Why You NEED To Avoid Divorce Like The Plague

In 2012, when I was 30, I wrote an article on why you shouldn’t get married.

I decided to have another look at the article as I’m closing in on 36 and I still agree with everything I wrote.

I might have softened a few things, or put more of an emphasis on avoiding legal marriage as opposed to living with someone without getting legally married while having a strong asset protection contract in place prior to the move.

But overall my thoughts haven’t changed. You still see guys with lots of money and public profiles getting legally married, often times without a prenup. And now I’m even starting to see ex players, PUAS and bloggers, who made a living off of teaching guys about women, getting legally married in North America.

I understand the impulse for marriage. I understand the impulse for wanting to settle down and have a family, especially as you get older. And I recognize that some marriages are happy and stand the test of time…

But, you need to realize that marriage today is not your grandfather’s marriage. Divorce is common and is an absolute disaster for you as a man that has to be avoided at all costs. Check out the video and audio below to see why you need to avoid divorce like the plague.

  1. It highly depends on the laws of the country. American laws are fucked up. In US you have a 70-30 split, 70% of divorces are filed by women. In Germany for example, you have a 50-50 split.

    Why? Because they changed the family law in 2008, the highest court said that if women are equal they have to pay the bills on their own. so we don’t have life long alimony anymore.

    Since 2008 you mostly pay for your kids and in many cases your ex will get nothing from you if the kids are older than 3 years.

  2. Never sign a marriage contract in an English-speaking country with a native English-speaking woman.

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