Why You Need To Commit Social Suicide

“The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions and all else, now meddles no more and longs eagerly for just two things—-Bread and Circuses!”

– Juvenal

In this often repeated quote, the ancient satirical writer Juvenal laments the decline of the Roman Empire as he watches men become soft and weak. As long as they get their food and entertainment, they’re happy and docile. If you think things have changed since Roman times you’re dead wrong. Power is still in the hands of the elite who now offer genetically modified junk food bread and state sanctioned reality tv circuses.

As the American Empire declines and the gap between the elite and the masses widens, the elite produce more distractions for a poorer, unhappier public. The means might have changed but the method is still the same: indoctrination with the end goal of a distracted obedient serf.

Social SuicideSince you’re reading this blog you’re probably sharp enough to realize not to involve yourself in causes or wasting time trying to battle the elite. Humans will always be ruled by ruthless elites. What you need to focus on is what’s in your best interests as opposed to society’s.  Your best interests are your liberty, knowledge, wealth, health and relationships. That means creating the best possible life for yourself.

To be able to earn the money you want, have the freedom you want, the body you want, and the women you want, you need to make sacrifices. To rise above the ordinary man takes focus and dedication. The life of an ordinary man is to work a job he hates to come home to a family he can’t afford and escape into sports, booze or porn.

If you want to be ordinary, you’re in the wrong place. If you want to be extraordinary that means using extraordinary methods. That means separating yourself from the herd. That means unplugging from the indoctrination machine and using that time towards building the best life you can, that means social suicide. To be free the following things need to go:

Social Media

  • Facebook is for little girls

  • As a man you probably won’t have too many close friends, the ones you do have should all be in your phone and email contacts

  • Social media forces you to compete with people’s false best representation of their lives leaving you feeling negative instead of focusing on your mission and tuning everyone else out

  • Facebook is a complete timesuck, 2 minutes turns into 2 hours

  • I’ve been off social media for 3 years and haven’t regretted a day

  • The only exception is for business

Pop Culture

  • Opt out of pop culture, there is nothing worse than wasting time fetishizing celebrities

  • Avoid negative, judgmental gossip sites like the plague, after an hour on Perez Hilton you’ll need a shower

  • Celebrity culture is for girls, it’s the opposite of all masculine values, worship yourself and what you’re building with your life


  • Politics is a charade: real change agents don’t make it to the polls, your vote doesn’t matter because you’re not a decision maker

  • Politics are always run by the elite and ruthless, free countries are few and far between, civilization has been a slaveship since the beginning

  • Political television is merely entertainment, the politicians only have limited power

  • Policians are just turn-key executives for wealthy arsistocratic and banking families who wield power through corporations, usury and warfighting


  • Sports is just an extension of the gladatorial coliseum, MMA being the most obvious (and my favorite)

  • Not only do guys waste a ton of time watching other guys exercise but then there are the sports talk shows, pre game shows, stats and by far the worst fantasy football

  • You can watch a fight with the boys from time to time but outside of that watching sports needs to be sacrificed

TV Shows

  • The average American watches 34 hours of tv a week, that’s a part-time job

  • That’s more than enough time to build a passive money generating business

  • TV is an indoctrination machine that promotes debt, consumer culture and shitty values all of which you’re opting out of so cut that cable, you won’t regret it

  • You can still watch a few quality shows online, just save them for watching with your girlfriend(s)


  • Movies are the same as tv, just stream/download occasionally, indulge in moderation, only with girls or friends

Video Games

  • Unfortunately guys, these have to go too, as fun as it is to mow down pedestrians for 3 hours in GTA, this is literally the least productive thing you can do


  • If you’ve designed a reality with an abundance of  passive income, great health, leisure, and women then you can do what you want but until then you need to get high on achieving
  • Instead of escaping reality, focus on getting your life in order and creating a reality you don’t want to escape from
  1. World class summary of the major things that turn people into zombies and sheeps.
    Very happy to see how we share the same views on society – instant “bro” feeling from here.
    In fact, I agree with you on every single point – except for the “34 hours per day” ;-)

  2. Hey thanks, Boy Toy, glad you feel the same, I think a lot of guys are starting to wake up. And cheers on catching that, that would be a lot of tv :) I’ll make the edit.

