How To Have Non-Ejaculatory, Insanely Powerful, Male Multiple Orgasms

The first time I heard about male multiple orgasms was in Mantak Chia’s The Multi-Orgasmic Man about a decade ago and for the last five years I’ve been able to have them consistently. Despite what you were taught in health class, orgasm and ejaculation are two completely different things. It’s actually possible for men to orgasm without ejaculating, these are called dry orgasms. Men are also capable of having multiple dry orgasms.

Ejaculation is an automatic bodily function, but with conscious effort and awareness it can be controlled in the same way you can control a sneeze. Sex is designed by nature for procreating and nature uses your most potent energy to create a child. When you ejaculate you release a tremendous amount of energy in the form of sperm.

Unfortunately, consistently draining that energy has its price, the French actually call ejaculation “le petit mort” or the little death, because that’s exactly how it feels, like you died just a little bit. Ejaculation causes an increase in prolactin and a decrease in dopamine.

Prolactin is the chemical that causes the refractory time between orgasms, dopamine is the body’s reward mechanism, the one that gives you an orgasmic high. That’s why every time you cum you go from this amazing high to this immediate low. For many guys, including myself, the dopamine crash causes a low level depression. This lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days, the length depends on how often you ejaculate.

When you ejaculate frequently you drain your body’s vital energy or chi. Think of your body like a car battery, you’re constantly draining it without giving it a chance to recharge. If you want to run through 10 girls a month off Tinder and ejaculate every time you’re going to be a very tired playboy.

Taoists believe the ideal amount of ejaculation is none, and I would agree. It’s easier said then done but I believe you should aim to ejaculate as little as possible. The less you ejaculate the stronger you’ll feel.

If you don’t believe me, try ejaculating 3 times in a day then go to the gym and hit the weights. I bet you won’t even be able to do 90% of your max lift. What you should do instead is take that vital energy and circulate it through your body.

I know the thought of circulating vital energy sounds like some hippy bullshit you’d hear on Oprah, but I promise you it isn’t. Once you’re aware of the energy you will literally feel it move through your body. When you orgasm without ejaculating, two good things happen, you don’t lose energy and your prolactin doesn’t spike which means you have no refractory period. Learning how to dry, multiple orgasms without ejaculating is the first step on the way to mastering multiple, full body orgasms.

How To Have Multiple Orgasms

The first thing you need to do is set aside some time every day to practice. I don’t think it should be too hard to find the time to jerk off. A good time to practice is in the morning when you have the most sexual energy, also any type of stimulant like caffeine or yohimbine will give you a boost in chi or sexual energy.  A quarter tab of Cialis will make it easier to hold onto your erection.

The next thing you want to do is find your pubococcygeus or pc muscle. Go to the washroom and stop the flow of urine midstream, that is your pc muscle at work. The pc muscle is the main muscle involved in your orgasm, and strengthening this will give you better control over your ejaculation. I would suggest doing this routine daily.

I like to lie down to practice. I find its easier to control the energy that way. The energy is stronger when you sit up which makes it much easier to have an accidental ejaculation. Masturbate and slowly bring yourself to the point of orgasm, you’ll find the energy is concentrated in three places, your prostate, your perineum and your pelvic floor, just above the base of your penis.

When you’re close to orgasm, slow every thing down and inch your way towards the point of no return with baby steps. Once you’re close to cumming, gently contract your pc muscles. At this time you’ll be feeling the energy from your perineum and pelvic floor trying to force its way up through your penis, you have to stop the energy before it gets into your dick, if you let the energy get past a quarter of the way up your dick it’s all over. You also don’t want to clench too tightly and try and force yourself not to cum, that can be dangerous for your plumbing.

When done correctly you’ll feel your pc muscles flutter just like they do in an orgasm. You’ll feel an orgasm but the sensations won’t be as strong as an ejaculatory orgasm because your prostate, your most powerful pleasure center, will only be minimally involved. You can repeat this process until you can’t orgasm any more, this usually happens when your pc muscle exhausts itself.

Chances are because you haven’t moved the energy away from your groin so you’ll feel a lot of energy in that area which is completely normal. It will take you about three months to be able to do this consistently, by that I mean ejaculating only a few times a week. It will always be a constant battle not to ejaculate. You’ll get better as time goes on but you’ll always make some mistakes.

Energy Circulation

Once you’ve mastered dry orgasms it’s time to learn how to circulate that energy. The more energy that builds up in your groin the more your body wants to release it, eventually that energy will flow out of your body in an ejaculation.

