What You Can Learn From The Pimp Game About Women And Life

Since I was young I’ve always been fascinated by pimps, how a man could have women worship him and pay him all the money they made from fucking other men was a mystery to me. Over the last decade I’ve studied the pimp and it’s given me some massive insights on life and women that I wanted to share with you guys.

A deep understanding of the pimp game will give you a razor sharp picture of how the world and male/female relationships work. I want to make it clear though that I’m not condoning pimping or the exploitation of women in any way. This article is about the nature of the world and the nature of women, not about how to become a pimp.

The pimp game we’re talking about here is not human trafficking, but the willing submission of a prostitute to a pimp in America over the last 200 years. Traditional pimping in America is similar to a secret society with its own rituals, language and oral tradition called “the book”.

The pimp game was born in the underworld which is a microcosm of the overworld, except the players are better informed, sharper, and more ruthless. The underclass have long since discarded the morality of squares, knowing full well that the overworld wasn’t meant for them, they have no middle-class illusions about the dark side of human nature.

Black men in America until recent history had few options for financial success so instead of traditional avenues, many turned to the underground economy which would allow them more success and dignity than a low-paying square job. Black men have long been fiercely resistant to working a chump job for a white boss which they saw correctly as a return to slavery.

Running a hustle or “game” was seen as the only way to retain their manhood in a world built to keep them down. That game could be conning, dope dealing, thieving or pimping. Pimps were looked on as the ultimate hustler because they had the money, the women, the clothes and got it all through game not violence. The ideal pimp was seen as a gentleman of leisure who would solve problems with game instead of violence, who would control women mentally instead of using force.

The rules to the game of pimping were passed on in pieces to each new generation on the condition that the wannabe pimp had to earn the information from the seasoned veteran or through mistakes of their own. Either way the wannabe had to be, that he learned that the game was to be sold not told.

It’s believed the tradition of pimping in America can be traced to the freed slaves who capitalized on the white man’s lust for black pussy and over the years each new generation added rules to the game. A pimp can learn game but it’s a widely held belief in the community that a pimp is born not made.

Pimps, unlike what most people assume, don’t keep their women because of how good they are in bed. Pimping is a mental game and a pimp needs a razor sharp mind to control women who make a living out of separating men from their money. It’s not about violence either, using violence means you’ve run out of game. A true, by-the-book pimp  aims to solve all his problems through his pimping.

Contrary to popular belief, a ho is not forced into the game by a pimp, most ho’s are already planning on selling their body before she meets a pimp because she wants to ho. Forcing her into the game would be unsustainable because the pimp would eventually end up in jail for trafficking or have his ho run off when he’s not around. True by-the-book pimps don’t force women to do anything, women choose to be with them. This is hard for most people to believe.

A lot of people think the girl needs the pimp to protect her, and while the pimp does provide protection, it’s more of an illusion than a reality. The pimp spends most of his time away from the track, and doesn’t go anywhere near a girl and her john, the ho for the most part is on her own if anything happens and at best can call the pimp.

A lot of people don’t understand why a woman would become a ho. What they don’t realize is that for many pretty women with little education, hoing is their best option. She gets to feel like a star out on the track she gets to provide for her man and herself and she gets temporary love, attention and pleasure from the tricks. When her other option is a lifetime of working at burger king for minimum wage, it makes her decision a lot easier to understand. For more educated and well bred women they become the highest form of ho, the trophy wife.

Pimps and hos see the game everywhere, pimp owners selling dreams to employees in exchange for money, ho employee’s selling products to trick customers in exchange for money. The world is filled with pimps, hos and tricks and the elite pimp on all of us.To get a better understanding of the game we need to start with the history of pimping:

The History

The mythology of the pimp game begins with Adam and Eve, Adam being the first trick and Eve being the first ho, seducing him for an apple. The snake was the first pimp who convinced Eve to trick a man for his benefit. The domination of man by woman created original sin. Eve rebelled against Adam’s authority and both her and Adam paid the price.

By following Eve, Adam lost his manhood and has been struggling since then to regain it. This was the price to pay for man not being able to control his sex drive. Eve was created out of man to serve his needs and by rebelling, she realized she could control her lord through the eating of the apple, which is what Adam was because she was created out of his rib. After being expelled by God, man had to toil or work a chump job, and still does to this day.

The actual history of pimping can be traced to freed slaves who had no other way of making money outside of the underground economy. They knew their former masters still had a taste for black women so they started selling them. The pimp game was known as the sporting life, presenting the pimp as a gentleman of leisure, modeled on 19th century white aristocrats.

Pimps had a stable of women similar to an aristocrat owning horses or dogs for racing, he was a dandy who spent a lot of his day resting and dressing. To this day top quality whores are referred to as thoroughbreds or stallions, they also can be referred to as bitches because female dogs were also raced. The street where Hos work is called the track in reference to the racetrack. Over time the rules for managing women were developed and passed down orally with the first exposure of them to the public in Iceberg Slim’s seminal novel “Pimp”.

The height of the game was the 1970’s. After the civil rights movement, black men had more freedom and could enjoy the fruits of their labor more openly. But once the 1980’s hit the game began to change, with the rise of crack many hos and pimps succumbed to the drug and the increase in violent gangsters made it more difficult for pimps to earn money.

Since then, the rise of the internet has enabled many hos to make a living through outcalls online. Pimps have responded by cutting deals with hos. This has created a rift between old school pimps who accuse the younger generation of not pimping by the book.

The Game

The roots of the term game to describe guys who are good with women comes specifically from the pimp game, many of today’s pick up artist tactics and phrases are just watered down pimping. To the pimp, game represents everything in life, you can either play or get played depending on if you follow the rules of the game. In the game you’re either a pimp or a ho, a slave or a master, a boss or a worker. According to pimps everyone games everyone in american society. Game represents self interest or the true American religion: materialism.

In the pimp game a pimp gets a ho sprung not just on himself but on the game. That’s why a ho leaves a pimp and chooses another pimp, the game is that strong. Everyone involved is a slave to the game, slaves to fast money, slaves to the night life, slaves to street fame.

The Players

The Pimp

The motivations of the pimp are simple: money, power, freedom and women. The pimp gets independence and street fame as opposed to working a chump job for the white man. His motivations are understandable but his methods can be barbaric.

A pimp will sell dreams, use verbal abuse and sometimes physical abuse to keep his hos in line. The ruthless nature of the pimp is necessary to maintain a stable of ruthless women who specialize in separating men from their money. A ho will detect any weakness in a pimp, if he succumbs to the temptations of his women then he will be put in the trick category, a pimp has to be a god to his hos for his game to work effectively. A pimp never admits to a problem because a pimp has to be a god, and a god doesn’t have problems. In “The Pimp Game”, Mickey Royal says:

Your every detail will be noticed. She wants to make sure she has chosen correctly, so she will be closely looking for flaws and even testing you. She will try to anger you, love you, basically, get a rise out of you…A pimp is a God to a ho. Why? Because he can do what her father, mother, church, etc. can’t. He can deliver.

The pimp lives separately from his hos to maintain his power and strengthen his illusion, a pimp understands that familiarity breeds contempt and absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you can touch a god any time you wanted to then he isn’t a god. Contrary to popular belief, pimps don’t get their women hooked on drugs, because then the drugs would be pimping them and the dopeman would get their money. He gets the ho hooked on himself and on the game.

Once a ho chooses a pimp as her god, he owns her. Once a ho buys into his dream she receives the glory of being close to the light. She gets to ride in his car, escort him around, all the while her value is going up. The ho is addicted to dreams, and her belief in the pimp is costly, he can now take her to heaven or hell depending on what he wants from her. The pimp however doesn’t buy dreams, he sells them, because the pimp is addicted to reality.

Since the pimp knows that his hos live in constant pain, he finds the ho’s pain point and offers a solution, he takes her away from the pain. He takes her places that she’s never been, places that don’t resemble the nightmare called her life. This is why a pimp takes a turnout away from her family. Not only does it take her old painful life away but it reinforces her dependence on him, in her new life he is the only one she can rely on. The pimp turns her against the pillars of her world by taking her away from them, pillars like her mother, her religion, her siblings and her friends.

The pimp now becomes all those things for her and she will give her soul to him in order to receive his love and guidance. A ho is driven by her insecurities, the pimp finds what her insecurities are and uses them against her. Once he finds out what brings her pleasure, he uses this knowledge to keep her weak, humble and working. The pimp gives hos directions but she pays for the journey, he promises her a new life but the pimp never has to deliver.

A pimp is as outcome driven as he is process driven, meaning his rules and standards of game mean more to him than any ho. This is because he knows his pimping and reputation is the source of all his power. A pimp learns a ho has to choose him, if he tries to force her he diminishes his power and the ho runs off the first chance she gets. When she chooses it means she accepts all his rules and worships him as he is.

The pimp needs the same discipline as the dope dealer, he can sample his product he can never become addicted to it. That’s why a pimp rations his dick to his hos. He makes sure to get paid to fuck his hos, he won’t fuck a ho until after she pays her choosing fee or after she gives him his nightly trap. In return he becomes whatever she needs, be it a father, brother, protector, or lover.

To pimp effectively he has to control his desires, the only desire he can indulge openly and with abandon is the desire for power. The pimp has to keep his dick “in his pocket” which represents sexual control and the fact that his pocket is where the money is, he effectively flips the script on his hos making them the trick who pays for a fantasy being fulfilled. The pimp is the only man not immediately interested in sexual gratification, and that makes the ho respect him, in fact he becomes the only man she can respect as she eventually starts to see all men as tricks.

