Everything You Need To Know About Penis Size (Does Size Matter?)

Does size matter?

This is a question 8,100 people search for every month. Every month 60,500 people search for what the average dick size is. With all the related “penis size” search terms combined, including the thousands on how to make your cock bigger, there are at least 200,000 cock related queries a month.

That’s because guys care a lot about the size of their cocks. In fact men care more than women about the size of their soldier, and the vast majority of dick related search terms come from men.

The truth is everything matters in terms of attracting women:

  • The size of your dick
  • Your height
  • Your age
  • Your looks
  • Your physique
  • Your status
  • Your money
  • Your intelligence
  • Your charm

All those things you care about on an instinctual level, matter. Everything counts.

Women care about the size of your dick and size does matter.

But I’d be willing to bet, it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

Size matters if your dick is too big or too small.

If your dick is too big, there will be a lot of girls who can’t take it, at least without a lot of lube, going really slow, not going in all the way, and avoiding certain positions like doggy style.

They might like to look at it, I think larger penises are probably more visually attractive to many women, but those same women will often struggle to take the dick.

Here’s a quote from a woman from thought catalog about a girl talking about taking her first big dick:

“Sex was extremely painful for a very long time. It took a few months of sex semi-regularly to even get him all the way inside. He was very patient with me, but he enjoyed rough pounding sex. Sometimes it was wonderful, other times it was just a huge ordeal to go through. Because of his girth which was also ridiculous, I ended up tearing a little every few sessions. Which meant UTIs and sometimes, very angry kidneys. I’d never had anything like it happen in my life, so I thought I was dying when it did happen. Emptying my bladder with the still constant feeling like I was about to piss myself was terrible. He was a good sexual partner in the end, but the amount of work that has to go into making it work was just…insane.”

Tearing, UTI’s, kidney problems…doesn’t sound fun.

Many women get sore from 15 minutes of hard pounding from an average sized cock. Sure, there are women who have deeper vaginas that are size queens but they’re definitely not the majority.

What you see in porn is not real. Most girls would need tons of lube and 10 minutes of inching it in to take a huge cock. Even then they wouldn’t be able to take a proper pounding from it. The reality is that many female porn stars take painkillers among other drugs just to get through a scene not to mention tons of lube. And watch carefully, most porn stars don’t orgasm.

The truth is you absolutely don’t need a huge cock to be a beast in the bedroom.

For the vast majority of women, if you have an average sized dick, you’re good to go. The most important organ to women, when it comes to sex, is your brain. Sex is 90% mental. This is why the vast majority of female pornstars don’t orgasm in their scenes even though their being dicked down by Thor’s Warhammer – because they’re not mentally engaged.

The good news is that the average penis size when erect is between 5 to 6 inches long and 5 inches in girth. Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself to pornstars: their cocks rank at the top .01% of the population. They’re also olympic level sexual athletes.

If you’re average, for the vast majority of women, you’re good to go. I’ve read through a ton of studies and articles so you don’t have to), and the bulk of women prefer a range from average to a bit above average. With that said, there are some women who are size queens, maybe 1 out of 10. They’ve usually had a lot of experience, like being filled up to the point of pain, and probably have larger vaginas than average.

My cock is 6.5 inches and 5.5 inches thick, a touch above average, but by no means pornstar size and I haven’t had a complaint, in fact I wrote the book on sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take an 8.5 inch war hammer if the option was on the table, but it’s not, and I’m grateful for what God has given me.

With that said, having a small dick is a problem for some women.

If your dick is too small, some women are not going to feel filled up and the size of it will be a visual turn off.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news on that point, but unfortunately it is the reality, not for all women, but for some.

By small I mean 4 inches or less. If you’re 5 or 6 you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Again, if you’re small, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I know a lot of guys who are small might not be happy to hear it, and I’m not happy to say it, but I want to be honest.

With that said, there is good news!!

As a player in the game of life, you want to play the fuck out of the cards your dealt and max out what you have.

That means taking whatever obstacle is in your way, and stopping you from getting what you want in life, and playing past it

What To Do If You Have A Smaller Than Average Penis

1) Get A Harder Cock

Going from a semi hard erection to a rock hard diamond cutter can easily get you another inch. If you’re 4 inches, getting rock hard erections can get you to 5 inches, and that’s an important inch. Just by making sure you have rock hard erections every time you’re with a girl, gets you to average size.

Not only that but a harder cock makes for better sex, for both you and her.

Believe this, you’re better off with a rock hard 5 inches, than trying to shoehorn a floppy 8 inch cock in there.

The best way to do get a harder cock is:

  1. Doing your daily kegels
  2. Getting heart healthy: from diet, to cardio, to quitting smoking you want your veins and arteries at full capacity
  3. Cialis: A quarter tab of generic cialis (with your doctor’s prescription) works wonders

2) Lose weight

Losing weight is not only helpful in getting a harder erection, it’s helpful in removing the fat pad around your cock. You might have half an inch that’s being hidden underneath fat. By losing weight you’ll be able to make your cock more visible. Not only that, but your cock will look bigger on a smaller, leaner body as opposed to a larger, overweight body.