To stop that from happening, and to increase the pleasure of your dry orgasms you need to learn to move that energy up your spine. When you become aware, you’ll find that most of the energy builds in your pelvic floor with a lesser amount in your perineum and prostate.

When you rub the head of your dick or the top of your shaft, that energy goes to your pelvic floor, to maintain an erection you need energy in your pelvic floor but too much energy will make you ejaculate. This is why you shouldn’t try to bring energy up the front channel, it’s too reliant on your pelvic floor and makes it too easy to have an accident. You also get more powerful orgasms by bringing the energy up the spine because you’re able to more strongly engage your prostate.

To get started, bring yourself to orgasm slowly like you did when you learned how to dry orgasm, except this time stretch out the process for at least 20 to 30 minutes building up a lot of energy. You can power up your energy faster by pulling your pelvic floor in towards your body and contracting your pc muscles lightly.

By the time you get close to orgasm your dick should be very hard, at this point you want to focus on bringing the energy up your back channel in small drips to get in the groove of energy movement. You’ll feel small shivers of energy run up your back.

Push yourself slowly to orgasm and contract your pc muscle, once your pc muscle starts to flutter, lightly contract your sphincter and aim to bring that energy up the back channel. You Should feel pressure at the base of your spine all the way up to your tailbone.

Contract your sphincter in the same rhythm that your pc muscle twitches and with each contraction, aim to get that energy up the spine. To get the energy up the spine all you need to do is get the energy to reach your tailbone and it will automatically shoot up from there.

You really have to focus your mind on the pleasurable sensations in your prostate and slowly circle that energy inch by inch up to your tailbone. Once you get in the groove you’ll notice that you can just contract your sphincter and the energy will immediately go up your back and right to your head like a bolt of electricity.

When you notice too much energy building up in the pelvic floor, you have to focus on moving that energy up the front channel so you don’t have an accidental ejaculation, you can also use your hands to lightly move the energy up your chest, a side effect of this is that it feels really nice having warm tingling energy expand through your body.

You’ll know you’re drawing up the energy correctly when your dick starts to get less hard. Eventually you’ll have 10, 20, 30 orgasms until either your pc muscle wears out or all the energy is moved up. You also have to remember to balance the pleasure of moving and expanding the energy up through the body with restraint, you’re always one false move away from ejaculating, it’s a delicate balancing act.

Unfortunately using your mastery of your body is very hard to do during sex, I still haven’t mastered it. Because getting to the point of orgasm is so delicate, one tiny move of a Brazilian girl’s hips and it can all be over.

It also means you need need to go really slow which is fine for some girls, but as we know, to properly put it down you need to stay in a rhythm.

What mastering this technique does do during sex, is give you a lot more awareness into your body. I promise you’ll never accidentally cum again because you’ll always know where the point of no return is so you can use that newfound dick control on the girl you just ordered off of Tinder.

Once you master this technique, you can have a near endless amount of full body orgasms. I should warn you though, multiple orgasms become very addictive. Not only that, but by mastering your sexual energy, it will put your sex game on steroids.

Now that you know how its done, go jerk off, you have work to do.

  1. The main question is? It is worth it? It require 10 minutes in the morning, while I can meditate, exrecise, read or take the bath. The progress is visible on a daily basics?

  2. The pc exercises are for the morning, they take about 5 minutes, the masturbation is for anytime. You can see progress in about a week and the final result is pretty amazing.

  3. Yes, it is worth it. Learning to have multiple orgasms means longer sex sessions. You will see progress quickly, although a lot of it depends on how strong or weak your sexual energy is. Tai chi or Qigong can help you learn to better control your chi.

    I bought his book years ago and it helped my sex life tremendously:

  4. This happened to me before I even knew about it and lord all mighty is it worth it. My whole body started spasiming and my whole body felt on fire. Do this training, men. Once you can do it with a girl and make her have one at the same time, your life will never be the same. You’ve been warned.

  5. It’s very dangerous. Leads to kundalini awakening and kundalini syndrome and poses spiritual threat.
    You’ve been warned. Don’t even try it or you may regret it bitterly.

  6. Thanks for the warning Martin, although I’ve been doing it for about 6 years with no adverse effects.

  7. You’re a genius Will. This stuff really works. Been following the practice as described in your article. Then last night while fucking the new girlfriend, had several non-ejaculatory orgasms for the first time. it was awesome. gf cant wait for more.

  8. So small drips up the back channel to the tailbone up the spine just to get with the rhythm of the fluttering pc muscles when close to orgasm then up the front channel if too much energy build-up and close to actual ejaculation?

