Yohimbine Review: How To Become Beast In Bed With Yohimbine

In Africa, yohimbe bark has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac but one with lots of side effects. Modern science has isolate the active ingredient Yohimbine HCL which is more potent and has fewer sides. Yohimbine is a MAOI (a weak one) with aprhodisiac and stimulant properties and like all MAO inhibitors should not be combined with any ssri’s (anti depressant meds). Yohimbine works by blocking a2 receptors causing smooth muscle relaxation in the penis, the release of norephinephrine and increases in nitric oxide.

Unlike Cialis, Yohimbine not only strengthens your erections but it increases your sex drive as well. Sex and orgasm are amazing and your sexual energy is through the roof. The downside of the drug is that the side effects of nausea, chills, anxiety in my opinion are too great without something to take the edge off like Phenibut. Phenibut, Cialis and Yohimbine combined work synergistically and will make you an absolute sexual beast. Here’s the full review:

Yohimbine Review

  • Yohimbine HCL is legal in the United States, and can be purchased in small doses of 2.5 mg but it is difficult to find in stores because of confusion regarding the legal status.
  • I’ve recommend ordering all supplemnts off iHerb, they’re tops for loyalty credit, ease of reordering, price and delivery, especially if you live outside the US
  • 20 mg, this is 8 tabs, the reason you have to take this many tabs is yohimbine is marketed as a preworkout stim which requires a much lower dose
  • The tabs are tiny so taking 8 is no problem
  • if you’re a beginner with stims you might want to do 10 mg, which is four tabs to make sure your anxiety doesn’t get the best of you

  • $14.88/10 grams
  • 15 minutes
Half Life
  • 2.5 hours but can effects can be felt for about 24 hours in terms of it being difficult to sleep
Positive Effects
  • An immediate increase in sexual energy in the “dan tien”, a daoist term for the front groin, just above the base of the penis, this isn’t hippy bullshit, you will start to feel the majority of your sexual energy there when you practice having male multiple orgasms
  • Erections become immediate and easy while also increasing the desire for sex unlike cialis
  • You will absolutely destroy girls on this drug
Side Effects
  • Chills, similar to the beginning of a fever for about an hour
  • Moderate anxiety for about 2 hours
  • Light nausea for about 1 hour
  • Difficulty sleeping if taken later in the day
  • Makes it easier to prematurely ejaculate
  • 7/10
  • Don’t take past noon because it might be hard to sleep
  • Do not take if you’re sensitive to stims
  • I would conditionally recommend the drug but with something to take the edge off like Phenibut, this drug can give you pretty serious anxiety and nausea which is why I only ranked it 6/10
  • Don’t take this drug if you have a heart or blood pressure condition, this is a powerful supplement
  • Use intermittently, definitely not a drug you want to be taking every day but if you can handle stims this drug will give you crazy sexual energy

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  1. A lot of the fat burners have yohimbe, now i understand why i was super horny. In my latin country they give it to horses to mate.

  2. Haha Skills, thats pretty funny, two birds with one stone. Ya I’ve heard of a lot of fat burners using it as well, I prefer ephedrine which is legal here in Canada with less anxiety for me.

  3. Thanks Ricard, I haven’t seen force. I haven’t noticed interactions but I’ve dropped yohimbine because of the anxiety and my sex drive is naturally pretty high, you might want to avoid taking it with the dopa mucuna.

  4. I am looking to use the phenibut to counteract the insomnia I experience with Yohimbime HCL. I usually take the Yohimbime about 4 pm, and have great sex by 11pm, however, I can’t really get any sleep until 2-3 in the morning. Will I still get the sexual benefits if I take it earlier in the day, say about 11 am? How much and what time of day should I take the Yohimbime HCL? When should I take the Phenibut? I really enjoyed your information. Thanks

  5. in my experience… the yohimbine lasts 36-48 hours sexually… for me anyway and im in my early 40’s. I take it for the fat burning and have seen pretty decent results with no other changes. For sleep, Will has a great discussion on living 15% happier/better. The combo of ZMA and 5HTP are a game changer. Im a chronic coffee drinker and Im sure that I was totally deficit of magnesium because of it. When I began those two… my sleep and life changed dramatically. But its what works for you. Remember, there is no magic bullet. Will talks about this and that you need to take things individually to figure it out. L Dopa messed me up for example. I didnt need that at all and it was worse, making me impulsive. hope this helps. P.S. be careful with phenibut. seriously.

  6. Def be careful with phenibut, and good points on the yohimbine and def caffeine leaches magnesium, its a game changer when you start to supplement it regularly.

  7. After taking this, after ejaculation should I be able to get it up again or will he stay erect, thanks.

  8. hello guys, I am 41 with no experience at all in using such things (but trying Viagra and cialis Viagra worked much better for me).
    I am very untested in that compilation Phenibut, Cialis and Yohimbine can I get suggestions about doses and how often…etc
    I would appreciate your answer?

  9. Hello for yohimbine why is it recommended not to combine L-Dopa and Yohimbine HCL? Would that make someone too hyper sexual?

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