Be Obsessed Or Be Average (Why Work/Life Balance Is A Myth)

You can have work life balance… if you don’t want to be succesful.

But for succesful people work/life balance is a myth.

At least not until you’ve accomplished your mission.

When you’ve built a thriving business and attained financial freedom for you and your family…

You can do whatever you want.

But until then you need to become obsessed with your mission and obsessed with success.

Because if you don’t get obsessed you’ll never be better than average.

Check out the video, audio and related resources below to see why obsession is everything.

  1. Love your business stuff man. Notice you’ve been into Grant Cardone lately. Has he changed your mind on rental properties as an investment? I may be wrong but I think I read an article of yours against the idea.

  2. Thanks Ben, great question. I’m still not sold on it being the best use of my cash, but buying some property here in Southeast Asia, where I can buy in cash without a mortgage, and solving the problem of housing, plus a hedge againg the (probably inevitable) US economic collapse and dollar devalutation, is definitely on my mind.

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