How To Have Casual Sex Off Of Plenty Of Fish Plus Online Dating Statistics

For those of you guys new to internet whoring Plenty Of Fish or POF is the world’s largest free dating site. And if you want to know how to get laid on POF, you came to the right place. Plenty Of Fish isn’t the best dating site, that honor goes to Tinder, but it is the biggest. Which means you have the most options for hooking up with DTF girls. You can find every type of woman on POF except for SWPL artists and hipsters who you can find on Ok Cupid instead.

The problem with POF is it’s run by a sex negative mangina who does everything in his power to cockblock guys, from limiting messages to blocking copy and pastes to setting arbitrary age restrictions on messages. Despite all the downsides, POF has the largest dating pool there is, so it can’t be ignored.

How To Get Laid On POF


Who Will This Work For?

  • Guys who live in at least a medium-sized city, the larger the better, online dating is a numbers game
  • Guys who have decent or better looks, style and physical fitness, anyone else is invisible online, the better you are in these areas the better your results will be
  • Despite what most pick up artists tell you, looks do matter, you should work on improving these as much as possible through weightlifting, dressing well and proper grooming

What You Need

  • The best possible pictures you can have, I got an amateur photographer to take 200 pictures of me with a $1500  camera and used the 2 best ones
  • A Plenty Of Fish account
  • Its also a good idea to have some Cialis on hand to make sure you really put it down
  • Phenibut is also a great drug for easing your nerves, plus it makes sex amazing

 What  Your Profile Should Look Like

  • 2 to 3 of the best possible photos of yourself with no one else in the frame
  • The tone of your profile should be brief, honest and playful, like you’re not taking it too seriously
  • Your profile should show that you’re not looking for anything serious, a bit about or yourself, a few witty things, and a small list of interests
  • No shirtless or overly sexual photos (unless you are jacked, girls have their pick for pure casual sex and will only pick guys that look like men’s mag cover models)
  • The grammar on your profile should be as good as possible, women screen hard for this
  • Have your profile set to short term dating or new friends (don’t check casual sex or message girls for casual sex, this will get you filtered out by girls who’ve selected that option)

Who To Message

  • Aim to message women within ten years of your age and within a point of your rating, eg. if you’re a 28-year-old and you’re a 7, you can message girls from 18 to 28 ranging in looks from 8 and below
  • The farther away from your age and rating the less probability you will have of getting a response from the woman
  • Message girls looking for short-term dating and new friends, don’t bother with girls looking for a relationship

How To Message Women

  • Block off 2 hours on a Sunday
  • Search for women in your league and area with their intent set to: “Wants To Date But Nothing Serious”
  • Do a quick scan of her profile, no more than 15 seconds, if you like her then leave the tab open, repeat with 19 tabs
  • Once you have your tabs set up scroll through each post for about 30 seconds to find something you can make a witty comment about
  • Post your comment in the title of the message, in the body type “Seriously though, you seem interesting and I’d like to get to know you better, my name is x”
  • Repeat with the other 19 tabs
  • Download the POF app for your phone and use it in your wage slavery cubicle throughout the week to respond to messages
  • Once you get a response back, message her back 2 times based on what she said for a total of 3 messages from you
  • When you get the third message from her, hit her back with “I’d like to get to know you better, why don’t you give me your number and I’ll text you.”

How To Deal With Non-Responders

  • Don’t waste time on them
  • If a women doesn’t respond to any of the steps in this method, drop her like a bad habit
  • The reason you need to be so strict in this area is most girls are online to waste your time and don’t meet up
  • If you’re serious about learning how to get laid consistently, you need to get rid of timewasters quick


  • Text her back the same day you get her number: “hey its x from Plenty Of Fish, how’s your day going?
  • Send maybe 1 to 2 more messages back and then text her “cool, we should get grab a coffee/drink, what does your schedule look like this week?”
  • If her answer is anything less than yes and volunteering a time, then delete her contact info
  • If she says yes then schedule a time that works for you at a coffee shop by your place
  • I would never meet a woman anywhere else because woman flake, sometimes without telling you, and you’ll have wasted your time hiking your ass across the city only to be stood up
  • The date should take between 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on how sexually available she is
  • At the end of the date, ask her back to your place regardless
  • Once you get back to your place, escalate towards sex, this means making out, grinding, rubbing her pussy
  • If she stops you or moves your hand, give it about 5 minutes and try again
  • Never use force and if you notice she’s tensing up, physically stop all physical contact immediately
  • If she’ll have sex with you on the first date it will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours
  • Sexually available women do have sex on the first date, in fact the majority of the women I’ve slept with have been on the first date
  • If you don’t have sex on the first night you should invite her over again, if she doesn’t respond or wants to go anywhere besides your place, delete all contact info
  • If she comes over again, escalate to sex, if a girl doesn’t have sex with you by the end of the 3rd date she either never will or will only have sex with you in a relationship

