How To Get Out Of The Friendzone – 100%, Foolproof, Guaranteed Gameplan

I have a 100% foolproof technique for getting out of the friend zone, and I’m going to give to you today for free:

Stop being friends with her.

What, you thought I was going to sell you some snake oil method for sneaking out of the friendzone? Never.

You cannot get this girl to be your girlfriend, that’s why she has you in the friend zone. Your job is to be a shoulder to cry on over other guys. If she wanted more from you, she would have put you in the boyfriend zone.

If you ever had a shot, you lost it months or even years ago, and that’s if you even had a shot, which you probably never did in the first place.

She’s not going to wake up one day, after crying on your shoulder for years and realize she loves you. She’s going to keep fucking degenerates that don’t know her last name because she’d rather fuck anyone but you.

And don’t think a grand declaration of your love will change things, it won’t, all it will do is embarrass you.

Because dude, she already knows, she knows exactly how much you like her, with mathematical precision.

She’ll never admit it though because it would mean she’s been knowingly manipulating you, but believe me, she knows, and all her friends know too.

That might be hard to hear, but it’s the truth. And it’s ok, because we’ve all been there at least once, every guy has been friendzoned and brokenhearted, and he’s a liar if he says otherwise.

I’ve been there, back in high school, thinking I was wearing her down…

Oh she got a new boyfriend, that’s ok, just wait another 6 months Will, that relationship won’t last, then she’ll be all yours…

She had her hooks in me deep, and my 15 year old brain didn’t know any better.

But I figured it out eventually, and I never made the same mistake again.

And that’s exactly what you need to do. Cut her off and never make the same mistake again.

Here’s how you do it:

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone

1) Stop being friends with her. No reason necessary, just stop texting, calling, and meeting up with her. Eventually she’ll start texting you, wondering where her shoulder to cry on went, your job is to tell her your busy and eventually cut all contact. She might want to meet up to talk about your non-relationship, but don’t waste your time, she’s already wasted enough of it. Just cut contact and eventually cut her off completely.

2) Focus on other things. Getting up early, getting organized, getting your business together, getting in shape, in short – winning. Doing all those other things that are good for you, this will help keep you focused and not thinking about her.

2) Stop fantasizing about her. Love is constant, low grade, self-hypnosis, and you’ve been hypnotizing yourself for the last year with thoughts about your perfect angel. That’s what got you into this mess in the first place. Now you have to pull her off the pedestal in your mind, and of the three steps, this is the hardest, but it can be done.

When thoughts of her come up, which they will at first, reframe them with reality. And reality is, this girl has been clowning you for the last year. Knowingly friendzoning someone is torture and I wouldn’t do it to my worst enemy.

If you’re feeling anything about her it should be anger, not forever, but for now, because that will keep you away from her. It’s normal to be angry, just as long as you don’t hold on to it forever. Just look at your time in the friendzone as a learning experience and charge it to the game, and eventually the anger will go away because you won’t care about her anymore.

Move Forward

It might be a tough pill to swallow but it works, the second you stop being friends with her, you’re out of the friend zone. And you’ve made a major move forward in your development as a man, you chose your dignity over a girl, and that’s a choice you should make for the rest of your life. Because a smart man doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

  1. Dear Will:
    Why did you erase my last posting? Simple yes or no answer:
    If a guy has absolutely no prospects of getting laid, should he STILL
    refuse to socialize with ALL women?
    That would be pretty difficult wouldn’t it? That would be like trying to
    hold your breath until you die. It can’t be done without assistance in most
    cases, like the conclusion of the film “The House Of Sand And Fog.”

  2. That’s pretty much the most effective way to get off the friendliness if you mistakenly land there. Though I pretty much expected gimmick. Thumbs up!

  3. What if it’s a girl who you hooked up with, but became super needy via text and she ends up friendzoning before the second date even comes around. You’re a completely inexperienced with women at the time and your looks and her high level of attraction to you is what got you in bed with her to begin with. You do your research and learned about the mistakes that turned her off, and a few months later she hits you up wanting to go out again. What would you have suggested in this case? This happened to me last year and I still blew the girl off. I sort of regret this now because she was definitely into me and was attracted to me, and it was me blowing her phone up after hooking up that got me friendzoned. Did I do the right thing?

  4. Some seduction companies would sell u courses: Get out of the friendzone! Pay $50 and we’ll teach you how!
    But yeah, you’re better off pursuing other girls who are more sexually available to you.

    I remember declining a girl for the dreaded friendzone, but she insisted, so she hooked me up with her best friend instead.

    If she didn’t have a cute single friend I would’ve simply moved on.

    Now I’ve moved on anyway, & I haven’t looked back.

    I know that if she had another cute friend, she’d let me know.

    But otherwise it’s pointless to spend time with her at a coffee shop, when I can be out meeting, flirting and socializing with sexually available girls instead. A man’s gotta take care of his sexual needs. (Like she does with other guys).

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