  9. I recently discovered your great site and videos.

    I specifically wanted to commend you for this video on non ejaculatory / fully body multiple male orgasms. It was hands down the best, clearest, most informative and straightforward I’ve ever seen on this topic. It really helped me with the reversal of the energy (as Mantak Chia et al discuss) up the spine and circulating it. I have been working on controlling this energy for years, and the difference is night and day. I cannot believe how most squander this incredible energy source.

  10. PS @Martin – the sexual energy discussed here is not the same thing as kundalini. I would liken it instead to what the Chinese call Jing or Chi, Prana, or Wilhelm Reich’s “Orgone energy.” Kundalini is something much more powerful.

  11. Thanks Damien, I really appreciate it. It took me a long time as well until I figured out that final tweak. And yes its amazing how people squander all that energy, from just one ejaculation I can feel the difference in energy for up to a week.

  12. That’s correct, I’ve never tapped into kundalini, there is definitely energy going up the spine but the real bliss points happen for me in the kidneys ala chi gong. With stims and phenibut you can get some amazingly blissful and happy states out of doing the work. Kundalini seems to be more intense though and potentially dangerous from what I’ve read but I’ve never hit that level.

  13. Hey Will,

    Thanks for the video – very detailed and useful.

    I get a build up of energy in the pelvic floor, and the past few days I can feel an ache in my pelvic floor constantly throughout the day. I keep mistaking it for hunger – but when I eat, the ache doesn’t go away so I am sure it is too much sexual energy build up in that area.

    Besides running fingers up my front area, what else can help with circulating that stuck energy?

  14. Ya that ache is sexual hunger. If its botheriing you for now you can take a few days off, I also find bodyweight squats is a good way to dissipate the tension. But in the future what you have to do is not draw energy into the pelvis but focus on getting it up the spine and kidneys.

  15. I have a trouble with the dry orgasm part. I know how to control the PC muscle and trained it quiet some time (before I read this article). When I felt I was about to cum I tried to clench it as much as I can but either I lose control over the muscle because I was ejaculating or I lost the energy/horniness without ejaculation and without orgasm.
    Is this common and I just need more practice? How exactly to practice?
    This article tells to gently clench it and it will flutter like a normal orgasm. Does it mean that it is fluttering while I clench it? Or it flutters after I release? How do I know when to release?
    After reading this guide one mistake was I try to clench to hard.

    Is there a more detailed guide about this step?

  16. Hey Harald, yes its just a matter of practice, with emphasis on gentle contraction. Hard clenching might possibly damage the plumbing, that is a big no no. You put down a light clench just prior to orgasm and hold it through your pc fluttering, the fluttering will happen automatically if you time it right. Again its just a matter of practice, but make sure not to use hard clenches. Again, takes 3 to 6 months to master it.

  17. I’m a bit confused when it comes to timing . Am I supposed to go past the “point of no return” as if I were going to ejaculate (basically pulling in or blocking the orgasm) while clenching the pc muscle? Or am I stopping short of that point and clenching the pc muscle? I was under the impression that I’m supposed to stop short and gently clench, but when I do that, I don’t feel anything, and it’s like rebooting the whole process.

  18. You’re supposed to stop short and gently clench, but it’s not going to happen in one day, as the article says it might take a few months. Try experimenting closer to the edge so you know exactly where it is, you’ll no you’ve done if properly when your pc muscles flutter on their own.


  20. Hey John, it’s good that your seeing results already, and very good that you don’t feel the need to cum, ejaculation is an addiction and a draining one, but eventually the urge to ejaculate goes away. Keep at it and try and bring that energy up your back channel before your pubic area gets too full.


  22. I’d take it easy at that point and not go so intense, it means you’re body is not yet able to handle the powerful energy you’re moving around, baby steps my man

  23. Hey Will,

    I’ve been trying some the Mantak chia techniques for a couple years on and off, but find it hard to recognize when I’m moving energy up my spine. Usually I tend to have burst of energy throughout my whole body when I avoid ejaculation, but its hard to tell if I’m doing correctly and when I’ve had an orgasm. I think I have done it, and had non ejaculatory orgasms, but what would you say is a good measure of when I have had multiple whole body orgasms.

  24. My advice Nigel is to keep practicing and keep tuning in to your body, focus strongly first on feeling the energy then on moving it, and then you’ll know for sure, daily practice is the key.

  25. How often would you advise ejaculating generally? cause I know its supposed to clean your tubes from your prostate. Even while being able to circulate the energy and have whole body orgasms.

