How To Achieve Your Goals Part 3: Blast And Cruise

To achieve your goals, the move is blast and cruise.

For the first six months you use motivation to blast yourself out of homeostasis.

But for the rest of your journey you use dedication to cruise into a daily, consistent routine.

You also accept the fact, that blasting will make you less happy.

But that’s just something you have to eat

Because sometimes you have to go through hell to get to the promised land.

But whether you’re blasting or cruising, the key to the game is maintaining the right mindset.

The right mindset is a closed mind.

An open mind is overrated, because an open mind plays tricks on you.

A closed mind is a stable mind

Once you’ve done your homework and reality checked your decision and modeled success…

The right move is to put your blinders on and keep moving forward, not matter what.

The right move is to always moving towards your goal.

Otherwise you leave yourself open to analysis paralysis.

And when times get tough, which they always do, you’ll question your decision.

But with the right mindset your problems become challenges

And challenges are something to be overcome on your journey.

And more than that, challenges are something to be enjoyed.

Because it’s all about enjoying the journey

And when it gets hard, you just power through the blast period knowing that cruising is right around the corner.

That first six months in business is the hardest, but soon enough that recurring revenue starts coming in.

That first six months in the gym is the hardest, but soon enough you learn to love the pain.

That first six months with women is the hardest, but soon enough you’ll have your own harem.

Just remember, blast according to your pain points

And your biggest pain points, in order, are your wealth, health, women and lifestyle.

Also, don’t blast past what you’re capable of.

You know you’re blasting to hard when you get depressed or sick or addicted.

Blast hard enough to challenge yourself but not to the point where your health suffers.

And soon enough you’ll make it to the promised land of set it and forget it.

So take action, and blast and cruise your way to the promised land