Why You Shouldn’t Take A Pickup Bootcamp And What You Should Do Instead

I don’t think a pickup bootcamp is the best use of your time and money.

This isn’t an attack on PUA’s, I’ve got no beef with anybody and I’m a creator not a hater.

However I want my guys to get the best possible information and I’m not a fan of the bootcamp model.

Check out the audio, video and notes below to see why you shouldn’t take a bootcamp and what to do instead:

Why You Shouldn’t Take A Pickup Bootcamp

1) Cost

2) Unmanaged Expectations

  • Dunning-Kruger effect, states people of low competence unable to recognize people of high competence
  • Difficult for low skilled guys to manage expectations – pickup companies play into this
  • You’re a sexual salesman, 90% of your results come from your product – you
  • The other 10%, at most come from your salesmanship – your game
  • Most effective way to get better women is to max out your SMV – however there are genetic limits
  • Managed expectations – you get girls in your league, game is the means to do that, that’s all

3) Unneccesary, Unnatural And Often Counterproductive Theories, Techniques And Mindsets

4) Overemphasis On Night Game

5) Not Adressing Students’ Core Issues/Problems With Women

  • Success with women is base on habits, lifestyle and SMV – and these things take time
  • Conversation, timing, social EQ, dressing well, fitness – all major factors not helped in a weekend
  • If you’re broke, jobless, overweight and living in mom’s basement – that needs to be addressed first
  • Bootcamp high – creates illusion of progress from fighting fear but short lived
  • Serious training means lifestyle/mental issues need to be seriously addressed


As always there are always exceptions:

If you’re a wealthy, well adjusted guy in decent health, in your early 30’s who who has money to blow, and you only have one or two sticking points – go for it.

If you just want to go out with some guys who are really good and just need a bit of tweaking and a push to approach go for it.

For everyone else here’s what you should do instead:

What You Should Do Instead

1) Make Use Of Free Information

  • There is an absolute wealth of free information these days, you can start with my women section
  • Especially important if you’re young and money is tight
  • Watch Youtube Videos, read articles, get in shape, get your style together and approach
  • If you’re consistent you can get everything you need for free

2) Hire Someone Who Is Local, Legit And Reasonable

  • That means a good looking guy, with good, legit content who charges $100/$200/hr
  • You also want a guy who will manage your expectations – not sell you a dream
  • Hire him for an hour or two to tighten up your game/sticking points
  • Do this only after you’ve committed to a lifestyle of getting women
  • Just like you only hire a trainer after you’ve committed to a lifestyle of fitness
  • Then maybe check in again six months later with new problems/progress
  1. Or could it just be that “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” and some
    guys couldn’t get laid in a whore house?

  2. This is the gospel. Good looking and/or high social status guys will get the best girls. The rest of men just have to pay more. PUA stuff has a few things to learn from, but they are simply peddling easy answers. The much more logical answers are from Will (RLD), Athol Kay, or Rational Male… which teach you how to use personal growth, fitness, and alpha traits in ALL aspects of your life.

    If you max out your SMV, go for realistic women, and just be genuine with them, you will do fine. The key is to attract women based on similar SMV and get them isolated into where they can be sexual (and you be discreet about it). That will get you success in online dating, day game, or school/work place game (huge yellow light on that in today’s climate). Night game is ill-advised since it doesn’t mesh with getting up early, it isn’t time efficient, and it simply is not ideal for any guy who is achievement minded (fitness, career/biz, self esteem, personal growth, hobbies, etc etc).

    Will has it figured out: “Game” is merely the social skill ability to get and maintain women *in your league.* People have the huge misconception that fat losers with social skill will get the hot babes, but it doesn’t work that way. Even if the fat guy is a billionaire, the girl won’t be attracted for very long. If you go above your SMV level, results will be inconsistent and short term (even with good social skills). If you go below your SMV, you should be shooting fish in a barrel (again, with good social skills).

    Hypergamy is the rule. Study it and know it well. Most guys and women who are miserable have unrealistic standards (or SMV so low that they are basically celibate since they won’t accept what they deserve based on their own level SMV).

    If you use the PUA nonsense and dishonesty and to attempt to cheat and misrepresent your SMV, you might score some cheap lays in a large metro. However, the downsides become apparent out soon enough. The target women will despise you for misrepresenting your SMV (along with some of them also alerting their female friends or other bar/club regulars or colleagues of your creepiness… if you are using PUA stuff in one of those coherent social circle setups). You also will get into potential fights with guys. It won’t help your self esteem.

    Good work, Will… solid info as usual.

  3. Thanks Seth, thats it, game is salesmanship, and is important, but you have to have a good product to sell. Max out your SMV, max out your game, play the numbers, get the best you can.

  4. Hi will I was going to take a boot camp and then I saw your article. I instead used the money for a gym membership and plan to start a business with the rest. I have been steadily losing weight and people do notice. I like the fact that you tell people the reality that being in shape and fit is probably going to get you more women while having great “game” or being good at flirting won’t. Also like the fact you offer practical solutions to problems in most of your videos.

  5. One more thing I have been in relationships in the past but then I gained a lot of weight and I couldn’t see that may have been the reason why I was getting the girls I wanted. You’re right about needing a good product since your selling yourself to her.

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