Why Freedom Is Overrated And How To Make Freedom Work For You

If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while this post might come as a surprise…

Because freedom has been one of the core values of RLD since the beginning of this site.

And many of the strategies I’ve posted since 2012 are about getting you free from a lifestyle where you’re unfulfilled and into a life where you are fulfilled.

I still stand by all those strategies and freedom is still one of my core values…

But it’s not what I live for.

I live for state, having the most consistently positive thoughts, positive emotions and positive sensations (feeling comfortable in your body and not in physical pain).

Sometimes I call this consistent happiness, but consistent state is more accurate.

My goal is to live my ideal day as much as possible and give you the tools to do the same.

Working towards getting free is important, but freedom alone doesn’t get you everything you want out of life.

When I was stuck in a job I hated and reading libertarian and travel blogs, freedom was much more important to me, because I didn’t have it.

But when I got free, and I got passive income, and I had the opportunity to lay by the beach all day drinking margaritas and hollering at women, I realized freedom wasn’t enough.

Check out the audio and video below to see why freedom is overrated and how to make freedom work for you.

  1. This video really hit home for me. I’ve had lots of freedom over the last decade but I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of a feeling of not living up to my potential. I agree freedom is a wonderful thing but it can make you stagnant and empty if you don’t have this root systems in place as you say. I really enjoyed the concept of striving for greatness and how that can be used to keep you fulfilled. Excellent topic, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Will, I’ve been watching your videos since I discovered them shortly after my 20th birthday (“How to own your twenties”). They have brought a lot of value to me & I’d like to give back. I tried looking for an email but couldn’t find anything, how should I contact you?

  3. Really appreciate that Sam, don’t have it listed because I was getting more emails than I could handle, but if you subscribe to my newsletter you can hit me up there

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