3) Be confident

As we already covered, sex is 90% mental. And a lot of women’s attraction to us is about our confidence in ourselves as men. You might be insecure about your size, but that’s something you’ll want to keep to yourself. By asking her about your size, or about her previous partners, it shows weakness, and weakness is not a good look. A much better look is to be as confident as possible and never bring it up.

4) Find The Right Girl

Find the right girl. If you’re on the smaller side, the ideal for you is going to be a smaller framed girl, with a smaller, tighter vagina. You’ll find a lot of them where I live in Thailand. I’m not saying you have to move to Thailand, but there is definitely a wide variety of vagina sizes, and ideally you’ll want a girl who is a good fit for you.

Also, if you’re considering getting serious with a girl, you’ll want to read and apply my girlfriend screening guide. That means you’re looking for a girl who is loving, loyal, kind and sweet. Of all the available women out there, this type of girl will care the least about your size and the most about the kind of man you are.

The wrong girl is the girl who brings up your size. Or teases you about it. Or brings up exes who we’re bigger. Or talks you down to her friends. Every woman knows that dick size is the nuclear-bomb-insult to a man. And any girl who busts your balls over your dick size is not a good person. I would drop any girl who disrespects you, full stop, and I would do it yesterday.

5) Experimenting With Cyberskins And Cock Sheaths

If you’re experimental in the bedroom, one thing you can try is a cock sheath. It’s literally putting a big cock on top of yours.

If that idea sounds emasculating, or you’re embarassed, then you can skip it, but if you don’t give a fuck then using a cyberskin is a quick way to get some size.

Two well reviewed products are:

  1. The Oxballs Gym Boy Extender (which is monstrous)
  2. The Tommy Gunn Cyberskin (a more reasonable size) 

Just make sure to use lots of lube and go slowly.

7) Penis Extension Techniques And Products

Penis enlargement techniques might sound like bullshit at first but I’ve read about a ton of guys getting benefits from them. Some guys can get as much as 2.5 inches in length and an inch in girth.

I understand if you’re skeptical, but there are literally hundreds of thousands of guys on these forums and most of the techniques you can learn for free.

Some of the bigger forums are:

With that said, I don’t have personal experience with penis extension techniques so I can’t 100% vouch for their effectiveness, so proceed with caution because you only have one dick.

You also have the option of testing penis extension products, although again, be careful.

Two well reviewed products are:

  1. The Size Genetics Extender 
  2. The Bathmate

I don’t have experience with the size genetics extender, although I’ve read it’s meant to increase your length.

But I have tested the bathmate and it does:

1. Increase flaccid girth for up to a few hours after using it.
2. Increase erect girth for up to a few hours after using it.

Again it’s up to you whether you feel comfortable testing out penis enlargement products.

One thing you should definitely stay away from however are penis pills.

Dick pills don’t work, full stop, stay away from dick pills completely.

6) Investigate Surgery

Again this is an area I don’t have experience in, and haven’t researched, but it might be worth your time.

With that said, I would be super cautious. Breast enhancement has been perfected, but I can’t say the same about penis enhancement. I’m confident it will be in our lifetime, but for now I can’t say for sure.

With that said, from the research I did for the article, it looks like the techniques have come a long way.

If you are considering surgery, I would do a ton of research, at least 6 months on all the various forums. And I would find the absolute best doctors, travel to where they are, and expect to pay a premium.

But again, be careful, you only have one dick.

7) Get really good in bed

Lastly, if you’re undersized, you want to get good in bed, really good in bed.

When it comes to sex as a smaller dicked guy you want to focus on two key areas, foreplay and positions where you can get in deep. Many women like foreplay more than sex so you should put a lot of your effort into mastering the art of foreplay Be the best she’s ever had in that department and believe me, she’ll keep coming back for more.

The other important thing is to put yourself in positions with favorable angles. Missionary with her legs up should be your go-to position. The G Spot is only 2 to 3 inches inside her vagina. Even though you’re small she’s still going to feel like you’re going deep in this position. Another good position is standing doggy with her kneeling on a chair, that really allows you to get in deep.

But for total mastery I recommend you pick up my book How To Fuck Women Properly:

It has everything you need to become a beast in bed, like:

  • Becoming more attractive
  • Sexual confidence
  • Overcoming premature ejaculation and impotence
  • Making her squirt
  • Eating pussy
  • Tantric Sex
  • Karezza
  • How sex works on a chemical level
  • Women’s porn search terms

Everything you need to become a beast in bed is covered in the book.


In summary, if life dealt you some good cards in the dick department, be grateful.

If you got dealt a bad hand, I feel for you, it’s not fair, and I understand if you’re insecure.

But the only thing you can do is play that hand to the best of your ability.

Being insecure only hurts you, it doesn’t help you.

You can follow the advice above and become a beast in bed, with or without a big dick.

And most importantly…


Maxing yourself out is important…but

You’re much more than the size of your dick.

Or the size of your wallet.

Or the size of your shoulders.

What’s important is the size of your heart.

What’s important is the strength of your character.

What’s important is waking up to win every day and blasting through obstacles.

Maxing yourself is important, but you have to love yourself first, as you are.