How To Get Laid on Tinder: How I Banged 10 New Girls in 5 Weeks

In this article I breakdown my ultra-practical method that will show you exactly how to get laid on Tinder. For those of you guys not familiar, Tinder is the most popular dating app and the first of its kind. It uses your Facebook account and photos as your profile pics while giving you a couple lines of text to describe yourself – it’s super easy to use. And if you’re looking to learn how to get laid consistently, Tinder in my opinion, is the best place to hone your skills. If I’d had access to Tinder at 18, as opposed to 56k dialup internet, I would have been in heaven.

The premise is simple, swipe right on hot girls and swipe left on ugly ones, when a girl swipes right on you, Tinder notifies that you’re a match and lets you message each other. Tinder only allows you to message people who match with you, that means you know every girl you talk to thinks you’re attractive. Users can also filter by age and distance meaning you won’t see anyone outside of your age and distance range.


The main benefit of Tinder is that it’s extremely efficient, it takes milliseconds to swipe a girl, a fraction of the time it takes on a dating site. Once you match, Tinder works like BBM with near instant responses from girls, to the point where getting her phone number is mostly unnecessary.

Tinder is quick and easy to use, because of this and the low investment involved, there are a ton of good looking girls on it, more than on dating sites. The downside to this is because of the low investment, many girls take Tinder less seriously than a dating site, meaning, more time wasters. Also, for guys looking to date younger girls, unfortunately a lot of girls won’t be able to see you if you fall out of their age range.

As a 32 year old guy I have my filter set to 18-37 although I know that many girls from 18-25 won’t be able to see me despite being in good shape and looking a few years younger, this limits me from a large percentage of girls that I would be able to get on a dating site.

The good thing about Tinder is that it’s known as a hook up app, which means the chances of her being DTF are higher than your average dating site. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of girls looking to find their soulmate, but with only a couple lines of text, anyone who is on there for more than a hook up is lying to themselves.

With this in mind I used a purely sexual profile and asked the right questions to get rid of timewasters. My response rates were way lower than any POF or OK Cupid for a few reasons:

  • Not being able to message someone without matching
  • Not being able to pre-screen for dtf girls based on match
  • Not having my messages go through to girls who filter out my age bracket.

With all that said, Tinder is still the easiest way to get laid I’ve ever used. Here’s the breakdown:

Who This Is Designed For

  • Guys living In a major city, I live in Toronto which has approximately 5 million people
  • Guys with decent to better looks and style who are in decent to better physical shape
  • You should be a 6 or up, with that said even if you’re not facially the most attractive guy, being fit goes a long way and there is no reason you shouldn’t be in shape
  • Guys who actually want to learn how to get laid on Tinder, not how to get dates

What You Need

  • A Facebook account and a Tinder account, as a man on a mission in life you shouldn’t have a facebook account so I set up a fake one, set it to private and uploaded the whorish pictures I wanted to show on Tinder
  • The best possible pictures you have, my lead picture is a “douchey” shirtless picture showing off my physique, my second picture is a “douchey” shirtless picture with my head cut off, my third picture is a “douchey” amateur modeling picture taken with a $1500 camera in natural lighting by an amateur photographer friend
  • Only show off your body if you have visible abs and muscular arms, if not just stick to high res pics you look good in
  • Normal social skills, meaning the ability to vibe with a girl, make small talk and make her feel comfortable
  • A Tinder Plus account

 What Your Profile Should Look Like

  • It should be clear that you’re looking for sex, my profile text is “Chill guy looking for a cool girl to have fun with”
  • Your profile should have 2 to 3 of the best possible photos of you with no one else in the frame, if you’re going to use a shirtless picture, lead with that, its great for screening out girls who aren’t dtf or feminists who think shirtless pics are “douchey”
  • For non-shirtless pics, keep it casual, jeans and a band t shirt is a good way to go, show your tatts and piercings if you have them or suit up, those are your two best looks
  • You can also go with the suited up look, this works especially well if it’s congruent with your identity, ie. you work in finance
  • I went with shirtless pics and an old amateur modeling picture that I got a friend to take with a DLSR camera in afternoon natural lighting – this is an awesome way to get a great shot
  • Here is the exact profile and pics I used:
  • I’ve also had good results more recently with the pictures below (as of November 2014)
  • These ultra-sexual pics will definitely screen out a lot of girls but that’s the idea, the ones interested will be much more likely to be DTF
  • You can use less sexual pictures and your match % will go up, but so will the amount of timewasters

