How To Get More Sex (What Actually Works)

If you’re like many single guys, you want to know how to get more sex. The truth is, it’s a lot simpler than you think, although you might not like the reality of it.

In the sexual marketplace, you are the seller, and women are the buyers. Despite what the media may tell you, women don’t sell sex (excluding prostitutes), men do. Getting laid is exactly like my former career in sales, you’re the guy on the phone calling up and asking if she wants to buy, and she’s the one deciding if she’s interested.

Women in the sexual marketplace also exhibit the exact same behavior as buyers in the corporate world. They’re often flaky and don’t follow through. They can be dismissive. And although there are plenty of amazing women out there, some are just downright rude.

It’s tough out there as a salesman, just like it’s tough out there as a playboy. The reality of the game is not what you see in movies – rejection is the name of the game, and more often than not, things don’t go how you want them to.

With that said, if getting more sex is a priority for you right now, there are a lot of things you can do to stack the deck in your favor:

How To Get More Sex

1) Maximize Your Sexual Market Value

In the frame of “getting more sex is sales”, you are the product. If you look like a 1997 palm pilot it will be very difficult to get laid. However if you look like the new iPhone you won’t have to put in much effort in at all.

Unfortunately, despite what many “PUAs” will tell you, a lot of your sexual market value is determined by your genetics. This is the biggest limiting factor in the game. It’s shallow, and superficial, and I wish it wasn’t true, but it’s just a fact of life.

With that said, there is a tremendous amount you can do. And getting your sexual market value up will give you the best chance at getting laid. Going from a 5/10 to a 7/10 is definitely possible when you’re willing to put in the work, and will give you a massive increase in your ability to get women.

****(note, ranking a human out of 10 sounds ruthless, but I only mean it in terms of sexual market value, which is a real thing, not their worth as a human being.)

The key areas to focus on are:

1) Style

2) Fitness

When I was still running sex game on Tinder, I had a lot of good results with this profile picture (don’t believe the hype that girls don’t like muscles or shirtless pics):

And if you want a total, in-depth, super-detailed guide to getting your sexual market value up, check out my article on how to calculate and maximize your sexual market value, it’s everything I know about getting better looking:

How To Calculate And Maximize Your Sexual Market Value

2) Get Better Game

In the frame of “getting more sex is sales”, with you as the product, your game is your salesmanship. As we covered above, the bulk of your appeal to women is based on your looks, but if you can’t sell your product, than you aren’t getting laid. And having good game is a crucial piece of the package.

Check out these articles to step your game up:

And if you really want to invest in getting laid, the most efficient way out there right now IMO is Tinder. Check out my hyper-detailed, step-by-step field manual on getting laid on Tinder:

3) Play The Numbers Game

In the frame of “getting more sex is sales”, with you as the product, and your game as your salesmanship, playing the numbers game is your output. Just like you can’t close a deal without putting in a lot of work, you can’t get more sex without playing the numbers game.

In my last job in corporate sales, I had to make 100 calls a day and make $40,000 a month in revenue to keep my job. At one point in my sales career I had to make 400 cold calls a day. Sales is the best training a man can have for getting women, because dating is the exact same process.

And if you’ve never really put in the numbers, you’d be shocked at how effective it is. You can be out running day game and approach 20 girls in a row, get dejected, but then the 21st girl goes home with you in an hour. The fact of the matter is, good things happen when you play the numbers game. And the more women you approach or message online, the more you get laid.

4) Lower Your Standards

Lastly, since your sexual market value is the major limiting factor in you getting laid, an easy hack to getting more sex is just simply to lower your standards.

If you’re a 4/10 struggling to land 7’s, by lowering your standards to 4’s and 5’s you will watch your lay count go up (again, not a measure of them as a human being, just a measure of their sexual market value).

If this sounds depressing, don’t worry, as you continue to build your sexual market value, your dating options will only get better.

And if you’re already a decent looking guy, this will work even better.  Let’s say you’re a 7 or an 8 but you’re too scared to approach 8’s, lowering your standards below your sexual market value will skyrocket your ability to get more sex.

Some of you guys reading this might not like the idea of lowering your standards, or you might worry about what your friends think, but I want to let you in on a little secret…

It doesn’t matter what other guys think.

The truth is, outside of having a girlfriend, most guys barely get laid, I’m talking 6 months to two year dry spells. And then when they actually find a girl willing to have sex with them, they make her their girlfriend, so who cares what they think.

