How To Succeed This Year – Depression, School, Entrepreneurship, Selling, Opportunities, Travel, Grinding, Reality Checking, Willpower, Passion, Setting Goals,Taking Action

In this podcast I talk with YouTube superstar Nick Nerov about the the keys to succeed this year including:

– Getting through depression
– Transitioning from school to work
– Starting a service business
– The incredible opportunities available today
– Travel
– Reality checking your dreams
– Willpower
– Finding your passion
– Having a vision and taking action
– Taking action

Check it out here and start kicking ass this year:

  1. Paused at the 56:15 point. I really like your point on using the service based business (or the FBA business in Nick’s case) as a jumping point to your dream business. I like to think of it as an ‘independent’ career that I’m doing in order to eventually make the jump over to a true make-money-while-you-sleep/luxury business.

    Great podcast, as usual.

  2. Thanks it exactly, its a means to get control of your time and revenue – liberating yourself from slavery, then its leveling up from there as much as you can.

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