TInder Pic 2 November 2014

TInder Pic November 2014

  • With all that said if you don’t have the body for sexual pictures then don’t go shirtless, just be well dressed
  • Suit up or take pics wearing cool casual clothes, notice the difference good clothes makes below

TInder Pics Makeover

How To Match With Women

  • Decide on your age range and distance filter, I use 25km because in my experience dtf girls will come pretty far to meet you
  • Initially I was selective on who I swiped right on but quickly realized this was a waste of time
  • The most efficient way to match is to hammer the green heart without even looking at it, its much faster than swiping right and any time you match with a girl you don’t like you can unmatch easily

How To Message Women

  • Once you match with a girl you can now message them, if she messages you first that’s even better, just follow the procedure below
  • I experimented with a number of openers starting with “hey, hows it going”, as you can see in the example below if a girl is interested this is all you need
  • The most effective opener seemed to be “you look like trouble ;) “, its flirty/sexual and gives you and her a number of options for banter, credit goes to a forum poster I can’t remember who credits Mike from DangerandPlay
  • One common response to the trouble opener from girls is “Look who’s talking”, my response is “Oh I’m definitely trouble, I won’t deny that ;)”
  • Another response was “I sure am”, to which I’d respond “My kind of woman, I think we’re going to get along ;)”


  • Follow up your opener with one fluff question I would use “How was your weekend?” or“How are the boys treating you on here?” just to get some conversation going, nothing fancy necessary
  • She’ll probably follow up by asking the same question back to you which and you can just give her a fluff answer back


  • Once you’ve got a conversation going its time to screen her, because Tinder isn’t a dating site you can’t read a girls intentions right off the bat, so you have to outright ask her
  • Ask her “So what are you looking for on here?”, despite messaging a guy with shirtless pics on Tinder you’d be surprised how many girls won’t admit to looking for casual sex, you want to know this up front, you want her to respond with “fun”“fwb”“see what happens ;)” or “sex”
  • When she responds with one of the answers above this gives you a perfect segue to pitch the meet say “cool, we should hang out this week, how does your schedule look?
  • If she says yes then schedule a time that works for both of you and invite her straight to your place, say “great, why don’t you swing by my place around 8, I’ll come down and meet you in the lobby”, once she confirms say “great, see you then, my address is x, here’s my # why don’t you give me yours”
  • If she balks at coming to your place just text her “no problem, I totally understand, if it makes you more comfortable we can meet for coffee at x time and date” and follow the same procedure
  • Once she gives you her number text “hey its x from Tinder, here’s something to think about till x day” and send her a picture of your torso and cock (if you’re in shape), if she responds positively or sends one back you know she’s dtf, if not she’ll probably flake
  • If you’re not in great shape or feel uncomfortable sending sexual pics, no problem, just skip that step, it’s not necessary to get laid
  • Its very important to get a girl to meet up within a week of asking her, ideally within a few days, the longer you go without meeting up the worse your chances get
  • The reason following these steps is crucial is because 95% of girls online are timewasters, happy to message you and entertain themselves but go radio silent at the idea of meeting up or flake on a whim, for your sanity you need to be ruthless with this shit

Dealing With Non-Responders and Flakes

Method 1: Deletion

  • If a woman stops responding or flakes, you block her on Tinder and delete any contact info
  • Not cause you’re a dick or you’re angry, it just makes it easier to focus on the girls who are interested
  • If you’re serious about learning how to get laid on Tinder, you really have to be quick to drop the timewasters, because there are a lot of them