My Online Dating Statistics

  • These stats are taken from about 2050 opening messages I’ve sent to girls over a 5 year period
  • I don’t have a record of  all my messages so some of the data had to be extrapolated from a smaller sample size of 300
  • If you’re getting significantly worse statistics you can either get better pictures, lower your standards or both
  • Response rate on opening message: 19%
  • Phone number rate: 11%
  • 1st dates: 6%
  • Sex: 2%
  • Conclusion: To have sex with one women takes me about 50 opening messages
  1. What do you do after you have sex with the girl? Do you delete all contact info with that person after the deed is done?

  2. Only if the sex is terrible or I realize I’m not that into her. If its good and I like her, I’ll keep seeing her. If we’re both into each other over the course of a few months and she fits what I’m looking for then I’ll get exclusive with her.

  3. Wow your method works! First girl I used this method on I got her back to my house same night! The key is to look for girls that want no commitment, they know what they want.
    Thank you Will

  4. I always have a hard time with what to write first when I approach them first. Any suggestions on what’s a good first opening message?

  5. Yep, just aim for women within your age bracket which is 38 to 48. Also I would wear a well tailored suit and try and present the image of success and wealth. After that it comes down to playing the numbers game.

  6. His stats are quite good at 2% , mine have been 1% .
    I’ve found going out to a bar is much better odds.
    last time in Florida netted 5 dates with different woman in one week. But then again I had three dates in one day recently from pof.
    One thing I did find out was that a few dates admitted to been very sexually aroused while sat talking to me. One got very wet and the other had to masturbate in her car on her way home.
    also, 50% of my girls are submissive , yes as in 50 shades of grey but will not say unless asked …just ask guys :)

    Good luck

  7. Mr.Freeman writes a spot on article.

    I found POF and for every 10 messages I get 4 responses. Out of 4 responses I get 2 dates. Every date leads to sex on the second date.

    I play the extreme gentleman on the first date with sexting prior to the second date. The sexting sets the tone of the second date from a playful flirt to I am going to show you how naughty the chick can get. I like to search any woman 4 years +/- my age. Outside of that age range & things get much more difficult.

    Also it seems the bigger the lady the less likely she will request a condom. The bigger fish either are very sexually agressive or have standards that are ridiculously high. It is best to pick a fit lady since they are more particular about bedding a clean man.

  8. Within the first month of POF I asked every girl to describe the men contacting them. This gave me an insight of what turned them off so I can avoid making the same mistakes previous made by less determined men. I custom tailored my profile to include what my targeted demographic searched for.

    The women I contact live in nearby cities that are lower income than the one I reside in. Women in my city hunt upscale which excludes the local men in their opinion. By dating lower than your socio-economic group you allow the woman to do whatever she can to reel in a better catch than she would ordinarily would have access to. Greed is the greatest motivator followed close second to lust. A greedy woman will do ANYTHING in the sack to land a gainfully employed male.

    If a lady’s profile contains a shopping list for a man steer clear. This woman is searching for the perfect man, which makes her a very damaged lady emotionally. She will have a stained past with men. For you to be acceptable she will attempt to make the man run a cunt game gauntlet prior to spreading her legs. I don’t care how pretty this woman is, she is bad juju and a time burner. Time spent with shopping list ladies are less time for truly ready lays.

  9. Agree on avoiding women with the shopping list profile, their sense of entitlement is out of control. And thats absolutely right, the more time you waste on timewasters the less time you have for dtf girls.

  10. I kid you not… After my first 3 months of using plenty of fish had sex with over 25 women. I was amazed at how easy it was. I mean I’ve never had a problem getting women as I do think im above average in looks and I’m very witty and funny. Women love to laugh. The op is right. It’s a numbers game. Also, some women claim they want a relationship but if they are feeling you they will sleep with you. I’ve had at least a dozen women like this. I also conducted a test. Gentlemen vs an asshole…. Asshole wins most of the time. Let her know that if she does not want to get with you that its not a big deal because you can get plenty of women. (you don’t have to say it in the same manner) I’ve had girls that I’ve never even spoken to on the phone (only msgs thru the app) give me her body within minutes of meeting her!

  11. A lot of this info matches my experiences. Your going for the number after the third response is gold.

  12. Any tips if you don’t have your own place yet? Literally just finished college so I don’t have the fundage for a bachelor yet.

  13. Hey brother, unfortunately I don’t have the time to take on clients right now. But I can tell you with 99% certainty the problem is with your pictures. My advice is to check out my style guide to make you’re you’re looking sharp. Then go to a pro photographer and get him to take 300 pictures suited up as well as in other cool clothes. Then pick the best 3 or 4 and load them up, your response rate will triple.