Once a pimp’s hold over a ho is complete a pimp receives 100% of a ho’s money. From a pimps point of view he justifies getting all of her money because she gets all of his pimping. He also takes massive risks knowing that he can be killed, land in jail or lose all his hos at any given time.

The pimp spends a large part of his earnings on his hos as well as on himself, not out of frivolity, but as a business expense, top tier hos will only be interested in the flashiest dressed pimps who drive the most tricked out rides. He also needs to keep his front up to catch new hos.

The Ho

The most difficult question for most people to understand is why a ho would pay a pimp all her money, Mickey Royal in “The Pimp Game” explains a ho like this:

the ho is the most difficult to understand..A ho is never happy, never satisfied. She is looking and searching for a world that doesn’t exist…She pays a pimp for entry into her fairytale world…The Ho – she doesn’t want money, she wants something intangible which she gets from her Man.

Many hos have little education and don’t want to be “liberated” to work minimum wage as waitresses or secretaries for 50 hours per week. It’s hard to believe for many why a woman would want to ho but to her it’s a fast life, it’s fast money and they get to feel like a star who provides for their man.

Even if a ho was to keep her own money she wouldn’t be able to manage it. The ho is fundamentally damaged, if she managed her own money she would work the bare minimum and spend everything on drugs, clothes and frivolous toys. Also a ho doesn’t want control over her life, that’s part of what makes her a ho. She wants to give that control to a man who will take care of her, that’s why a ho leaves a pimp for another pimp.

The ho loves her pimp because he is the only man who can have a relationship with a prostitute without judgement. In the ho’s mind the pimp is the first person who believed in her, who understood her and who convinced her they were heading for greatness together. Rosebudd in The American Pimp says:

Now when a girl chooses to become a ho, that’s her mentality. But they’re women before they’re hos. And most women want a relationship, a heterosexual relationship. When it comes to that she’s only going to be able to trust a pimp.

The ho loves the pimp because he constantly puts himself above her and she can’t love herself, love is an extremely powerful motivator. A parent will run into a burning building to save the child they love, people search their entire lives for a piece of something they can’t touch, tricks pay cash for it, hos pay an even higher price, their soul.

To the ho, the subconscious message to her brain is that HE has the power, the power to take her to heaven or hell, the power to make her laugh or cry, happy or sad whenever he pleases. A ho relinquishes emotional control to the pimp because she doesn’t want to control her life.

Women are notorious approval seekers, pimps rely on this to manipulate their hos. The pimp knows women subconsciously need masculine approval; so all he has to do is position himself so hos will seek his approval. Mickey Royal goes on to explain:

Then he can manipulate you at will. And even when a woman knows she’s being used or manipulated, if she’s feeling that man, and invested lots of time and emotion in him, she still will hang in there. This has nothing to do with esteem; it has everything to do with biology and psychology

Ho’s have a constant void in their life and welcome any distraction be it attention, love, drugs, drama, and sex. The pimp fulfills a ho’s needs she can’t get met anywhere else, Mickey Royal explains:

You’ll rarely see a woman just sitting in front of the TV after work with a beer and a sob story. Women want. …If there is a want, there’s an opportunity for macking and/or pimping.Women are never satisfied – They bore easily. Women crave danger.

The ho is enslaved by her desire and is the only one in the game who won’t have her fantasy fulfilled. A ho knows she is pimping off her customers and being a trick for her man, but she rationalizes according to her needs. Royal goes on to explain:

A prostitute gives a trick what he wants in exchange for what her pimp wants. What does she get? She gets that for which she has sold her soul be it love, respect, security or fame. And she gets this only from her pimp, maybe once she has delivered the spoils of her labor from the trick.

The downside of a ho’s adoration of the pimp is their eventual disillusionment with him and resentment of their constant work hours with little in return, similar to the common employee working to make his boss rich while he just gets by every month. A ho starts by loving a man and proving her worth but over time can develop hatred. Some masochism plus inertia are what keep her walking the line. Sweet Jones in Iceberg Slim’s “Pimp” describes a ho’s employee mentality like this:

Slim, all whores have one thing in common just like the chumps humping for the white boss. It thrills ’em when the pimp makes mistakes. They watch and wait for his downfall.

The Trick

Malcolm X explains a trick like this:

I had talked to too many prostitutes and mistresses. They knew more about a whole lot of husbands than the wives of those husbands did. The wives always filled their husband’s ears so full of wife complaints that it wasn’t the wives, it was the prostitutes and mistresses who heard the husbands’ innermost problems and secrets.

The trick is addicted to sexual fantasies, he pays for what a real man should get for free, that’s why a ho can’t respect him. The reason he’s called a trick is not because he pays for sex but because he pays for the illusion of the woman enjoying it. Trick relationships will almost always end because the man is damaged, he might be financially successful but his self esteem is low enough that he needs to buy a woman off the streets. A trick knows he is a trick but rationalizes according to his needs.

Pimps know that if a ho marries a trick she can never fully respect him due to his desperation and lack of understanding of her. He would have trouble with her past leading to fights, tension and angry outbursts with him ending up calling her a whore. A ho will never be able to love a trick.

The relationship between Ginger and Ace Rothstein in “Casino” is a perfect representation of a trick marriage. Ginger is an ex-whore and Ace is a successful, wealthy, high status businessman but she never loves or respects him because she always views him as a trick. He gives her everything in the world and she tries to live a square life but is desperately unhappy and ends up giving her money to her old pimp who she’s still in love with because he owns her mind.

The Rules 

Purse First, Ass Last

A ho can’t try you before she buys you, to be valued the pimp needs to receive his money up front. No one wants to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. The pimp can’t earn his price he has to cost it.  In “Pimp” Iceberg Slim receives this advice from his mentor: 

Slim, I hope you ain’t sexed that pretty bitch yet. Believe me, Slim, a pimp is really a whore who’s reversed the game on whores….A whore ain’t nothing but a trick to a pimp…Always get your money in front just like a whore.

A pimp makes sure he gets paid every day by his women, otherwise he becomes a trick to them. Pimps have a high amount of sexual discipline and try to keep sex with their hos to a minimum, they give their hos sex as a reward, in effect they’ve completely reversed the game on women. What the trick is to the whore, the whore is to the pimp: a customer. Using economic terms again, the pimp creates a scarcity mindset when it comes to letting whores have sex with him: he makes himself a scarce commodity and keeps his value high by having sex with his whores as little as possible.

Don’t Chase ‘Em, Replace ‘Em

By chasing, the pimp puts the ho in the driver’s seat, the secret to a pimps power is putting himself first. Pimps know the name of the game is cop and blow, he knows hos are fickle and he wants to get as much money out of her while he has her. This is why a pimp is constantly prospecting for new hos in the same way a salesman is constantly prospecting for new leads. As Rosebudd says:

Bitches leave for whatever reason or no reason, if you knew why she left you than you weren’t pimping, otherwise you would have handled that shit.

Hos Choose

The entire pimp game is based around hos choosing a pimp. A common misconception is that a pimp forces women to ho for them, in reality a woman has to choose a pimp and for her to be officially accepted into his stable she has to pay a choosing fee up front. The fee is at the pimp’s discretion but will generally range from $2,000 on up. The purpose of the choosing fee is to show that the ho is invested in the pimp and that she is prepared to continue to give him money. After a pimp runs game on a ho he will always ask her if she’s ready to choose.

Keep Your Front Up

This means a pimp needs to keep his style, swagger, car, house and game sharp at all times. Hos won’t give their mind, body and soul to the average square. A pimp has to set himself apart at all times.

Get A Rundown

This means once a ho has chosen a pimp she needs to be thoroughly interviewed for the position of ho. Her relationship with her parents, ex boyfriends, friends, sexual history, drug use – the pimp has to know everything about his ho. He has to know what motivates her, what causes her pain, what her insecurities are so he can use them to motivate her to produce for him. The more a pimp knows about a ho, the better he can manipulate her.

Break A Ho

Once chosen, a pimp has to break a ho down, similar to how the military breaks down recruits or employers train new employees. Mickey Royal says:

Only give a bitch power stares. Once chosen, you have to break a bitch down. This process is commonly known as knocking. You can’t take a wild tiger out of Africa, Friday and have him jumping through hoops at a circus Saturday.

Don’t Give A Ho Any Dough

This means the pimp gets 100% of a ho’s money. In return the pimp pays for everything in a ho’s life from rent to groceries but the pimp decides what, when, where and how much he gives her. Keeping the ho completely dependent on the pimp only enhances his power, it also keeps her from leaving because he knows that she needs to pay a choosing fee if she wanted to get with another pimp.

Let Your History Be A Mystery

That means a pimp doesn’t take a ho to his home or delve into any great detail about his life before pimping. A pimp wants to keep an air of mystery and let her project a fantasy backstory on to him.

Pimps Up Hos Down

A pimp thinks of himself as a lion, in the animal kingdom the lion does no hunting but is the first to eat. The lion’s sole responsibility is protection of his family from other predators, namely other male lions. The pimp always comes first and is always respected above his hos. It means a ho needs to act right and not get “out of pocket”, that means no looking or talking to other pimps without asking, it means a pimp is always right and a ho is expected to respect him at all times.

It means she’s expected to follow his program to the letter, that could be lighting his cigarette, pulling the chair out for him at a restaurant or whatever she’s been instructed to do. A pimp always puts himself first knowing that is the only way women will follow him, Iceberg Slim explains it like this: 

If the man doesn’t keep the upper hand, then the woman will take over. And then she doesn’t want him any more; she wants to try another challenge. Once she’s sure, once she’s ever sure of you.