Method 2: Bombardment

  • In the past I would usually delete girls who don’t meet up the first time or go radio silent but Tinder functions similar to BBM so I experimented with multiple messages trying to catch girls when they’re horny, it got me 3 lays, basically it comes down to reinitiating with girls who went silent every couple of days and following the same messaging process as above
  • The good thing about Tinder is if the girl doesn’t want to hear from you she can block you and you won’t show up in her match list, this means if you’re still on her list she’s fair game for bombarding with messages
  • The other reason I’m now more tolerant of flakes is because when you’ve invited a girl to your place as opposed to a coffee shop you haven’t lost much if she flakes out
  • It really comes down to how much time you want to spend, if you don’t mind the extra hassle you can blitz the girls on your list

The Date

  • If she comes straight to your place go right into escalating to sex
  • If she’s only comfortable with coffee, the date should take between 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on how comfortable she is, that has to be a judgment call on your part, most dtf girls are good to come home within 30 minutes or less
  • Just vibe and make her feel comfortable, ask her questions about herself,  how her day was, what she did on the weekend, what she does for fun etc. sex is already on the table from screening her so just make her feel you’re a normal guy
  • At the end of the date, ask her back to your place regardless, even if it seems she wasn’t super interested, she might just be nervous, most girls who meet up from this method will be dtf on day one though


  • Once you get back to your place, escalate towards sex, this means making out, grinding, rubbing her pussy
  • If she stops you or moves your hand, give it about 5 minutes and try again
  • If she doesn’t hook up on the first date, no problem, just delete her info, it should be clear to her from the get go so any girl who isn’t dtf is a timewaster
  • Chances are if you’ve followed this method you won’t have any resistance because she is already dtf
  • Check out my sex manual to learn how to fuck her properly
  • Its also a good idea to have some Cialis on hand to make sure you really put it down (with a doctor’s prescription of course)
  • Phenibut is also a great drug for easing your nerves, plus it makes sex amazing

My Stats 

  • Girls Swiped Right: 30,000 (approximately, greenhearting instead of swiping made really easy to do, basically just tapping a button 1,000 times a day)
  • Quality Of Girls: 6/10 – 8.5/10
  • Matches: 600 (approximately)
  • Match%: 2% (2 out of 100 girls I swipe right on will match with me)
  • First Dates: 11
  • Lays: 10 (plus one handjob from a virgin)
  • Lay Rate For Matches: 1.7% (1.7 matches out of a hundred were lays)
  • First Date Close Rate: 90% (much higher than my more traditional profiles because first date is now at my place, this is the key metric)
  • Keep in mind that approximately 15% of my matches I didn’t message and blocked because I wasn’t attracted to them
  • Your response rate will definitely be lower from this method as opposed to other online dating methods primarily because its a sexual profile with casual openers but the speed and close rate make it well worth it

Lay Example 

You can see this lay was pretty straightforward like most of my lays, she came over, was a bit nervous so we had some wine, talked for about an hour and a half until she relaxed and we fucked.  Some lays are more complicated, I cover exactly how to deal with every objection in the book.


The whole key to Tinder is spamming, just hammer the green heart all day while you’re at work and good things will happen. Like all online dating you have to be at least decent looking and in shape, especially if you want to use a sexual profile. Tinder is a hook up site so treat it like one, don’t expect to find a girlfriend on there, instead expect to find these girls:
How To Get Laid On Tinder Nude Pic Examples


Since the original release of this post I’ve gotten a ton of questions from you guys so I’ve put together everything I know about how to get laid online into an insanely thorough, 200 page manual, called naturally: How To Get Laid On Tinder.

The method I outline in How To Get Laid On Tinder, in my opinion, is the most effective and efficient online dating system available today. Not only that but with some slight modifications, you can make it work on any dating platform.

