How To Make Money On Amazon: How Nick Makes 10K A Month Off One Amazon FBA Store

In this podcast, I sit down with my man Nick Nerov to talk about how to makes money on Amazon. Specifically how Nick makes 10k a month from one product using Fulfillment By Amazon (Amazon FBA).

I still recommend a service based business for the vast majority of guys, for reasons we cover in the podcast, however Amazon FBA is still an option for some guys. My FBA store flopped last year, and I think the FBA window is closing, but the reality is, there are some young guys making a killing on it and Nick is one of them.

Here’s exactly what we cover:

-Why will recommends a service based business for most guys
-Why Nick and some guys are an exception to the rule
-Failure rate for amazon business
-Nicks keys to success for amazon
-How nick got started
-How much money nick put up
-Will describes why his Amazon FBA business failed
-How Nick chose a profitable niche
-Nick recommends key resources to make money on Amazon
-Nick describes how he chose his product and modified it
-Branding and expanding your store to hedge against competition
-How Nick built his store to 10k a month
-Dedication and powering through
-Dealing with dreamkillers
-How to make positive change
-How to get over fear
-Importance of getting out of the corporate world early
-Importance of taking action
-Motivation and wrap

Disclaimer: neither Nick or I has a course/ebook to sell you or any expensive courses to recommend