The Gift And The Curse Of Having Potential

A lot of people talk about the importance of living up to your potential…

But what does it actually mean?

Why is it so important?

How do you know how much potential?

What is the price to pay for not living up to your potential?

Get the answers to those questions in the video and audio below:

  1. Bobby Jones (legendary Indiana basketball coach) said, “you play basketball against yourself. Your opponent is your own potential” and that’s basically what I got from your video. Self loathing and destructive behavior comes from not acting in a manner consistent with who you are. I was born a pussy smashing money hungry man, true to myself. I was a pretty crude but happy. However, I tried to suppress my carnal desires and become a more “civilized gentleman” and settle down with one girl and a steady job. I’m making OK money but I fucking hate my life right now. Gotta find balance somewhere. I guess the journey is the destination sometimes. We don’t come with a customized owners manual. Thanks for the video and thanks for letting me vent on your wall.


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