How To Achieve Your Goals Part 4: Defining Your End Game With Set It And Forget It

Your end game is your ideal life.

One where you’re consistently happy.

And your major recurring problems are solved.

And you get to do as much of what you love and as little of what you hate as possible.

And your major life metrics are simplifed, automated and running on autopilot.

And your goals are tools to achieve that lifestyle.

Your ideal lifestyle is your promised land

And your promised land runs on set it and forget it.

When you’re in the promised land you’ve achieved what you wanted.

And now you get to enjoy the results.

And the wind is behind you instead of bearing down on you.

And you get more with less effort.

You get to maintain your business with four hours of work a day.

You get to maintain your body with one day in the gym a week.

You get to maintain your life system with a few clicks of your Wunderlist (now Tick Tick).

And you get to coast off all the hard work you’ve done.

You’ve struggled and strived to push the boulder up the hill in all aspects of your life.

And now you get to tap dance behind that motherf*cker on the way down the other side of the hill

And instead of having to make negative decisions – decisions you don’t want to make, but that need to get made.

You get to make positive decisions, luxurious decisions that you have the privilege of making.

Decisions like outsourcing your headaches.

From cooking to cleaning to client emails – you get to pay people to do the things you don’t want to do.

So that you have more free time to do the things you want to do.

You’re running on autopilot and enjoying the ride.

Because you’ve earned it

You’ve set goals that solved your most painful recurring problems…

And now you get to live in your natural state of happiness.

You chose the right goals by following the right expectation and the right principle.

You blasted through obstacles with motivation.

You cruised into a consistent routine with dedication.

And eventually you made it to the promised land.

A land where you have your health, wealth, women and lifestyle on lockdown.

A land where you run your life on autopilot and enjoy what you’ve built.

It’s all there waiting for you, you just have to go out and take what’s yours