Guess who has two thumbs and doesn’t care about what other guys think…. this guy

In my long and dirty dating history I’ve had a lot of fun with bigger women, or women that other guys would have passed on and I don’t care one bit. Big girls need love too!

The truth is, you can still have good sex with girls who don’t look like supermodels. And if you’ve been in a dry spell for the last year, I promise you, it’s going to feel a lot better than being involuntarily celibate.

The way to do it is just focus on what you find attractive about her. Maybe she has great tits, or nice eyes or a nice big ass (my favorite). Whatever it is, focus on what you’re attracted to and enjoy the experience. You might even find the sex is better because she’s going to invest more in the experience then the stuck up girl who is used to having guys roll out the red carpet everywhere she goes.

Not only that, but it’s a great way to build your sexual confidence. The more sex you have the more confident you get. And also, if you struggle with performance anxiety, it’s often because you’re trying to impress that really hot girl. But when you’re with a girl who’s not as attractive, you’ll find it a lot easier to relax and therefore have better sex.

Finally, if sex is an area where you don’t feel confident, and it’s holding you back from getting the sex life you want, feel free to check out my book, How To F&%# Women Properly:

One Last Point On Promiscuity

If you came here looking for how to get more sex, I hope you found this article useful. With that said, I want you to know that I don’t actively live the promiscuous lifestyle I used to.

I think learning how to get laid, and how to get more sex can be fun for a while, and useful in terms of getting your confidence up, and learning what type of women you enjoy being around….

But there is a downside…

After the initial rush of being able to get with a lot of women, many guys start to feel empty and unfulfilled. This is your body (or spirit’s way if you believe in a higher self) of telling you want more fulfilling relationships with women – don’t ignore that voice.

If you’re struggling to get laid right now, this might be hard to see, but I want you to keep it in mind for the future. You can not only have really fulfilling relationships with women, but you can have deeper levels of sexual intimacy and love, that just can’t get from casual sex. If you’re interested, feel free to check out the following resources.

  1. I’m Brazilian and using the google translator, I read your articles like this;)

      And after having several women interested in me at Tinder. Where do you take them?

    Can I make a direct appointment at my apartment or motel?

    Restaurants and bars? Beach, park, shopping, cinema?

    This first meeting spending the least money what are the best options to spend the least money and to fuck as fast as possible?

    Your work is incredible, thank you very much.

  2. I think coffee, dessert, FroYo, etc work best in my dating. I prefer something like that with a natural outdoor walk nearby (park, playground, etc) so that we can do that if the meeting date is going well.

    Will hit on some very good key points again. I wish more guys – and women – would just lower their standards a tad. Hypergamy keeps SOOOO many people from living a happy and fulfilled life. I too have a reputation among friends as a ladies’ man, but it is simply that I fail as much as I try and I keep it relaxed throughout.

    I’ve been a frequent lover of less than petite and less than young women on many occasions. Sometimes it is to keep from hitting a dry spell, sometimes to just be worshipped and keep my confidence up, and many times just because I know it’s fun… I would recommend that to anyone. All other things equal, if I could choose a prissy female 9 who “will” date me and is “pretty comfortable” with me versus a 7 who feels like she “gets to,” I will take that all day. It’s empowering, it’s good sex… and just plain fun.

  3. Hey Will, great content like usual.

    This makes me think a bit about a few girls on the low end of the scale that i kept rejecting and realizing potential missed opportunities while being in pain over some prissy high end of scale girl. But oh well, it is what it is.

    Anyway, i think you could do more with emphasizing how masturbation is a game killer. Besidea ruining my game, it makes me feel lazy and unmotivated in general. I find that not masturbating even after a week or 2, i already get flirty glances from women. Unfortunately i can’t pull off not doing it for more than a week or 2 …

    Feel like out of everything i have going against me right now, its my biggest drawback, (inspite of knowing better). If you could give advice on simply how to avoid masturbation and get over it or PMO it would be greatly appreciated.

    Perhaps even a whole guide on it would be cool, its really addicting, especially porn, and life shattering on the level of alcohol, drugs and etc

  4. Will, long-time reader here but this is my first comment.

    Every single article and video you’ve published on RLD is great. But your dating advice in particular is some of the best I’ve seen on the Internet, if not the best. And I’m not saying that lightly.

    It’s very practical and highly efficient, but above all, it’s realistic.

    I can also highly recommend your ebooks (all of them). They are even better than the already amazing stuff you’re generously putting out for free.

    Thank you for the great service you’re doing here!

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