Serving A Pimp

Serving is what’s required when a pimp takes or “knocks” another pimps’ ho. He does this by running game on a loose ho, if she responds by eye contact and talking to him he will try and get her to choose. If she gives him a choosing fee she’s now part of his stable. By pimp law he’s now required to call the other pimp and notify him, the pimp who got served is supposed to take the news with grace, give the new pimp a rundown on ho’s qualities and transfer the ho’s possessions.

If both pimps are pimping by the book then they should be able to have a gentlemanly conversation about it over a drink. Pimps that take serving badly are looked down on in the community. The only time a pimp won’t serve anoter pimp is if the other pimp is known as a gorilla. A Gorilla pimp is usually an ex gangster who relies on violence. They aren’t respected by true pimps and won’t be served because the pimp knows to expect violent retaliation against both him and his new ho.

A Pimp Only Loves Himself

A true pimp is only supposed to love himself and the game, as long as he puts himself first and follows the rules of the game he’s said to be pimping by the book. If he starts to develop feelings for a particular ho, he’s said to be leaking game. A pimp can’t afford falling in love with his hos because that weakness would allow him to be manipulated like a trick and will cost him hos and his money. A pimp gets high on pimping, a pimp’s true love is himself and the pimp game, falling in love with a ho is a luxury a pimp can’t afford.

Get A Bottom Woman

The bottom bitch is the pimps right hand. She has generally been with him the longest and is effectively the manager to his CEO position. She handles a lot of the day-to-day work with hos as well as training and recruiting new prostitutes. How much authority she is delegated depends on how loyal and capable she is. The bottom woman is usually in love with the pimp and dreams they will retire together and live a square life off of what they earned in the game.

Proper Instruction Brings Proper Production

Hos are lost little girls who believe the pimp will love and take care of them. Many hos choose a pimp because they can’t manage their money or their life and want someone else to. The ho depends on the pimp for daily instruction ranging from what to do with tricks, how to make more money to how to acheive her life goals. The ho lives and dies by the pimp’s direction and instruction, sometimes literally.

Keep Hoes on Their Toes

That means to keep her the pimp has to tell her something new every day, to give her game every day. She has to respect his intellect as much as his other attributes and by constantly telling her something new you’re constantly keeping yourself above her on a mental level.

A Ho Joins A Stable to Ruin It

In the same way employees secretly love to undermine their boss and rivals, hos secretly love to undermine their pimp and each other. In “Pimp”, Iceberg Slim receives this advice from his mentor Sweet Jones:

Slim, a pretty Nigger bitch and a white whore are just alike. They both will get in a stable to wreck it. They’ll leave the pimp on his ass with no whore. You gotta make ’em hump hard and fast.

No Money But Ho Money

A true by-the-book pimp prides himself on earning all his income solely from prostitution. He views other hustles as either too dangerous or beneath his pay grade and a pimp would never demean himself by working a square job because then he would be pimped on by someone else.

Check Her

A ho will test her man to prove that he’s different from the tricks, to prove that he’s above her so she can worship him. Like all women she will fight her man for power but doesn’t actually want it. If a pimp fails to check a ho properly she’ll find another pimp who will. A good pimp is able to check a woman without using violence, by resorting to violence it means a pimp has run out of game.

A Pimp Can Only Move Up

The ho needs to live in a pimp’s reflective glory, outside of maybe a pimp’s bottom woman, the average ho won’t stay with a pimp when things go badly, she’ll get knocked quick by a bigger and better pimp. A better car, a bigger house, better clothes, more money, A pimp can only move up not down.

Sell The Dream

A pimp gets a ho hooked on the game. That’s why a ho leaves a pimp and chooses another pimp, the game is that strong. A ho is always searching, she’s driven by her insecurities and desire to complete herself. In the same way the boss of a company sells an employee on money and status a pimp sells a ho in the same way. He dangles the carrot of money, cars, excitement, street fame and companionship. Mickey Royal goes on to explain:

And he can do what her father, mother, church, etc. can’t, he can deliver. A ho is in lust of a fantasy and that is one of the reasons a pimp can take all. He takes her away from her life of pain with dreams of a new one. A pimp doesn’t believe in dreams he sells them.

Know When To Fire A Ho

The pimps power comes from putting himself first. It means he holds himself to a higher standard and expects others to as well, that’s why he always has to be ready to fire a ho who won’t respect his program. This is the ultimate punishment for a ho, worse than violence or emotional abuse. Most pimps are reluctant to fire a top moneymaker but will do so if she crosses a line with him.

How The Pimp Game Explains The Material World

The world is filled with pimps and ho’s. Pimps in the form of wealthy families and their agents sit at the top of the banking/governmental/industrial complex. The rest of us underneath are hoing for them through interest, debt, wage slavery and taxes, unfortunately that’s a situation we have to except.

Most men are caught in a web of sold dreams, from marriage to patriotism to their job. Even in their dreams most men are hos, dreaming about becoming a professional athlete. The athlete is drafted by his owner who works him until he drops while the rabid fans trick off on star worship believing that they have an effect on the team’s success. The athlete will take his hoing international putting himself and his owners brand on billboards and advertisements.

The athlete holds on to fading glory past what his body can handle because he’s addicted to the game. In the same way a ho leaves a pimp for another pimp, an athlete leaves an owner for another owner. 

A human being was not evolved to work a desk job for 50 hours a week, but we’ve been programmed to do just that, and have been sold a dream so hard that we focus our whole lives on advancing our level of servitude. Moving from account manager to division manager from associate to VP makes no difference, you are still hoing.  If you work a job, your boss is your pimp, you are a ho, if you believe one word he tells you about your future that is not you being a wage slave then you are buying a dream. Mickey Royal explains:

The C.E.O has made a decision to put aside everything in his life in order to build his company(stable), his relationship with his wife, his kids, they all suffer for him to pursue his pimping. To become a pimp you have to leave the square world (job) and enter the life (hustle, your own business).

When you go back to work tomorrow recognize the game for what it is, the owner is your pimp, your division manager is his bottom woman who keeps the place running for an extra $15,000 a year, and you are the ho. You live month to month with nothing to show for it.

The boss plays his ho’s against each other just like the pimp, seeing who has the highest sales figures, leveraging competition and jealousy. And in the same way a ho doesn’t want to manage her own life an employee’s main reason for not starting a business is simply inertia or not wanting to manage the necessary headaches. People can’t figure out why a ho chooses a pimp yet they still report every Monday morning for a 50 hour work week and call another man their boss.

Leaders are born not made. Our elite pimp a dream, knowing if they control the alpha male they control society. Man is a natural leader in relationships. If you’re a frustrated follower that’s because you need to lead, you were born to lead. This advice isn’t for everyone, the world needs followers, but if you’re reading this site, you aren’t one.

A soldier will fight and die in a foreign country for $50,000 a year so our elite can control more oil and territory because he believes in a dream. That’s how strong pimping is, compared to his sacrifice what a ho does for her pimp is nothing. You need to remember your government and your employer do not have your best interests at heart, they are your pimp and you are their ho.

Do you have a boss? You’re a ho
Do you have to ask your boss for vacation time that should be rightfully yours? You’re a ho
Do you have team spirit and believe in “your” companies’ mission? You’re a ho
Do you believe your retirement will be your golden years? You’re a ho
Are your resources dependent on what another man chooses to give you? You’re a ho

Hos believe in dreams, you need to believe in yourself. Ho’s need someone to manage their life, their business, their finances, you only need yourself. If you’re not a pimp then why play the game, only a king enjoys the castle, a slave is still a slave, even in a nice castle.

This doesn’t mean you should exploit or lie to others, but it means you damn sure won’t ho for others that do. You can work independently, hire contractors or have employees that you treat well. It’s sad how most people will be lifelong slaves, many not even knowing it, but that can’t be you, you will claw, kick and scratch your way out. Working for someone else, calling them boss, grovelling for your free days each year, that’s no way for a man to live his one life.

There are plenty of people who can handle that arrangement, but if you’re reading this blog, that’s not you. Once that is burned into your head you’ll realize that working for someone is no longer an option and you will do whatever it takes for your freedom. The only thing worse than being a ho is being a trick, being a trick means you don’t pay for your dreams with just your time, you pay for them with your time and your money.

Do you take your hard earned wage slavery money and buy status symbols? You’re a trick
Do you argue over which party to support in “your” country? You’re a trick
Do you spend your free time supporting “your” team? You’re a trick
Do you go agree to a lifetime of debt slavery for a house you can’t afford?You’re a trick

You need to recognize your trick tendencies and control them. Being a trick means you get sold dreams by pimps and hos. From the government, to teachers, to advertisers to the media you’re being sold dreams on how to think, how to live, and how to act. Don’t think that any of it isn’t deliberate, that we have less propaganda than other countries from other time periods. We are raised as Cultural Marxists at the shrine of personal materialism dictated by wealthy elites, enforced by the government, police and corporatocracy.

How The Pimp Game Explains Relationships

Iceberg Slim relates the pimp philosophy to square relationships in an interview with The Washington Post like this:

My theory is that some quantum of pimp in every man would perhaps enhance his approach to women…Because I think it’s a truism that women gravitate to a man who can at least flash transient evidence of heelism. . . Women are prone to masochism, anyway.

