Be A Victor Of Circumstances

We live in a victim culture and it’s killing us.

All you have to do is hop online or log onto your social media to watch people compete in the underprivileged Olympics.

The truth is, now is the best time to be alive in history, it’s never been easier, especially if you’re born in a western country.

You have the greatest equalizer in the internet. Everything you need to know to succeed is available online.

You can build a business without having to leave your bedroom.

Our ancestors, we’re subsistence level farmers and feudal serfs with no healthcare and no medical technology.

The black plague wiped out a third of Europe.

Now that’s not to say bad things don’t happen today.

But when I hear about people complaining about microaggressions it makes me sick.

When I was young it was just my mom and me and we didn’t have much money.

Until I was 10 we had a rotary telephone and a black and white TV.

I’ll tell you though. I never thought of myself as a victim.

I was a happy kid. I was well loved and my mom gave me all the food, clothes that I needed.

I’m grateful to be alive and I’m grateful for what I had.

And I learned early on that I had to earn the things I wanted.

And so I never expected them to be given to me.

You can’t win when you think of yourself as a victim.

All you do is hurt yourself by tearing open old wounds.

All you do is allow the person that hurt you in the past to hurt you again in the present.

When you see yourself as a victim, the person that hurt you is still winning.

The truth is success is the best revenge.

And you can’t be successful when you think of yourself as a victim.

Why? Because bad things happen to victims.

Bad things happen to victims, that’s the definition of being a victim.

So don’t be a victim of circumstances.

Instead be a victor of circumstances.

And have the bad things that happened to you in the past be lessons to learn from.

And have the bad things that happen in the future be obstacles for you to overcome.

Be a victor of circumstances and take control of your destiny.