Why You Need To Murder Your Gambler’s Mentality

Learn why you need to get rid of your gambling mindset and the exact mindset you need to adopt to stay winning at the money game:

  1. Thanks Will, timely article. Don’t even try to sports gamble boys, it’s fun at the time until you lose and bet high and lose and lose etc.

    Save your money, work for your money.

    The house knows what they’re doing.

    Looking forward to more content.

  2. This is really key stuff. It took me – and takes most people – many failures to sink it in, but it has to be learned. I struggled with spending incoming money first and trying to save what was left (if any) while growing up. I would gamble on poker or sports or risky stock futures and typically fail. Even when I had success, I would eventually keep reaching into the cookie jar by doing it more often or betting higher stakes until I ended up in some rough spots.

    The thing is, this is the pattern of ALL gamblers. I was not just unlucky or unskilled. There are no “pros,” and if there are, they are exceedingly rare and won’t last long. Will makes great points that as long as you think gambling can gain you money, no amount of money is safe from betting and losing it all on a whim or bad streak. Besides, even assuming you could be reasonably successful for any sustained period, do you want the typically poor health and high stress of a poker player or a Vegas bookie with the beer gut and the bad hairline and the chain smoking? There are a lot of things more noble and humanistic than taking people’s rent money on a little green felt table or biting your nails to hope a garbage time score doesn’t ruin your halftime point spread.

    These days, I try to make my checks disappear into investments and savings first and leave myself only token spending money. The casino is a place I visit a couple times per year instead of a couple times each week. My life definitely works a lot better.

  3. Thanks Seth, excellent analysis. All I would add to that is to visit the casino never. It’s like a former alcoholic going to the bar a few times a year.

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