  3. Hi there,

    Nice blog, and I absolutely agree with everything you say. One can either live out their own dreams or they can waste their time living out the fantasies or dreams of others. Its that simple.
    By the way, I laughed my ass off when I read about mowing down people for three hours on GTA. Brings back good memories, ha ha!


  4. @xsplat,

    Thanks buddy, loved your piece on the need for and importance of intimacy.


    Thanks for the support, and you’re absolutely right it really is that simple. And glad to hear you got a laugh out of it, I’ve got some fond GTA memories myself.

  5. I’m curious what your view on porn is? I have quit porn and masturbation and it seems to help with game.

  6. Hey John, I think that watching porn in moderation is not a big deal unless you have or have had a problem with it in the past. It does fuck with your dopamine levels and desensitize you to sex with women but there are definitely more harmful things out there. With that said if you are going to watch porn I strongly suggest not ejaculating and recirculating the energy, you’ll still get some dopamine issues but at at least you’re not draining your battery check out my guide on having male multiple orgasms.

  7. I’m hesitant to agree with you on the being against social causes. I’m willing to dedicate my life to helping others but it seems like you think that’s a shameful cause. All it takes is an idea my friend. Otherwise I completely agree with you. I don’t want to be the average guy. I want to go down in history. Create the best possible life for myself. Thanks for the read, and I hope you’re not as cynical as you sound!

  8. Thanks Adrian, I’m definitely not against social causes as long as your primary pain points in life are taken care of. For most guys thats money, control of your own income, control of your own time, health and having good relationships. A business is usually the most effective way to solve the majority of your pain points. With that said for some guys, and maybe for you, money and ownership might not be big pain points for you and focusing on helping others might be what makes you most happy in life. If that’s the case then I would definitely focus on that. With that said, even when it comes to helping others, having a ton of money means you can help a ton of people. Bill Gates will help more people than every person who reads this blog combined. But at the end of the day I think helping people is terrific, do what makes you happy for your mission and keep aiming to be great.

  9. Top notch article which should be required reading for any guy aspiring to be a REAL man and not just another phony because he watches tv sports all weekend, plays videos games, and knows how to belch and scratch his balls.

  10. The most eye catching thing on this article is don’t worry what’s in the best interest for society but what’s in the best interest for yourself. The thing about this is that is in the best interest of society. If we have strong people, healthy, smart, active,etc…society will move upwards and not be degenerative.

  11. This is true ND, unfortunately western society has become degenerative and it will take massive changes to restore it that we most likely won’t see in our lifetime. Whereas in Asia where I live now people work hard and expect nothing from the government. Unfortunately you and I don’t have the power to change society but we do have the power to change ourselves.

  12. That is very true. I’ve become extremely fortunate of having red pill or should I say authentic male mentors in my life starting with my dad, which was a singl father till I was ten. We can only improve ourselves yet there is something important I’ve learned from my maintenance supervisor and it finally gotten through my thick skull. That is taking action and correcting things only in my inner circle and on the outside of that circle things and people might be influenced from what im doing on my inner circle…. He’s hammered into my mind not to waste energy trying to change things not in my inner circle. Example of that would be some neighbors who were anti gun became pro gun when I got jumped in a small Georgia town by 5 idiots trying to be successful with the knockout game, they succeeded in knocking me out but two of them were put into the er and jail. These neighbors heard me preach before on guns and self defense and i wasted much time and energy trying to convince them, they were very left wing and on the outside. Now they are in my inner circle which they seeked to be in after my ordeal. My other mentor who is a stunt man and a walking ref pill incarnate has said its not our job to try and change people but to merely expose the lies subtly when others want the truth. Great change can happen for society it just takes alittle leverage,blood, and patience on our part to let one person at a time to come to us when they start questioning the matrix. We as men are on the meat but we must understand that these people first need milk if and when they come to us.
    Cheers on being on Asia, which part do you reside in?

  13. I forgot to mention that those neighbors now proudly own guns and have gone through tactical defense training and have taken those damned Obama and socialist bumper stickers off their cars.