In the pimp’s mind, the average man is brainwashed to be pussywhipped starting with their mother training them to be a “gentleman”. To accept female dominance as the natural order of things with women controlling the goals of the family and the purse strings. Women are able to do this by withholding sex or affection because men are weak-minded and sexually undisciplined. The man’s masculinity has been subverted and exhausted by working a chump job all day. The husband becomes a trick in his marriage and outside of it, seeking prostitutes or internet porn for what he’s not getting from his wife.

Pimps believe men live in a covert matriarchy with the man being the head and the woman being the neck. In the “Anatomy of Female Power”, Chinweizu explains:

Men had the power to wage wars and make money, but women had the power to reap all the benefits of war and money without having to take any of the risks or doing the heavy lifting. Such is the male ego to believe their form of power is the most important form of power and status, the only one that matters.

Pimps believe that women have a naturally higher sex drive but through sexual control taught to her by her mother, she is able to enslave men to provide for her offspring. She is taught to save herself for the highest bidder, the generous guy who will treat her right. Women’s concern with offspring and security spills over into wanting to dominate menMen don’t just “give” power to women, women actively and traditionally take it through superior mental moves. When it comes to sexual games, men are still playing checkers while women have always been playing chess.

Even in post-feminist society most of these realities hold true. Women aren’t financially dependent on men any more, but try going on a date and paying dutch, or wait for a woman to handle the bill, it’s not going to happen. Despite feminist rhetoric, women were never slaves to their husbands, but now women are slaves to faceless corporations who make them work 50 hours a week and don’t love them. When a boat sank it wasn’t slaves first to the lifeboats, it was women and children, women are and have always been treated better than men.

Feminism teaches women to try to chase a male ideal of power, money and status. To forsake their traditional power base, which is the cradle and the kitchen. For a small minority of dominant, non-maternal women this is a better system but not for the average women. She now has to work a low paying slave job for 50 hours a week and then come home and raise children while our elites get two slaves per household instead of one.

The post-feminist man is still a trick and even less pimpish then his macho predecessor, the result is the new feminist man who has been bullied, guilt-tripped and ego-bashed into a shell of a man who is ashamed to be masculine. Women now have equal material power and still have all their traditional sexual power and privilege. This gives the average woman much more power and entitlement than the average man.

Women also have less sexual interest in the post feminist man making them less happy in relationships than ever as evidenced by a 50% divorce rate. This makes men and women unhappy. Men because their needs aren’t being met and their manhood is being eroded. Women because they don’t really want to control a man, once they do they lose respect for him and want to replace him with a new challenge.

The pimp believes, in the natural order of things that woman is a student of man who injects her with direction. Women are placed here by God to please man. Men can resist her will to dominate by strength of mind, as well as purpose and control of his sex drive.

A pimp programs a woman to be lucrative as a reflection of him while resisting her seductive domineering tendencies. Her wish to dominate is diminished by spending her energy on tricks. Pimps believe women should attach themselves to a man, love his greatness and be happy to help raise children. He thinks that without a man they become mannish freaks fucking anything. Woman will test for control but once she gets it she won’t want him any more and will look for a new man.

Pimps reverse the typical female-male sexual dynamic back on the woman by withholding sex and approval from the woman and doling it out as a reward for good behavior and compliance, something most men don’t have the self-discipline to do. Pimps withhold sex from prostitutes more than they actually have sex with them.

They view woman’s greatest gift is submission and man’s greatest gift is control. A woman’s power comes from withdrawing sex which men value more, a man’s from withdrawing the relationship which women value more, when a man adds sexual control to his repertoire it increases his power greatly. A pimp holds the keys to both and withdraws them whenever it suits him.

Pimps nullify the two most common avenues of female soft power: the motherhood dynamic and the sexual reward dynamic. A pimp knows a woman will fight him to the death for power, but once she gets it she will lose interest and move on to another pimp. It’s the same with square women, they might not leave the man but they won’t be happy with him and will spend a lifetime nagging him to pick up his socks.

Does your girlfriend tell you what to do? You’re a ho
Does your life revolve around your girlfriends’ agenda of social events and ikea? You’re a ho
Does your wife work you to death so she can stay at home and spend your money? You’re a ho

Unless you want to be a ho, you need to be a leader. I’m not telling you to abuse or exploit women, quite the opposite, treat them well but put yourself first. You need to have the mentality of a leader. As a man it’s your job to lead. There is no such thing as equality in relationships, only a leader and a follower, you need to be that leader.

If a man can get seven women to sell their body and bring him all the money, you can get one woman to believe in you and your life goals. If she’s not into that then she won’t choose you. If she doesn’t act right, you check her. If she wants to lead, cut her loose and let her find a beta male for that.

She’s either the ho or you are. She’s either a part of your program or you’re a part of hers. You can either worship or be worshiped. Women only love up, for her to truly love you, you need to put yourself first. If you don’t put yourself first, neither will she. If you don’t love yourself first, neither will she. Having standards and holding to them is more important than holding on to any girl. Always be willing to let her go, she needs to be more invested then you, any time she’s not it will cost you your power.

Get her to pay a choosing fee, she doesn’t have to pay you but she has to be invested, physically, mentally and emotionally. A relationship with you has to be earned, make her prove her devotion before you commit. If you have to wine and dine her just to keep her around then she’s not for you. She has to be behind your life plan and willing to accept your leadership.

Be a leader in your life, don’t ho or trick for anybody. Recognize game, understand that politicians, corporations, bankers and the media are pimping on you. Don’t buy the dreams they sell you. Recognize women will always be running game on you and testing your leadership, don’t believe the dreams they sell you.

If you want to get your life together you need to become become a leader in your thoughts, actions and words – across aspects of your life. Because when you don’t, you put someone else in the driver’s seat of your life. So be a leader and live life on your terms.

  1. Thanks Naz, glad you liked it. Absolutely, thats how it felt for me when I first started piecing it all together.

  2. About a year ago I started getting on social network’s more often. Because I’m pretty I knew that if I wanted something I could have it. So I’d post statuses about who wanted to come smoke me out (come smoke your weed with me) well in the process I started talking to this pimp named Mak i didnt know he was a pimp till he came and saw me and immediately sold me a dream “baby I’m going to the top I want you to go with me. ” meanwhile he had a a girl named Shay riding him around when he’d come to my house. he would always bring weed cause i wanted him to and sometimes alcohol. i knew he was full of shit cause i felt it and he wasnt to good at runnin game i saw right through it and wasnt down with the i fuck and pay him all my money type shit but even knowing that he just made me feel a certain way I’d get excited to see him i loved his touch and hugs but would never let him have sex with me cause I knew it was all a game One night he slipped up and got to drunk and i went through his phone and saw the pimp shit it name me mad but he was still all on me like I was the baddest but the morral of the story is that I think he got into my head cause it’s like he knows when I think of him and he’s been on my mind lately he texts me I don’t text back cause I slipped up and had unprotected sex with him one time and he had gave me something Thank God there was medicine that cleared it up but when I told him he acted so stupid and sorry but through it all he acted as if he was falling for me he didn’t understand where the feelings were coming from I saw it as bullshit. well lastnight i had this dream and he was in it. It was so entense that I want to write a book about itidk what to make of it all

  3. I discovered your site through GLL. This is a challenging article. I see truth in it, and I also recognize what turned me off about old school e.g. Mystery method game: it’s easy with this mindset to develop resentment for women based on the notion that we must contend with them at all times. I don’t think you’re advocating that but hopefully you understand where I’m coming from. Maybe my read reflects inexperience (which I’m not ashamed to admit), and I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  4. Hey Dubls, thanks for your input, I’m glad you brought these points up and absolutely understand where you’re coming from, some of these red pill truths seem really harsh at first. Unfortunately nature has devised two conflicting strategies between men and women which means that although we want to cooperate with them we do have to contend as well. Nature designed for men to seek a variety of sexual partners to impregnate and for women to find the highest ranking mate or mates to have children with and provide for her. Unfortunately when a man shows too much interest by putting her first she views him as lower ranking and loses interest. She feels most deeply for Alpha males who keep themselves just out of reach. The pimp understands this on a deep level, thats how he is able to have 6 or 7 women sell their bodies and bring him all the money, they understand the world is a hierarchy, a woman can only love a man who outranks her and continues to outrank her, this is her evolutionary strategy to find superior genes and resources ideally in the same man, which is what the pimp provides. There is a balance, you can give women lots of affection as long as its clear you put yourself first, you should always be focusing on yourself and your mission as your number 1 priority. Women are like a drug, you can enjoy them when you have discipline and emotional control, when you don’t its just as easy to spiral out of control. You need to get high on yourself and your mission first and view everything else as a nice bonus, once you truly internalize this you can enjoy everything in life including women.

  5. This like every thing and more that the late Patrice O’Neal speaks and teach about on “The Black Phillip Show”

  6. This is a profound article! Bravo!

    This cuts through all the redpill and pua bullshit and just lays out the facts. You’re either a pimp, ho, or a trick. Jesus, the implications to this are astounding. I would imagine most people would read this and get super butthurt.

  7. Thanks Tate, glad you understood it. You’re right, I hesitated to post this at first because I thought people might take it as misogyny or justification for exploiting women. But its good to see there are sharp guys like you out there who get it.

  8. Hey so I just wanted to let you know that I am a women who just recently got introduced to all this pimp daddy and hoe stuff but when I read your article it spoke to me its so true about what I feel like about how men give up there power and then the women moves on its so true I always thought something was wrong with me but its my nature I’m a smart girl and I got to say I’m still amazed by what this is going to feel like I’m kind of excited can you tell me more?