  26. I have been doing (edging) penis enlargement for years and learned this “doaist technique” definitely going to help for my porn shoot with naughty America lol

  27. I try and avoid ejaculating altogether, or as infrequently as possible and I haven’t noticed any adverse affects. With that said my record is 8 months. On average its one every month or so.

  28. Eye opening article. Serious question guys: does anyone know the type of practitioner who specializes in this stuff? So, if I wanted to learn/practice tantric masturbation, I would go to a professional __________ … Any help is appreciated!

  29. Thanks Leo, the guy to go to is Mantak Chia, his books are where I got a lot of this stuff, although I put my tweaks on it. He actually has a compound just outside of Chiang Mai, where I live. The time to come is nov – feb, gorgeous every day. I’ve never been but my buddy has and set it was really good. Here’s the site

  30. hi……! please i want know what is
    happening to me. 1: my whole body
    pains if i do not have either
    ejaculatory or non ejaculatory orgasm.
    why my body pains? 2: is my dry
    orgasm okay? because i do not know if
    i am doing it right. all i do to have my
    dry or non ejaculatory orgasm is to
    stop all stimulation or atleast reduce
    the pressure of stimulation at the
    point of no return, then i feel
    something like clench in my either
    prostate or pc and then feel satisfy as
    if i have nomal ejaculatory orgasm.
    and even if i pee i will not see semen.
    please is it ok?

  31. So it’s not usable during sex? That’s disappointing…
    But how did you manage not to ejaculate for 8 months then?

  32. Hello! I’ve been practicing on edging and kegels for many years. But only recently read about this almost miraculous amazing thing called male multiple-orgasms. I’ve practiced daily trying to hold it all in. And have had success a few times (No orgasm though and loss of boner). But I still have a few problems I really wish you could tell me more about. Whenever I am able to hold all the stuff inside I seem to NOT get a orgasm at all, maybe 1-2seconds at best, and even If I dont ejaculate my dick goes soft and I have the same refractory period I would usually have after an wetorgasm. How should I proceed? Is my timing not right? Am I clenching too hard? I also noticed that some days it is SO hard and almost impossible to not ejaculate, cause Im so horny and I feel ALOT of sexual energy in my glans and pelvis. You talked about moving this energy and with this technique I would be able to last for as long as I want and be able to achieve a full on NE fullbodyorgasm is this right? I cant however seem to be able to move it anywhere when Im in the PONR and really horny (and even when not so arroused). Would love to be able to make love for hours and experience multipleorgasms.. Sorry for the long note, I just REALLY want to learn this, and not many know about it, so would really appreciate all the help! :)

  33. Hi,
    Im a 78 year old male with ED. A few years ago I had a turp and thought it was all over for me. Orgasims were few
    and far between and not at all satisfying. I’m still as horny as ever though and recently I became desperate.
    I started researching and experimenting intensely. First I came to a new , to me , form of masterbating. Instead of pumping my shaft as usual I press my thumb on rear of the glans of my largely flaccid member and my first 3 fingers on the rear, at or just below the other side of the glans. By rubbing my fingers in a tight, circular motion I can achieve a nearly continuous sense of pleasure. By slightly changing pressure, speed and position of my fingers I can further enhance the intensity of the experience. In a week or so of experimenting I have come to reach previously unimaginable heights of unremitting joyous delight. Best of all. Due to the infrequency of ejaculatory orgasims at my age I find I can have countless back to back dry orgasims at will. Oh joy, Oh joy. I will never again feel sorry for myself
    for having had a turp or ED. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  34. What do you do when you pull up your energy, either through the spine or the front? What do you do with that energy? You let it go wherever it wants to once you get the flow going up?

  35. OK, thanks. It’s a bit weird. I’m getting what I could call energy orgasms, but they are far less pleasurable than ejaculatory orgasms. They are strong spasms in my abdomen, but are limited to that area and are only slightly pleasurable. And I noticed now I can even trigger them at will, without any kind of sexual stimulation and even the slightest sign of erection. I don’t recognize any of the things you describe, like the fluttering of your PC muscle. Did your non-ejaculatory orgasms feel good right from the start? Or are they something you need to get used to?

  36. Hello,

    I think it is not clear for everybody. Will can you pleasse respond punctual:

    1. This dry orgasm means that is the same feeling like a orgasm with ejaculation? Obvious, without the feeling of ejaculation itself…but the same orgasm feeling?

    2. In this case, we do not have to stop the orgasm feeling, we only have to stop the ejaculation?

    3. So, when the orgasm feeling come we have to let it go but hold the PC muscle, because we have to stop the ejaculation?


