy, it takes a massive ammount of time and energy to prop up your lies
  • And this is even more true when you have to present those lies to the public
  • Some people spend their entire lives living that lie, living for the imaginary audience of other people
  • When you accept who you are, you drop a massive amount of weight off your shoulders and get to live how you want to