  9. Thanks, and yep thats how nature has designed things, women are not hardwired to be attracted to beta males. As far as what its going to feel like I’m not quite sure what you mean here.

  10. Well shit … Can’t say I expected work of this quality in an article on ‘pimping’, but you make some surprisingly cogent points… Well done…

  11. Hey Will gotta say your analysis of the human condition is correct, we are no better than the animals. However i would also like to say true love exist and marriage is a holy union in God’s eyes. There is actually 2 world’s the physical and spiritual. Humankind has fallen to sin, temptations of the flesh leads us to our animalistic behaviour. Human being’s were also created in the image of God enableing us to have a moral code. Human being’s may to choose to be led by the spirit or succum to Satan as our parents Adam and Eve did.

  12. Thanks man I appreciate it. I agree with you that there are two worlds, the physical, ruled by the most ruthless and materialistic, and the spiritual, the source of the physical world but beyond any description. I agree that we have a choice on what to focus on, this world, our source or keep a balance of both, this is how I like to live. I think true love in a romantic sense exists but like all emotions, its fleeting and conditional, based and maintained on sexual market value. Love is our natural state, its the state of the source/nirvana/self/heaven/bliss, beyond description and that’s what we look for from girls, drugs, status etc.

    I look at the religious myths as allegories to illustrate our true nature. I think that’s a really important distinction because it means we can look at the world rationally, with cold blooded analysis but also believe in more than the materialism/nihilism we’re taught now. It also means you can believe in evolution but also learn from the religious traditions.

  13. So basically all women are hos? Aren’t there some women that prefer to be a pimp and some men act like hos?

  14. Am i nieve to believe that there is such a thing as unconditional love between two human beings.

  15. I’m not a hoe but the guy I’ve been seeing for a year Is a pimp he don’t ask me to work for him and he only gets 200 a month from me he says he don’t want me to work for him as a hoe and that he has hoes for that so why does he keep me around I don’t have much to offer him why does he try so hard to keep me around when I say I don’t want to be with him

  16. Will in the previous post from Jan 14 you said because he’s running game on you what does that necissarily mean?

  17. What I mean by that is the pimp in question is using game on the girl who made the comment and is conditioning her to ho for him. She said she’s not a ho but was only giving him $200 a month, he’s already getting some money from her, the amount means nothing to him, its the gesture that’s important because he’s conditioning her to give him all the money. He knows she’s not ready to ho yet so he’s selling her on a semi relationship because one to make her feel special compared to his ho’s, he gives her exactly what she needs to justify being with him. Instead of running hard game off the start which would blow her out, he’s running deep and long game to get her emotionally invested enough that she’ll do anything for him and at that point he’s going to turn her out. Everything he has said and done to her since the second he met her was in an effort to turn her out because that is what pimp’s do. I would say judging by the fact that she’s already paying him, has been seeing him for a year while knowing he’s a pimp, and is searching out material about pimping online that there is an 80% at least that he’s going to turn her out.

  18. Thank you very much man for the read, you see ive always felt like a pimp, but i feel that my father has been burying this side of me my entire life, i cant see him like a real man, like a rolemodel, i know my mom has cheated on him several times with men you discribe here, and he is still there, ive also seen him fail miserably at the game with other women, women taking advantage of him and the little money he has.
    as a teenager i used to go harsh on him, speaking him about putting himself first, but then he likely convinced me that his way was the way to be.
    Now i see myself as depressed as i see him when he comes home, and im triying my best to keep believing in myself, but everytime i see him i feel like thats my destiny.
    I also seem to control the situation in home ( with my mom and sister, wich are very difficult to treat, always fighting) better than him, damm my mom even listen my advices more than my dad.
    Ive also notice a long time ago that my sister and mom respond only when i treat them “unmercifully” with the true always harsh, and often rude, but outside my family, if i behave like this, i end up felling like a joke.
    I know one guy that i feel he understands whats going in my mind in college, even when i act chill all the time, i think he knows my struggle, and i feel myself at the brink of being bullied by this guy, even tho he might be the only person who i really feel identified with.
    I feel like the only way to progress in my life is to get out of home and stop being a hoe of my own family, but the econmical situation is difficult, and i see a lot of people doing good with their families, so i guess its just me.
    The worst of all, my father has been the best father someone could have.
    It hurts me that my father sees me as a friend, as an equal, when in reality i pitty him.

  19. Hey man, that’s an unfortunate situation you’re in. You’re right in that your dad should not be a role model for you, unfortunately the women in your family don’t respect him or each other for that matter. I would limit your contact with them as much as possible and focus on getting a stable job, 3 months rent saved and moving out as soon as you can. Forget about the economic situation, there is always money out there for guys who are willing to work hard. Blue collar jobs pay well in any economy and if you can master a trade its an easy step towards setting up your own business. Listen to your instincts and be a leader in your life.

  20. Hate to admit this as a man but I fell in love with literally a hoe. My instincts have made me put her on a throne

    and I can honestly say it made her dislike me and disrespect daily. My instincts had me believing that if I bought

    her more gifts and supported her despite her occupation then she would see how great I was and yet all of her

    ex boyfriends treated her terrible but those were the men she gave the leadership role too. Reading this article

    was tough to read and honestly opened old wounds but sometimes the truth is good for us. I have nobody

    to blame but myself and it stings but please believe it was a reason I found this article and I read it when I feel

    myself losing a grip on the reality of how men and women work in a relationship. I thank you deeply for putting

    this article out and speaking the true realities of how the game breaks down. Its sad but nice guys really do

    finish last if you go about being nice in a doormat type of way. I’m learning daily what putting myself first truly

    means because I get confused about that vs. being a selfish guy. Its crazy because in my 20’s I treated women

    bad and they always gave me the keys to the ship and I’ve gotten older and changed those ways and all I have

    got is women treating me like I have no value and I can be replaced easily. Man this shit is insane but I refuse

    to run from reality. Thanks for reading this.

  21. Good man, that’s the perfect attitude to have. It’s a sign of a real man to take accountability for your mistakes and work on not making them in the future and you should congratulate yourself for getting to that point. Every man in the world has been caught slipping by a girl the important thing is not making the same mistake twice.

    Unfortunately that is the reality, nice guys do finish last. As far as putting yourself first, you need to be selfish. Being self actualized means being selfish. You have one life and you need to live it for yourself, as long as you’re not hurting others that is your natural right as a man. I put my self interest over everyone else in my life. If I can’t take care of myself, how can I take care of them. Remember, women can only love up, by putting her on a pedestal you’re putting yourself below her, put yourself on a pedestal and watch her love you for it.

    Now that’s not to say you should be an asshole to women. I treat the women in my life very well with lots of affection but believe me she is getting checked at the first sign of disrespect and if she keeps it up she’s getting dismissed. Its ok to buy her things on occasion but she has to prove her loyalty and love first. Put yourself first, make sure you’re happy and your needs are being met, treat her well but put your foot down the second she does something you don’t like and always be willing to move on.

  22. I’ve never read anything about this subject before, not sure how I ended up on this site, but somehow, like it was built into my DnA, the article resonated with me and now I feel rejuvenated; it’s like a breath of fresh air that there are others out there that believe as I always have and reinforces those believes. I am now going to purchase one of Iceberg Slim’s books. Great article, profound no doubt, and thank you for writing it.

  23. Bro, you just made me open my eyes! It’s crazy because as the more i read the more i was able to relate to everyday situations. Salute to a real P, 10 toes down.. 916

  24. There IS such a thing as an equitable relationship, if not an equal one, one leads, the other has veto power, one is respected and the other cherished, one is the thinker/planner and the other’s emotions and feelings are taken into consideration by the thinker/planner. Women may want a leader but not necessarily an autocrat. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

  25. Agreed, equal in terms of respect, but unequal in terms of power, otherwise that leads to constant fighting. Being able to voice objections is good as well except it should be reserved to medium to major decisions, otherwise it’s backseat driving. The ideal is a strong, capable and kind captain paired with a loyal, capable and devoted first mate taking on the world together. And yes with power comes responsibility and that means loving and taking care of your woman. The difference between leadership and tyranny is love, kindness and valuing your partners happiness.

  26. Will,

    Very profound article, as others have said. The subject matter is probably a turn off to many but if you read it completely, a lot of things come to make sense.

    Some of the points you made about the dynamics of male / female interaction were spot on, and some that I’ve experienced personally. I was married once, played around with another woman (who, according to her, was turned on the moment I walked into the room), got caught, the other chick found out, and instead of the divorce on one end and the fuck you on the other…although I had played both, I found myself somewhat bemused to see them fighting over me. Hard. Mind you, these weren’t hood rats…they were both highly educated, successful adults with careers and incomes to their own. They didn’t need me…but they both sure did want me. In my relationship with both of them, I would defer to them at times, allow them to “steer the ship”, if you will…but I never bent my neck to them. Ever. The way I viewed it, even those times when I was, for lack of a better word, taking a backseat, it was on MY terms and under MY conditions…so although I had delegated things a bit, I never really gave up control.

    For those reading, I hope that the above doesn’t come across as was just an amazing situation to observe and even more amazing, years later, to read an article that explains why women are driven to do shit like that and what men do that creates an environment like that.

    Well done.

  27. Thanks man. Yep that’s not surprising at all, when you’re a high value guy women will fight to keep you. When you’re a low value guy they will divorce you because you leave the toilet seat up.

  28. I too have to thank you for sharing this very valuable information. It’s not just a Pimping primer, it’s also a Life primer. One question though. Can a Pimp ever allow a ho back into his stable once she’s chosen to leave?

