The Red Pill Survival Guide

The red pill analogy is taken from the movie “The Matrix” as a symbol for forbidden knowledge, it primarily refers to insight on evolutionary biology, dating, religion, manhood, social hierarchies, feminism and men’s rights. Sites that talk about red pill topics are collectively known as the manosphere.

Through the manosphere a lot of guys have been awakened to extremely important information that has radically shaped their belief system. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been traumatic for many guys who haven’t been able to properly integrate the information into their lives. Many guys end up depressed and angry while promoting that anger on various blogs, perpetuating a vicious cycle. This adjustment period is especially hard on guys who already had low self-esteem and anti-social tendencies.

The Kubler Ross Model is an effective analysis of the stages of grief after absorbing a trauma and coming to terms with red pill knowledge is traumatic. I’ve outlined the stages that affect guys after they’ve taken the red pill and a survival guide to show you how to integrate this knowledge properly. If you’ve been struggling with this stuff I want you to check this out:

Stages Of The Kubler Ross Model For Grief

Shock And Denial
  • Speaking out against red pill guys
  • White knighting
  • Thinking game doesn’t work, or wouldn’t work on good girls
  • This is the stage many guys get stuck on
  • Enjoying manipulating women and hurting feelings
  • Anger towards women who’ve hurt you
  • Hatred of your former self
  • Hatred of others who remind you of your former self
  • Shaming/antagonizing blue pill guys in public, private or on internet message boards and blogs
  • Thinking women are superficial
  • Blaming parents/teachers for not explaining red pill views to you
  • Resistance against self-improvement, thinking women should like you for you
  • Learning game
  • Improving your looks, style, presence etc.
  • Reaching out to like-minded guys on message boards
  • Potentially falling for marketing hype of snake oil pickup salesmen and thinking you will be able to get supermodels if only you follow steps x,y,z
  • Giving up on women
  • Anhedonia
  • Sex addiction if you’re successful with women
  • Intimacy avoidance
  • Reaching out to guys for help
  • Isolation
  • Accepting women for who they are
  • Realizing women are just following through on their biology the same as you are
  • Realizing life is hard for everyone and women are just trying to make their way in the world like you
Moving On
  • Being able to have intimate, loving relationships with women
  • Being able to be caring and good to women without feeling like a pussy
  • Doing your best to treat girls well while still being a strong, masculine, independent man who doesn’t take bullshit


Don’t Preach
  • Don’t preach to guys who aren’t interested
  • Only give advice to guys who show interest, otherwise it will be tuned out or worse, you’ll be attacked for trying to help
  • Don’t think you’re better than others who can’t see the truth (even if you are), just realize you’re lucky to have the insight you do
Keep Quiet
  • Unless you have your own business or fuck you money, keep your views to yourself, select sites online and your friends
  • Keep quiet or tone down your views for co-workers, clients or anyone who could jeopardize your security
  • Remember the blue pill is state sanctioned, you’re now living an alternative lifestyle
  • A lot of the pickup community preaches amorality, this is not the way for a man to live
  • A true man is strong, loyal and has an ethical code, be a good man not an amoral dirtbag
  • A lack of morality will affect your quality of life, self-esteem and will create a sense of emptiness that will hurt others around you
Don’t Become Obsessed
  • Girls should be a small part of your life as opposed to your mission
  • Your mission should be your mission and the right girl or girls can come along for the ride
Don’t Argue
  • Arguing with feminists or blue pill guys is a waste of time
  • Arguing with other red pill guys you’ll never meet on internet forums is a waste of time
Don’t Waste Your Time Hating Women
  • Hating women only hurts you
  • Women don’t care if you hate them except for radical feminists who will love you for being an easy target for all their aggression
  • Don’t confuse one woman with all women, some are garbage some are great
  • Avoid negative sites and focus on positive self-development sites
Be Positive
  • Be gentle with guys just learning this stuff, they are in pain, work on uplifting and helping them
  • Try and be a beacon of positivity, help yourself and help others
Take Responsibility
  • Accept yourself and your station in life as is
  • Take responsibility and accountability for your blue pill mistakes but don’t beat yourself up, move on with positivity
  • Did a girl hurt your feelings? You let that happen and control how events affect you, winners move on
  • If you’re a middle aged man who got fucked in a divorce I feel deeply for you, but you signed the contract putting half your shit on the line, accept it and move on like a winner
Take Action
  1. Really like your whole blog, keep up the good work! I think “Be positive” and “Don’t Become A Misogynist” are the most important ones. GLL, B&D and your blog for example encourage working on oneself, self-improvement and action but I noticed the trend of some other manosphere blogs to move into that whiny and “it’s all the other people’s (=women) fault” direction and as a result some tend to be very negative. Good that there are blogger out there that are aware of this development.

  2. Thanks Remedy, appreciate the support. Definitely agree with you, its all about taking responsibility, taking action and controlling your own reality.

  3. I have been working on a relationship enrichment program that includes this same information. After years as a red pill girl on the inside of the pick up artist world attempting to meet these lost men where they are and create a bridge to what is beyond it I must say I am thrilled to have found this site. Thank you!

  4. Hey Michelle, thanks for the kind words. That sounds like a great program, I think its really important for these lost guys to be able to have meaningful relationships with women.

  5. Hey, Great site man!

    Keep up the good work!

    Your right the Kubler Ross totally fit that situation.

    So much blogger and Red-Piller are stuck in the primitive stage. That’s why I have a little trouble sometime label myself as “part of the Manoshpere”.

    For me, on of the key concept, that allowed me to reach the last level without getting stuck is to take responsibility.

    Real strong men take responsibility!

    If women disrespect you, it’s become you don’t deserve their respect!

    If your woman is a crazy bitch, it’s because you chose a bad woman at the first place, and now you accept her crazy behaviour.

    If you don’t have enough sex with your girl friend, well its because you don’t fuck her enough!

    Stop bitching and take control! This is the way of the real man!

  6. Thanks Chuck!

    Absolutely, I had the same trouble about excepting the manosphere tag, but I know thats where most of my readers come from.

    Agree with all that for sure, the number 1 characteristic of a man is accepting responsibility, thats why there is such a backlash against cultural marxism in our community, because the ideology promotes a victim mentality. Traditonal masculinity is what got the human race to the top of the pyramid, turning our backs on that is a massive mistake.

  7. Great post; lots of good ideas, and I agree fully about the importance of a self-reliant mindset. It’s more than just a waste of time to complain about the weather, and that is what socio-sexual-reality is – the reality of our environment that we can not change; the weather.

  8. Thanks X. Absolutely agree, trying to change the weather is arguing with reality. What you can do though is move to a place with warmer weather where you have higher socio sexual value, you’re a great example of this.

  9. Watch out for Michelle Terrell, she is a diluted individual who is lost and clueless. She will try to prey on your weakness and belittle you thinking that is the way men should behave. After reading her diatribe one will see that she is wrapped up in herself.

  10. Realize I’m a little late here but this is absolutely brilliant. I was lucky to be exposed at a young age and had masculine role models in my life. So I actually was able to jump right into the acceptance stage quite quickly. Negative and hatred will always destroy you no matter your reasons.

  11. I’ve been reading Danger & Play and Bold & Determined for years now. This is the first time that I saw your blog. Pretty solid no BS advice. Keep it up!!!

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