  37. Yes, you just stop the ejaculation, you want the orgasm, and you want to be able to move the energy up your spine by gently (never hard) contracting the pc muscle

  38. I can’t said I’ve had those experiences so I can’t comment on them Mike. As to your question though, it took a while for me to get the hang of it, the dry orgasms were maybe 30% as pleasurable as regular orgasm until I started to be able to move the energy up my spine.

  39. WILL FREEMEN, when the orgasm feeling is coming, you contract ypur PC muscles, to stop the ejaculation and let go the orgasm feeling. What about the respiration: how do you manage here?

    You stop breathing when you contract PC Muscles to stop ejaculation? Or breath In when you contract? Or breath Out?

  40. So Will, when the orgasm feeling is coming, you contract ypur PC muscles, to stop the ejaculation and let go the orgasm feeling. What about the respiration: how do you manage here?

    You stop breathing when you contract PC Muscles to stop ejaculation? Or breath In when you contract? Or breath Out?

  41. I try and keep my breathing relaxed but not to deep, breathing too deep throws off my concentration game, with that said i don’t sync my breathing to my contractions, i don’t focus on the breath like you would in meditation, i focus more on the energy in my prostate and moving it up the spine.

  42. Hey will, I’m practicing hard everyday what you said here and it seems very nice.
    But when it comes to orgasm, I am really wondering how long I should contract the pc muscle. I tried it short like1~2 seconds and long more than 10 seconds. But either way I couldn’t feel dry orgasm.

    How long should I contract the pc muscle when I’m reaching orgasm?
    And how much strength should I use when contracting the pc muscle?


  43. This definitely works I practiced for a few months to achieve it. You can do like 10 to 20 in one session and some times they can last for ages. I agree they are very addictive though.

  44. So instead of having a full non ejaculatory orgasm you just pull energy out of the prostate by contracting your pc (tailbone muscle) and bring that energy up your spine and into your kindeys? This is what increased your stamina correct? Not using the dry orgasms in sex, but moving your energy out of the prostate?

  45. Hi will, I have just started practicing and I have to clinch pc muscles hard to not let go my fluid. But you say that u have to clinh it gentley. With that i lose lose my boner. Is it normal?

  46. Dude , I need your help . I am doing what you are saying , also I have read the Mantak Chia book , but the problem is when I do the technique , I have small orgasm , I keep my erection and sexual arousal , but when I pee I cann see that the semen is in my urine . This is happening for the 10th time maybe . What I am doing wrong ? please help…

  47. Couple of questions…..
    Do you stop stimulation when at the point of no return? How exactly do you transfer the energy to your back channel?


  48. Hey Will, when you are having multiple orgasms, how close are they together? Do you let yourself cool down after each orgasm or do you keep yourself right at the very edge and go from one orgasm to the next in close order?

  49. Great description of the macro-cosmic orbit. Been multi-orgamic since teens, a gift. Though did not have a clue, then. Read many descriptions of this online, your description is about the best.
    Have substantial ED, now. I’m a senior. However, my natural chi energy has always been high. Mantak Chia has trained and assisted with circulating the orbit in my body. I use yohimbe as necessary, sometimes Cialis. Agree that when I have sex, I automatically go into circulation. People(men) I’m gay, think I’m off the hook. However, been that way my whole life. Enjoy your website. Thank you. Peace

  50. Fantastic article and video! Thank you! I decided to pick up training in earnest after almost a full year of no practice at all (just lots of porn and jerking off every couple of days). Your video was so much easier to follow than nearly all the videos on YouTube, so thank you again.

    I have what I think is a simple question as I practice. I get to about 7-8 on the pleasure scale and stop, clench, and breathe. I’m working on drawing up the every and have light, airy feelings in my head (so I think I’m getting there). The question i have is do I just stop and regain control or should I get to the PONR or 10 and try my darndest not to blow my load?

  51. Hey, Will. You are so right. Once I got the hang of tantric masturbation, I also find it is far more pleasurable than sex with a girl. When I build up a lot energy, mentally pull it into and focus on my prostate, and get really close to my PNR, I orgasm REALLY HARD and LONG. My PC contracts as many as 70 or 80 times! And my dick flexes along with it like its desperately trying to ejaculate! Amazing! Not at all like a 10-second ejaculatory orgasm. One thing I discovered, though, is that when I “gently” clench my PC to kickstart my NEO, I keep my eyes open. It seems to make my orgasms stronger, deeper, and more intense. “Thank you” seems totally inadequate for what you have given me, man, but thank you!

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