How To Make A Girl Squirt: The Definitive Guide To Squirting Orgasms

If you want to learn how to make a girl squirt, the first question you probably have is: are squirting orgasms real? And the answer is yes. Girls really do have squirting orgasms and not just in porn movies. And yes, I’ve seen girls squirt just as much, if not more than pornstars do.

Squirting Orgasms

The first thing you need to learn about squirting orgasms, is that despite what you might have heard, squirt is not piss. Girls can actually ejaculate during orgasm just like guys can, except they put our tiny cumshots to shame. The fluid comes from the Skene’s gland and sprays just like it does in porn movies. I’ve made at least 40 girls squirt with many hosing down the entire bed.

The existence of squirting is still a hotly debated topic among scientists because scientists don’t know how to fuck women. If you’re a scientist reading this, which you’re not, I expect you to credit RLD in the scientific terms of your discovery.

For the rest of you guys, the next question you’ll probably want to know is if you can make any girl squirt, and the answer is no. Not every girl will be able to squirt or will want to squirt. Some girls won’t be able to get wet enough. Some girls will make you stop because it feels uncomfortable. Some girls will enjoy it but will get sore too fast and won’t be able to keep going. Some girls will squirt but won’t orgasm. Some will have the strongest orgasm of their lives. It all depends on the girl.

If you can’t make her squirt don’t worry about it. Squirting is just another weapon in your arsenal as a sex beast, but if you can, she’ll definitely want to come back for more. For the an insanely in depth guide on sex, check out my book: How To Fuck Women Properly. But if you just want to learn how to make a girl squirt like a garden hose, read on:

How To Make A Girl Squirt

You should only try this with a girl who is sexually comfortable with you. I don’t suggest doing this on the first date unless she’s a superfreak you ordered off Tinder. It’s usually not a good idea to try this before sex either because a lot of the time she’ll be sore or exhausted afterwards.

Now that you’ve got a girl who is comfortable and ready to go, you want to make sure she’s turned on and her pussy is really wet. Don’t just jam your fingers in and aggressively fingerbang her while she’s still dry. Slowly slide your middle and ring fingers into her pussy and rub against her G-spot in a come hither motion for about 5 minutes until she’s soaked. Her G-spot is about two inches in on the inside of her vaginal wall, it will feel ribbed, not soft.

Once you’ve got her soaking wet you want to get up and change positions. Make sure her legs are wide and pulled back, now position yourself horizontally on all fours so that you make a 90 degree angle. Then, assuming you’re right handed, put your left arm next to her left leg and your left thigh next to her right leg. If you’re left handed, do this in reverse.

What you’re doing is positioning yourself for maximum leverage and keeping her legs wide open with your limbs. This is important because she’ll probably start to buck. You need to stay in control of her legs and make sure they stay open so you can work your magic.

Now find her G-spot again with your middle and ring fingers and start rubbing her in the come hither motion. As soon as she starts to get audibly wet, transition from a come hither motion to more of an up and down motion. Your hand will look like Spiderman shooting a web and you’ll have to make sure to hit the bottom and top of her pussy hard.

To do this right you have to be more aggressive than you think. Build up to a medium pace and when she starts writhing, kick it into overdrive and go really fast and hard. Timing is key because you’ll usually need to go so hard and so fast that your arm will exhaust itself after a few minutes. So make sure she’s on the verge before you give her that final push, that way you won’t leave her unsatisfied and sore. A lot of girls will surprise you with how long they can squirt for so keep going until she physically stops you.

Once she starts squirting it can be a dribble or a fountain, every girl is different. It also depends on the girl as far as how many times she can squirt. Some girls can only squirt once and some girls will have you doing all your laundry the next day. Once she squirts, not only will you feel like a champion but you’ll realize that squirt smells like buttered popcorn. I don’t know why, that’s another question for the scientists.

It’s important after the fact to make sure to let her know how hot it was for you because some girls can be embarrassed afterwards, make sure to reassure her as necessary when you cuddle. Other girls will be so wrecked that they won’t want to cuddle and might just fall asleep in a puddle of their own juices. If that’s the case: job well done. If not, don’t worry about it, you can always try again tomorrow.

  1. ‘…The fluid comes from the Skene’s gland and sprays just like it does in porn movies. I’ve made dozens of girls squirt and have the bedsheets to prove it.’
    Really Mr Freeman? I’ve been an ardent consumer but that sentence genuinely concerns. You should wash dem crusty pop corn sheets for starters as they don’t prove shit!

  2. Hotness I would love to experiment on you,,,,have tried with a few girls nd I guess they are non-squirters……I find squirting hot and it makes me so hungry… Will thanks for sharing your experiences with us man #working my way to the 3 digits slowly but surely…

  3. thanks i just tried this to my girlfriend and it was so hot she wanted me to stop and started begging and then all of the sudden she said fuck and she squirted on my bed and she was said just let me calm down for a couple of mins and then we started fucking again but on the end of the bed she squirted again she looked so embarrassed but i started to finger her and she had a orgasm and started having a spasm and we were done but her orgasm were so intense that she started crying and i feel really bad bc she didnt even cry the first time we had sex

  4. Hey Josh, for some women it can be embarassing especially if she’s inexperienced, next time maybe just make sure to let her know how hot it was and reassure her that she has nothing to be embarassed about afterwards.

  5. she wasnt once i told her what happened when she needed to calm down at all she want to do all day was to have sex bc she texted me best sex ever and i still kind of feel bad to make her cry and during evey time i touched her it would get more intense but she told me it didnt really hurt she was overwhelmed

  6. tanx freeman,,,,,after making her squirt intensively,she always want me to do it again anytie we have sex…….she also said she wont dump me for any guy on this earth bcos nobody oes it better

  7. I made my girlfriend squirt but she was begging not to and started cry after she was done she said it hurt a lot and now I feel like a ass

  8. Hey Christian, I think you went a bit to far my man, you’ve got to get her to where she’s on the same page as you and she doesn’t feel guilty about it. Just apologize and tell her you understand where she’s coming from. But over the next couple months, you can try to convince her gently that its a fun thing to do, if you can’t get her to come around, then just leave that out with her, the upside is you won’t have to clean the sheets every time you hang out.

  9. Okay…not to freak any of you out but instead… give you hope of having a healthy sex life for many years to come. I am a healthy and in good shape 56 year old woman. I have been told I am beautiful and sexual. I am happily married to an amazing man for 31 years. And yes young people you will enjoy sex at 56+. My husband and I enjoy sex so very much and yes…I squirt and it is amazing! My husband is a very selflessness sex partner. He says when I squirt…it is sweet…and tastes amazing. The young man hosting the video is very knowledgeable. And know that great sex is not a sin…God create us to enjoy and find pleasure with each other. I am blessed beyond measure with the sexual relationship I have with my husband…my lover. I hope and pray those who read this…find this level of intamacy someday. Be hopeful and joyful…sex is a gift and it is good!! :-) Focus on what brings pleasure to your partner and you will receive much pleasure in return…

  10. Thanks Will! I’m gonna try this on my girl when I get back in town from work! She’s always been really wet naturally, we’ve just never tried this before. It’s a huge turn on for me though. I had an ex who could squirt like a waterfall all on her own so I know how hot it is. I’ll keep you posted.

  11. Hey Freemen i was trying this technique on my girl from last 5 weeks but there is no result, i think she is non-squirter.
    i always made foreplay and i’m good at it she is satisfied with me but she never get wet or squirt.

  12. I’m a squirter, your advice is really good, I love it when my boyfriend finger fucks me hard especially when I know how turned on he gets when I squirt all over him, I love the feel of his hand slamming against me

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