  14. Hey Incase I missed it. What’s the best thing to put on the “about me” section. I’ve tried so many ideas. Nothing seems to help. I don’t want to write the wrong thing

  15. I’ve done everything you advise. I’ve sent messages to hundreds of girls on PoF. Only about 2% of them reply. Not one of them is willing to meet me. What can I do?

  16. My advice is first to get pro pictures done in good lighting, and second to spend the next few years maxing out your SMV (see all my articles in the women section).

  17. I am probably a seven or eight on the looks scale athletic and in shape and when I started on POF I was getting shit for responses so I changed my profile I shortened it up and almost made it rude and my responses went through the roof the only people that I really read their profile where the absolute bomb shell knock out when I reply to them I pick at least one subject on their profile to talk about the rest of the women I just say hey what’s up hit me back and the amount of women that now message me is unreal and make sure your profile isn’t a sloppy as this use periods and shit and add a little other Emoji’s or whatever

  18. Hey Will. Killer stuff, thanks for helping all us guys out. Got a question for you. I live in the suburbs about 25 minutes outside a major city. There are some bars and coffee shops in the town I live in, maybe a 5 minute drive from my house. You’re setup about taking the girl back to your place works real nice in the city, where the two of you can stay together as you take her back. Logistically, it seems this will be harder in the suburbs if we both have to jump in separate cars, and she follows me back to my place. Seems like it could be a real rapport-killer, and also give her time to back out. Do you think this is true? Of if she is really into you, then maybe it doesn’t matter, and she’ll most likely follow you back to you place. Thoughts about this?

  19. Very nice and detailed article. I have a few questions: Is it better to invite girls on dates or can you simply tell them to come to your place? Also, What do you do when you bring a girl back to your place, do you sit them on your couch or just take them straight to the bedroom, or something different?

    Another question is it good to show girls nudes or nah? Could you post how to get nudes and show the conversations you’ve had?

    Sorry if that was too much man but your article has me excited about this stuff lol.

  20. Better to get them to come over if you can, but many are hesitant so you’re leaving money on the table. Usually to couch first, but check out my article on how to get laid on the first date it covers everything.

    If you’re running pure dtf game and in good shape/have a nice cock, then it’s good as a qualifier, check out how to get laid on tinder article, or for more detail my book how to get laid on tinder where I show all my examples.

  21. Guy is more or less spot on talking from experience

    But I don’t agree with searching only a Sertian type

    I find the ones that say looking for a relationship as just as bad lol

  22. After I kicked my wife out I signed up for POF and really have no trouble at all. My pictures are not really great quality but they show me having fun with friends and doing various intersting things. I never waste time. once I get them to message me I ask them to dinner.. I swear, I don’t think any woman has said no and I’ve lost count of how many. I’ve had some of them ask me to come to their place and one that had already rented a motel room. (she wasn’t that attractive but she sure knew what she was doing – ‘taught me song things.

  23. I find this all very helpful and informative.
    That said, I still have far better success in person (bar, Casino or even just any public place) as I am a 8 on the looks, financially decently off (medical field and drive a Benz) and I am an excellent talker (political lobbyist ad well). So in person is my strong suite.
    One major difference between in person and online is your “range”. I am 47 but look my early thirties. I find that in person this opens up the younger range of women (ie 21+) in a way that you cannot have online. And honestly no matter how great shape and looking they are, most women in their late thirties and up have baggage.
    Anyhow I am going to sign up for POF and see how your method works in relation to how I normally fare in the real world.

  24. Oh and one thing I forgot. I have tried Tinder the “greatest way to get laid ever” with zero success. Now I will say that it works really badly with the iPhone. But I have had moderate to excellent success in the past with other online sites and absolutely zero with Tinder.

  25. Hey Will, ya Tinder is for 18-35, at least in most cities, big cities might be ok. I would use ok cupid instead or whatever the bigger dating sites are in your city.

  26. Nobody had said anything for a while so I will just drop the “thanks for the great article” here.

  27. I am reading your blog and find some interesting information and you are sharing the very wonderful article so, you can delete your POF account. the prof account is uest most create a problem use connecting the Be sure to fill out the exit survey before you leave!

  28. Awesome write up and it’s been effective for me for years. What you say about POF and it’s dating pool fitting medium to large cities was an understatement. I go between OKC & Chicago. Cupid is garbage in Oklahoma. Not enough quality women; constantly see the same. I think the low percentage of hipsters applies. But in Chicago all of the big 3 work. Particularly Tinder and Cupid. In a large city I don’t really need the depth of POF. Pool size is a major factor. Thanks for the awesome advice.

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