  14. I can agree with most of this thing. Why all the focus on sex? It sounds like slavery, work your tail off for sex. I’d rather make a passive money making business rather than wasting time and money on a woman. Think with the brain in your head on your shoulders, not the head under your pubic bone. Wasting time thinking or working towards sex is a sign of weakness.

    Did Einstein really just want to chase puss while coming up with Relativity? Did Oppenheimer create nuclear weapons to find somewhere warm, stupid and wet to put his willy? Did Jonas Saulk make the Polio vaccine to get some strange? If you obsess about sex, you’re a weakling. God gave you two good hands and internet porn if you’re really that pathetic. The greatest men pursue power and utility not vagina. Those pursuing power and utility in order to get vagina are merely posers, not even footnotes in history, typical witless apes operating on a purely simian level. Are you witless apes or men? Then quit crying about pussy and get with the program. If you buy a book to get pussy, you’re a loser who will get no pussy plus you’ll be ripped off. And any testimonials on all the strange the forty year old virgin author got after his “proven method” is lies, and if you believe those lies, I have a real estate class in mind for you, it’s at Trump University, another conman who cons useless dolts out of their money. Thank you Donny as dolts don’t deserve to have any purchasing power.

  15. I don’t focus on sex, but 90% of my traffic comes in regards to sex and dating so I give guys what they want, but nearly every article I tell them to put health, wealth before women.

  16. Will,

    I’ve learned a lot about porn and ejaculation and how ejaculation is seriously draining for the male. and you mentioned in one of the comments non ejaculatory orgasms is way better.

    Do you feel this way about regular sexual encounters with live females as well? Whether it be oral sex or intercourse. Is ejaculation with live females the same as watching porn and masturbating, in terms of effects with dopamine and the drain that comes with ejaculation?


  17. Hey Seth, I find ejaculation draining with a girl or without, but def less dopamine dysfunction from one girl as opposed to 8 tabs of porn for hours on end.

  18. All this trash is always to one thing. Escaping reality. Normal people cannot focus for 3 secs. They always clicking in something. And all these things give ’em a quick high. A rapid scape. It not diferent then taking drugs.

    TV+GOSSIPS+FACECUCK+INSTAHOES = Worst than cracxcocxine. Specially for women.

  19. Your advice on here has reaffirmed for me that I am going in the right direction, and I thank you for being someone I would like to aspire to be: an entrepreneur becoming successful from helping people on their personal development journey and living the best life through minimalism. I’ve been off of social media for about a year now and have been focusing on improving every aspect of my existance through adopting minimalism into my life for the last 6 months. when I came across your videos on Youtube, it made me happy to see that other younger people were awake to the fact that people are plugging into social media, politics, celebrity garbage, and consumerism to avoid making the changes they need in their lives. I didn’t realise that I had committed social suicide until I came across this, and it’s nice to have a name for what I’ve been doing. As a 17 year old girl growing up in the 1st world, it is sometimes hard for people to understand the life I lead. Lets face it, it’s “odd” for me to not be absorbed with celebrities, instagram, consumerism/wanting things, and escaping life with tv shows. My friends think I am a hermit and I have grown out of their company, which is difficult sometimes, but coming across your work lets me know I am doing the right thing. :) Thank you.

  20. Hey Will, thanks for this article. I pulled what I needed from it: the reminder that I need to keep cutting the bullshit out of my life and replacing it with what makes me happy. I’ve got a fucking journey ahead of me but I learn something new and take a step every day, and after being that ass who internally blamed other people for their problems basically my whole life, I’m moving past that angsty teen shit and making good choices for myself. I’m gonna make mistakes, sure, but it’s all a learning process and I’m here for the ride. So thank you for the encouragement.

  21. Also, I love the idea of committing social suicide. It’s like shedding the bullshit part about yourself and realizing the potential that lays beneath. The social self isn’t the true self, it’s an illusion, a widespread, popular game which everyone is mindlessly hooked on and which brings only the lowest level of happiness. The true, passionate self is the person I want to be. Fuck what other people think as long as I’m happy and not hurting anyone. :) In fact I only have the best of intentions for the world. I don’t get to benefit society by living my life passively, experiencing life vicariously through people on screens.

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