  29. Thanks my man, that’s it exactly. An actual pimp almost always will unless he fired her, because she’s just a dollar sign to him. As for the regular guy, I would usually say no. The only time I will is if I’m seeing a girl casually or in a mltr and she goes and finds someone to be monogamous with. I can respect that she wants different things but 90% of the time those girls come back when they get bored of the guy.

  30. I’m a woman, and I agree with your view that a man should lead. I can never respect a man who will get nervous over petty things. But I do believe in respect. I am okay being submissive but I’m Not okay being abused and controlled. I’m okay being there to support a man when he needs it ( a pat on a back when he needs it), but I do demand some respect, like he does not have to act like a horny dog as you’ve put it in the article that a man is born to have sexual variety. May I ask one question, if a man is born to have sexual variety, why would women feel hurt when he goes on sleeping with other women? And why would in all his hormonal drive to impregnate every pretty women he sees, he still knows and feels the pain his women will undergo if he gets “hormonal”? He understands a woman feeling, meaning he is not born to ” manipulate” women mentally in order to keep them. He is a dominant in nature but he carries with him a compassion, that with a right woman, he won’t be afraid to show. yes he needs to know his worth, he needs to know the game but he does not need to play it dirty. A real man plays it fair, and a grown up woman gives her fair share also. He should believe in himself, yes he should have that confidence that he can make things happen, that he can be a woman’s everything. But a woman is not born a hoe. She should be a pimp in her own way. She should create herself a necessity to him, without losing herself. She is not born to be mastered and dictated. She is born to love,she is born to make things lighter to a man who thinks that this world is a hard place to live, she is the lost piece of a pimp man who is sold out to the idea that he should manipulate in order to be a man. I think for me the natural dynamic of things is lost when both parties fail to see beyond their own needs.

  31. I agree with most of what you say. Relationships work better with men leading and as you say one of a woman’s best qualities is making things lighter for a man. I agree that a good leader is loving and respectful to his partner but he also has to check her when she is disrpespectul. Discipline is part of good leadership. As for sexual variety, man is born with a taste for sexual variety and so is woman, marriage is a compromise where both people repress themselves for the sake of building a family.

  32. Wow – incredible article.

    True story – I googled “Are all the black girls that give me eye contact prostitutes?”

    And got this incredible blog post – again wow – can’t believe I’m a fucking ho….

    Shit’s going to change – STAT.

  33. Thanks man! Some of the stuff it’s so deep and awesome i would read it one more time just to have it burned in my brain.

  34. WOW! I’m 45 years old – traveled the world and thought I knew things relevant to how a REAL leader is suppose to act, feel, and conquer while using good judgment. I have never read anything remotely this close in my leadership classes.

    Well, I take that back- in my business classes I have – but not leadership courses. Anyway, WELL DONE my friend! This is the type of writing that should be “required reading” once you graduate highschool. I loved this article so much , I shared it with all my Greek brothers – and a few sisters.

    Finally, I have to admit – I have been ALL THREE at some point in my life, I can truly say I’ve been a PIMP for several years…. And will NEVER trade places for any other title. YOU MY FRIEND, just woke me up from a loooonng slumber.


  35. P Maintain from Memphis main, wanna say Salute to you Will and everyone who had questions and comments. Im a real P and I love people, life and the game. I have mad respect for women and I love the challenges this life brings with it. I would like to say I hope the positive power of attraction blesses you all and for those who believe in God may he bless you to make the best decisions and learn from the mistakes made!!! LIFE IS GOOD, lets make it better…GREAT READ, and to all who enjoyed this the Power and Purpose of Man by Myles Munroe is a positive read about men and women…

  36. Powerful, explosive and visionary. These observations are painfully, horribly true: the system of the world you always suspected but were too disillusioned to have confirmed…

  37. Will,

    Great article. Broke it down very clear & simple. My question to you is, what books do you recommend reading on this topic?

  38. Thanks Rob, I would recommend Pimp by Iceberg Slim, Black Players by the Milnersa and The Pimp Game by Mickey Royal. I don’t support the ethics behind it but the knowledge is really deep.

  39. My man Will. Why are you putting so many squares on game, this is handed down and not free…now it won’t be handled properly

  40. WOW. I’m a middle-aged, and I learned so much from your article. The perfect article: Long enough for thorough understanding-Yet powerful enough to retain ones attention. Thanks for the science Will.

  41. Man, I’ve been waiting years to hear someone to break down the truth. I’ve known this intuitively all my life.

    As a dating coach, I’m always telling my clients that they have to place their dreams, desires, and wishes ahead of women, not because they’re cruel, but because women, by nature, like to follow.

    Much respect, Will, much respect.


  42. The real deal….concise, clear and uplifting for the downtrodden male.! A welcome, “breath-of-fresh-air” from the Ozzie and Harriet post war “puke-a-thon” lifestyle road map.! Thanks, Will Freeman.!

    Bob Page

  43. Confidence…does one become selfish than obtain it, or does one need to fake it first and then everything comes in the place? plz help me.

  44. Confidence is something that comes after you’ve done something. Feel the fear and do it anyway and eventually confidence will come. For now just act confident and fake it till you make it.

  45. When I read things of this nature It makes me question whether women will ever escape the grips of oppression and tyranny of Patriarchy.

    In the social construct of the current society that we live in, everything that you have stated is spot on. Which is all the more depressing as a woman. Somehow, men have deduced our nature to codependency needing their guidance of discipline to make us feel whole and worthy.

    I don’t see balance in what you have stated. Maybe its because I have witnessed relationships where people don’t give up their souls in the process to worship and live for the other person.

  46. Living in Vegas for the last 5 years, I’ve seen a lot of stuff relating to prostitutes and pimps. reading this great article really put a lot of things in perspective. Great read bud. 916 to 702

  47. I think what you have said here is very true and it has a lot to do with human nature. It’s just the way things are. There are many different cultures and socialites in the world and I believe the same types of pimps, hos and tricks as you have described here are found every where. There are alphas and there are betas as you mentioned and humans seemed to be exploited by one or the other in all endeavors of trying to reach nirvana here on earth. An impossible reality. There is no social justice and life really isn’t fair no matter what. And, I think it’s good to realize that. How you choose to live with in the constricts of human nature, whether happy or sad, is all that matters.

  48. Bang on Fredrick, great points there especially that there is no social justice. The social justice warriors et. al are chasing a dream. For the entire history of civilization people have been trying to create heaven on earth. They see the world it “should be” instead of the way it really is.

  49. Just found your site and this article was the truth. Went through some of the things mentioned where I lost myself I was being the man that I know that I am and went through the break up. Now refocused on me again doing my thing. Seeing how by establishing yourself again by not chasing after these damaged women they come back trying to maintain some connection to you.

  50. Will, can you offer any insight on how the drug game bisects with the pimp/ho game? What I mean is that some years back, when I was in a dark place in my life, I found myself getting high in the City for days on end. I was one of the lucky ones to make it out, suffering only an empty wallet and apartment but during my time t I saw a steady stream of women, many of em square white girls from the suburbs, getting sucked up into that scene and being transformed into a ho (or at the least they sucked a few dicks when they needed to get high). Now, obviously drugs and dope make people do stupid things but it was more that, the fellas knew how to play these women and play them they did. Sometimes it took a while to wear her down but these guys pulled those strings like puppeteers. Unfortunately I was too busy doing other things and didn’t give my full attention to watching the process. Can you offer any insight into this game?

  51. AI, I can’t give a ton of insight on that because it’s not my scene. What I can say is that true old school pimps don’t let their girls touch anything besides weed. That’s because they don’t want her giving her money to the dopeman instead of to him, and true old school pimps don’t push drugs. They were smart enough to know the risks that come with the drug game and avoid them. They also view their girls as employees and like any boss they don’t want their employees getting high because it’s going to affect their profitability.

  52. The information is strictly prohibited to those not built for the game. I won’t soup up the lames here, old girl talking about she just realized social media can be her track, shit baby you need to choose leave the thinking to us. Digg? I’m here to say this. I’m the youngest VANILLA TRUE ever BORN, from the place that Stagger Lee made an able stable, and the game was always good to me. Chuuch

  53. Will, to be honest, thanks alot. A great article it is. I’m just this Nigerian lad who is so grateful to have seen this! Once again Freemen, thanks alot!

  54. Hello,

    My teenage son shared this article with me, knowing that since I am a Life-Health-Relationship Coach and Energy Healer, I could relate and comprehend the truths of your words.
    Many of the points of your article run parallel to David Deida’s book, The Way of the Superior Man, except he uses more esoteric and spiritual terms.
    Wonderful share!

  55. i wholeheartedly agree with your analogy of square employment, debt, corporate world as pimps/hos/tricks.

    I’m curious how to play this analogy against independant contracting, in this case as a hairstylist. I’d oftentimes thought of my position as the pimp, hoe and trick simultaneously or phasing either at various times.

    As the hair “pimp” – selling the dream of luxurious hair/stylish cuts to clients to get that money; then as the hoe, working tirelessly to keep my internal pimp happy, getting return clients; then as the trick, spending money on that “look” or the latest techniques to get or hold the attention of potential clients, beat out other stylists, etc.

    My question then would be how to apply this logic to the hair game to be be exclusively the hair “pimp” – or even an entrepreneurial “pimp” (not an actual pimp) to help forward my more or less off-the-grid plan (that is not necessarily hair).

    ps – as a youngster my pops always told me men are about three things this life – power, pussy, and control. I believed him then, and I see evidence of this everyday in my life.

    Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

  56. Thanks haircutta, my opinion is and in the book black players the pimps agree that it’s unavoidable to trick on some things eg. cars, clothes, tvs. That’s ok, just as like is your identity is not the consumer. You should always produce more then you consume and take on the identity of the producer, yet 99 out of 100 guys don’t do this. You sound like you’re on the right track though. Some consuming and indulging in the reality tunnel of other guys is necessary but you want to be the producer and the guy creating reality as your main identity, if you do this you’ll be succesful and get those three things men want and more.

  57. This post is jam packed in content. Like a concentrated syrup dose of reality. So much clarity and simplicity with this post. I’ve been lurking in the manosphere for so long. This is the first time that I’ll buy a book.

  58. I’ve left religion. It teaches men Ina covert way to be come tows. I was a chump for my ex and got screwed over royally. I was too infatuated with her, thinking she was pure and the one and only. The pimping game has bad connotations attached to the epithet but it’s the only way to live. Ima pimp for about a year, save a ton and invest in legal shit. One question, I know you’re to take 100 percent but stats show pimps now are splitting with 30 or 40 what’s ur input homes?

    Thanks alot for this article

  59. Thanks Prince, and yes you don’t need religion to have a relationship with God. My input on the game is I can’t say either way because I’m not connected to the pimp game at all, I just thought there was a lot of knowledge to be learned, especially in terms of understanding the world.

  60. I liked your article because I come from the game. However as a woman I have been a ho and I have led ho’s. I’ve always loved pimps and that’s because they taught me some real game however because I was laced by ole school pimps I was taught how not to buy the dreams pimps sold. For some reason the whole time I was in the game I have always had respect from pimps to ho’s and I couldn’t understand why until I realized I was an alpha female. My dude I’m with now was pimping back when I met him in 2011 yet he never pimped me but he was always there for me and yes his ho’s knew we had dealings. I never understood why he never pimped me but when we met back up this year I asked him and he said because I had my kids and he didn’t feel right taking from me knowing I was providing for them. I was shocked because you don’t run across too many pimps that think like that. Well anyways this is 2016 and we are back dealing with each other however both of us are out of that game but we still grind to get money legally. He doesn’t work for anybody because he is his own boss and I am my own boss however every so often I take temps jobs to put extra dollars in my pockets. Honestly he took me from another man because the other man had bored me and just didn’t understand my grind or hustle plus he was a beta male and I needed an alpha male who could understand where I came from. Anyways I love my man both sides of him lol. Also your article was so on point when it came to everything from the game to the corporate offices either people are pimps, ho’s, or tricks and in some cases some people can be all of them in one lol.

    Had to give you credit for your article and also confirm from a past ho the truth in your article. This life is based on pimping and hoeing and it’s so sad how many people judge the pimps and ho’s but never look in the mirror to see their own lives because majority of them are just ho’s and tricks.

  61. Hi Victorious, thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. And am glad you found a way out of the life where both you and your man can grind together legally without having to be a corporate slave. Spiritual, mental and physical freedom is what its all about – being a player in the game of life on all levels. Most people, as you say correctly, keep hoing a way for a corporation because they never aspire for higher. All the best to you.

  62. I have been in the game for about four years. I have been the unknown ho, independent ho nevertheless I enjoy being a ho . However I lack the mental capacity to submit to a pimp .not because I’m not submissive I am very submissive however Im not tempted or damaged enough to buy into the dream . I actually am sure I can buy myself out of the game . My issue is guidance I can’t deal with a beta male but I don’t see a true pimp being able to deal with me truly only caring about MY SUCCESS , MY DREAM AND MY FUTURE. I can accept a life without a relationship once I’m successful and I don’t mind selling myself to get to the top I just can’t fathom giving any piece of my earning to anyone . I feel selfish and have been trying to convince myself of why I need a pimp but every time I read about a pimp and his purpose I understand myself wanting this all for myself . He’ll like I need to get a stable and show women what they really have . I don’t love tricks I don’t love pimps but I enjoy playing this game and I really want to win . I read a earlier comments does that make me an alpha female ? Do they exist in the game ? I know what the square world entails and I refuse to go back if I’m going to be an employee for anyone .

  63. Hey lost, no you’re not an alpha female, an alpha female does not exist in the game, by definition she’s not a ho. And no pimp will ever put your success and dream and future before his own. Ultimately if you want to be independent, then you need to rely only on yourself and accept the responsibility that comes with it.

  64. ? Im not exactly “pimping” in the traditional sense of the word. I do have a female though and its a constant power struggle, this has been going on for at least 4 yrs. She recently started working and I fell on hard times, so now she definitely is trying to take control, but Im explicitly disgusted by her. And out of frustration and sympathy for her, I conceal it but I also am slightly too transparent about my thoughts and plans to drop her once I build myself back up. And shes somewhat aware of it, but I deny it if she inquires, and definitely will never confirm it. You have any advice for the situation ?

  65. You are attributing quotes to Mickey Royal, which he never wrote.
    This is not even in the book.


  66. I’m definetly an alpha male always have been, stuff always has to go my way , I always put myself first I am selfish , its my way or the highway , a bitch don’t faze me .
    Should I fake it till i make it with this pimping by just going by the book n never give up ?never run back to mommy & daddy because it didn’t go my way , I think this is what I’m destined for . a loss just a part of the living


  67. I totally agree with this article. Well written and dead on the money. I have actually pimped before. I can tell anyone from personal experience ho’s do choose and make a conscious decision to do what they do once they believe in a man.

    Here’s what most men don’t realize, as a man, you are 75% of a woman’s survival. If she’s not a wifey, most women will search the rest of their lives searching for some semblance of “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Make me feel Good”.

    Whether she’s a wage slave or literally on the track. Women crave two things the most from men: direction and security usually emotionally, physically, and mentally. When cats begin to realize the true measure of masculinity they can stop simping and selling their soul for pu$$y.

    As the author pointed out, women look for a man they can follow. So be leader and put yourself first and women won’t be a goddess that you worship.

  68. This is an excellent article. All in all what books or tips would you suggest for a guy on how to talk to and get multiple women? I understand the concept but I just need more details is all and help with changing my subconscious to grasp this way of thinking. I’m a recovering simp.

  69. What can a guy do to enhance his inner game as far as getting rid of his fears (mainly rejection and approaching women) and his insecurities and how can he become more confident in himself?

  70. First recommendation is

    1) Read my article on “how to handle approach anxiety like a boss” as well as my video on it
    2) Watch my 7 part video series on: “how to fight fear”, it’s everything I know on the subject

    Once you’ve absorbed the content, the next move is to put it into practice every day

  71. Great read! Great advice! How do you pimp (sounds negative but I consider it as just having a strong mental chess-like mind set) your wife? In a loving way…laughed while writing this…is it possible? I’m subscribed. Looking forward to more insight.

  72. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I’d try to avoid the mentality of pimping your wife. If youre asking how you can lead effectively, but I can’t answer that because I’m not married, and I think getting married in the west is a dicey option, you might want to look at my article on not getting married. With that said, I can give advice on monogamy, I’d click on my women section and go through all my relationship series to see if that’s useful. All the best my man.

  73. This is probably one of the best articles I’ve ever read about relationships between the sexes.

    Jesus christ, really opened my eyes.



  74. ” Most men are caught in a web of sold dreams, from marriage to patriotism to their job. Even in their dreams most men are hos, dreaming about becoming a professional athlete. The athlete is drafted by his owner who works him until he drops while the rabid fans trick off on star worship believing that they have an effect on the team’s success. The athlete will take his hoing international putting himself and his owners brand on billboards and advertisements. ”

    The best WRITTEN WORDS describing the ho’ sports.

  75. Amazing article women you can learn the game from this. So many women wonder why men keep hurting them. This is something passed down to them and it keeps them from reciprocating with every woman. This is why hos be winning they target tricks and some good women get with tricks and try to make him their pimp and end up getting played because they are drawn to hos.thanks for this I discovered about a year so people love people roll buy anything they sell if they put their self first.

  76. I think you’ve missed the point, in paragraphs 1 I said I’m not advocating or condoning pimping, I also said this is how Corporate America and politics functions – this is a wake up post, not a manual on pimping.

  77. First off congrats to Will as a Caucasian that can observe a profession mainly dominated by blacks and express a unbiased analysis of the situation I have been in the game for life because the only game is life everybody is playing for something male and female of every race everybody has a opportunity to create the lifestyle they choose from their own inner world no matter what position imagine a world with no pimps who would structure Society can we depend on the hoes and tricks to keep the society moving forward remember the universal law states there is a cause for every effect everybody is playing a position by choice not force either you choose or lose every hoe and trick chose either conscious or subconscious so you either play the game of life or be played by life p.s. a Mack sell game a pimp sell pussy a player sell dick

  78. Church! I was actually looking up a good friend jimi star’s book when i came across this article.. Theres a event august 9th in vegas for the liked minds with the vett filmore slim as a honored guest.. If you dont activly practice the craft you should be. Church P.. U done spilled some valuable jewels

  79. This was a fuckin masterpiece Will!

    First, this explains why mom stayed in an abusive relationship with my dad (they’re still together). My dad is a total pimp in the relationship and has full power and control. I am 24 right now and there were times when I was in high school where we were REALLY struggling financially (on the brink of eviction, me and my 3 younger siblings were almost homeless). Yet my dad would still have my mom work full time, while my dad would use this money to get tickets to go to Pakistan and marry other women. He never really gave 2 fucks about the financial crisis we were in, but just wanted some new pussy. The two are still working today and yet my mom is still in love with him despite the physical and mental abuse, whatever money she makes he keeps, and the fact that he is trying to marry other women (you can have 4 wives in Islam, obviously can’t do that in the US). When I was younger It never made sense to me why she stuck around. After learning more about women and the “red pill” it started to make some sense, but after reading and watching your video, it really opened everything up. So I want to say thank you Will for laying this out with 100% brutal honesty, I now I understand why my mom stuck around and still does (things aren’t as abusive as they once were).

    Second, the part where you talk about the pimp having sexual discipline and limiting sexual intercourse with his hos, goes back to your article on semen retention. By preserving your semen, you’re withholding that life force that needs to be used to for masculine energy. If a pimp were to constantly ejaculate on his hos, he is wasting his energy on a woman, when it can be used to attain more women and further invest in himself.

    Once again thank you Will. I’m definitely going to be using this new knowledge and deeper level of understanding to my advantage.

  80. And at the most basic and biological level, it essentially comes down to hormones. Higher T = more masculine energy = more pimping and love for oneself.

    Unfortunately western society is doing everything in its power to destroy testosterone, both physically and physchologically. It’s a shame and there is nothing you can do to really change this. However, having the understanding of the system and what’s going on, one can use this to their advantage and become part of the “elite” by living life on his terms by cultivating their masculine energy through optimizing their hormones (workout, diet, lower stress, etc). Once we figure out what we truly want, we can use this energy to become “alpha”, “masculine”, “pimp”, etc.

    High IQ + high T = fuckin king in today’s feminized society

  81. I’m in the game I have only 5 hos. I’m thinking about giving this up and chill enjoy life but it’s so much money to be made…..bottom line we need more pimps in this game were r u ? I’m in Philly and it’s wide open there I’m 58years old stared at 22 …..Men don’t let a ho run u,,,, if u live with your wife r girlfriend u running around doing for her then u r the trick she’s pimping u …… look long story short step u your game MAN. DRE NORTH PHILLY

  82. I ended up on this site because now Im reading a book called “Gambling Wizards” it has interview of a woman who is one of the most successful pocker players. So in this book she has an interview with very interesting question, Ill just give an excerpt: “Do you think that men can work [take advantage of] women players, the way women work some men?
    I’ve only met one man, and this was a long time ago, that had the capability of doing that. He was a pimp.” That made m want to google more info on what exactly pimp use in their psychological games. In my life I had many men who tried to use similar tactics in order to get what they want, it had never worked on me, but Ive seen many girls following those men as their groupies, which always seemed strange to me. Overall I believe that strong woman and men will naturally gravitate to each other, meanwhile the rest will get stuck playing whore-pimp games. We all should work on being better representation of our gender, woman should always cherish heir femininity, same as men should always stay masculine. I do disagree how this article makes woman seem as an inferior destruction to the men with a mission. There are men and there are women who do have mission and a vision for their lives, I think lock of mutual respect and ego-centric views that each gender posses is the biggest obstacle. Sex became a form of self gratification rather then connection of mind, soul, and body. Since most of the relationships are based on very similar mentality to what described in this article as “pimp-whore” relations, our society is build from the same blocks. Now, makes me wonder was it society, or was it relationship between genders that went south first.

  83. The irony of this post is that we the commenters are the tricks….lol.
    The last election made me realize that men are really weak in need of guidance. We grown men are looking at a Trump, or Connor Mcgregor, a Colin kaperneak, lebron James to lead us why?

  84. We’re all tricks on something, I still read Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone, the real question is, is that guy’s message beneficial to my life. The guys you mentioned are not.

  85. I agree. Sometimes it feels like that the ruling class has a spirtual advantage over the people and thats why they are able to control us so easily.

  86. Wow…this was a great read. I had one coming onto me but I was confused about his mixed signals because he was playing “Romeo” to an extreme that I was not used to (I’m talkin mad chivalry-letting me wear his coat when it was cold (an expensive ass one at that) kisses on the hand, flowers, lunch dates, bringing me lunch when I couldn’t leave work, doing things for me without being asked, always texted me first…you get it). Hell even his heavy ass charm of compliments felt genuine
    (which I later found they actually were, surprisingly). He seems to have his shit together, no kids, different from all the jerks I gave the time of day to. He wasn’t even turned off by me saying I had recently got rid of an ex, all he said was I just made room for a star lol…But what made me question it all was, well, it was just too good to be true. That whole thing about a man being a good listener can be a superior trap if he’s after something from you, ESPECIALLY a pimp! He is extremely sexy (did I mention the hazel eyes & he is a Scorpio lol), sharp dressed, charming & even showed restraint & wanted to hold off sex the first night we met. But he was also elusive and mysterious & seemed to smoothly but briefly answer all my questions about him, he was asking me wayyyy too many questions about my lifestyle and I noticed he made some pretty heavy observations about who I was and how I got down just from looking at all the objects/books in my house. He is in marketing & sales by trade too so he knows the art of persuasion. He keeps asking to have something for him and I know it’s money but I’m like dude I just wanna kick it haha but he plays the game well, he doesn’t give away a lot, personal life-wise, maintains his composure & sexual impulses & keeps his eyes dead fixed on me everytime he sees me. He even gets out of his car to open the door for me when he picks me up. He has no problem telling me about his sexual thoughts of me though lol. I have NO idea how I’ve been able to hold him off-I have my own and can take care of myself but definitely wouldn’t mind clearing some heavy debt (haha). I didnt tell him this, but I think he senses my curiosity and everytime he throws his smooth lines about having some funds for him or so, I retort back and let him know I’m an Alpha woman, to which he replies something to the effect of ‘you’ve been playing Alpha only as a WOMAN though, when you got a real Alpha man around, we’ll get your thinking up.’ I was stuck. Nothing is stoppin him apparently lol! He got an answer for everything I throw at him, I think he’s just amused at the verbal challenge. He’ll not text for a few days, then call or text suddenly, address me as baby, sexy or beautiful in all correspondence…hell I almost gave in when he asked me to be waiting in red lace lingerie for him one night until he said have $200 with me LOL. Oh man…sorry baby, I’ve let men do some pretty low shit to me but I can’t go THAT low LOL. So I was honest with him and said I didnt wanna waste his time & I spent the money on a 9mm I wanted.
    He is still after me!! Lol, I gotta find attention elsewhere, this may not end well…I can say this though. NICE ASS gentleman though & holds his ground with this pimp shit and plays it well. If he wasn’t a pimp, I’d date him.

  87. What books you recommend to sharpen my mind in applying the pimp mentality in business and life? Thx

  88. I am lifelong stomp down ho (this is a good thing, not the equivalent of being a bust down despite the similar name)! This is one of the most accurate representations of our game that I have ever read. I had a pimp who turned me out, like the type you describe, Who provided an incredible quality of life for all of the girls in the stable and we had a lot of say in a lot of things about our lives such as where we lived, what we wore, what we drove…his bottom girl had a classic car and took vacations. But he was the kind of pimp you describe, who only loves himself and the game, and I could feel it. He actually made good on that promise to create a legit business with jobs for the girls though, so I wondered if I should not have stuck around at times! We thought that was all game but he actually did what he said he would. But I have now been with another one for 6, almost 7, years, who believes you can love a woman and empower her and still be successful in the game. I just couldn’t create a life around my business manager. I mean I do that now but there’s love there. A lot of real pimps actually do believe that there can be love, and that your stable is a family, not JUST game. Whoever you are, a pimp or a square, love will get you more places with a woman than manipulation. Most women are intelligent, and see through that. Another thing that we do that binds me to him is we both develop ourselves and other areas of skills & knowledge besides this. No one can turn tricks forever. So I needed a man who develops his mind and blesses me to do the same.
    Someone who has more the kind of philosophy that my man does, and whom I respect, is Sinful the P. Check him out on You Tube. If this article interested you, Sinful will flesh out all those areas of knowledge that you’ve wondered about. I am not with affiliated him in anyway. But his ability to educate others about the game really blows my mind.

  89. A+ analysis!
    If I only knew 25 years ago what I know today. It’s all good, though. This is the path God put me on but he’s given us the power to shape our destiny.
    Thanks. I’ll be checking back with your blog.

  90. Man you definitely on point with this! You put this together perfect! Keep it pimpin it’s the only way.

  91. omg how did I get here 😭😭😭

    this man is trying so hard to pimp me, I KNEW something was up. 100% helllll no. some aspects sound nice like a lil adventure. Big house, big circle of fine ass girls..hella shopping trips.. always being taken care of…but all that to be f*cking and s*cking and giving all the money away everyday?? sh*t no he would have to slap me down after the first one honey lmaooo I can pimp myself out for that

  92. I grew up in Saginaw MI. around actual pimps.Unfornutately my mother was prostitute up until I was 7 years old.I used to hear her getting beat for what ever reason.She left the pimp for a herion trafficker.During the early 70’s we kids were pad to count$60,000 a week.We attended a private school had body guards to keep the Mexican mafia from kidnapping us.But the trafficker was violent and she was greedy and would talk back which caused a violent beating.Even after 50 years when I hear thunder I think of my mother being beat.She thinks my siblings and I lived a charmed life but it was an ugly life.Anyway my mother became a LPN but would invite her pimp friend over reliving the glory days.Back to pimping she once told me that 90% of pimps are “BI-SEXUAL” which explains ho they can be so ruthless to women!

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