What You Get From The How To Get Laid On Tinder

  • How To Get Laid On Tinder is 206 pages of all killer, no-filler content
  • The definitive, online, streamlined DTF dating system that will work on any dating platform
  • 9 exhaustive lay reports including over 50 screencaps and hyper-detailed analysis of the system in action covering 100 pages
  • How to handle every objection
  • How to convert difficult girls
  • How to ruthlessly identify and get rid of timewasters
  • How to re-engage girls that go silent
  • A realistic assessment of your sexual market value and what kind of results you should expect
  • A troubleshooting guide covering the most common mistakes and problems you might have and how to fix them

I’m 100% confident this is the best online dating book available. If you’re a decent looking guy, How To Get Laid On Tinder will show you how to build a harem of consistent, new pussy without leaving your bedroom.

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  1. Stone cold gold — thanks man. I had no idea how brutal the numbers name was. Awesome post – eye opening. Great links to relateds. I hope to read more — starting with your exp. on POF and OKStupid.

  2. Thanks alot buddy. Ya the tinder numbers game is atrocious, with that said my rates would def be higher if my profile wasn’t so sexual and if i aimed only in my age bracket as a lot of girls wont be able to see my message due to age filtering. For ok cupid my lay ratio is much better but still about 2/100 for every message sent.

  3. What if her response to “you look like trouble (; ) is “iight nigga – hit me up on kik – kikusername”

  4. Haha I’ll update you.

    Question: This girl is super DTF and into me but when I said, “we should hangout this weekend, how does your schedule look” she responded with “I’m going to white plains tn and tm I’m goin out for my sisters bday.”

    How should I respond? I’m inclined to believe that she’s dodging but she seemed really into me and DTF.

  5. That’s why i like to give her the whole week off the bat, she’s gotta have one free night in the week, if she doesn’t have one night I know she’s full of shit. Just say cool, how does the rest of your week look? Doesn’t matter if it sounds desperate, if she’s not going to fuck you, her opinion is irrelevant. If she’s busy all week don’t waste your time.

  6. Haha, that’s what we call a timewaster. 99.9 % chance you’ll never see her. You can either message her every day to meet up for the next week or my personal favorite, unmatch and focus on hot prospects.

  7. Thanks for keeping me posted, I’ve updated the article. Could be a good thing if you’re willing to pay the $10, they predict a 5% adoption rate, this would give you a major edge over 95% of guys if you want to pay for it. It also means, supply (most guys not being able to spam women) will go way down meaning demand (women’s responses) should theoretically go up.

  8. In your article, you have blanked out your face. Question: Do you blank out your face on the real pictures?

  9. Hey man, what happens if I don’t have my own place (college expenses killing me haha)? Are there other routes I can take to get laid?

  10. Hey Steve, I’ve been there before its not ideal but definitely workable. What you do is find out where she lives and suggest a place around her, she’ll be happy to meet you there. On the date you should probe her for any plausible deniability for coming back to her place, seeing her artwork, smoking weed, having a glass of wine. Try and get her to bring something up and suggest that she shows you. At the end of the date say “Why don’t you show me your artwork”or whatever. If you couldn’t find anything just say: “lets go back to yours for a bit”. If she says yes you’re golden. If she says, no offer to walk her home and when you get to the door tell her you need to use the bathroom real quick. I’ve banged at least 3 girls that I can remember with that bathroom move.

  11. Thanks will. Actually have the place to myself tomorrow for a few hours. Got her number from tinder and played then”love it hate it” game with her. She is the one who made the game extremely sexual. So I asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee then come back to my place for a movie. She texted me back “sure, but by movie you dont mean fuck right?” And I said “just a movie” she then goes “just checking ;)”

    I know this girl is crazy sexual and likes to pwrty and drink etc. Do you think she wants to bang at my place despite the fact she said “just checking”? She initiates the sex talk during that game we played and always used winkie emojis and shit. What do you think? Also, how would I best go about initiating sex when we get back to my place? Im expecting it obviously but what are some signs she will show and how do I get her to come upstairs? Thanks.

  12. Yep, she definitely wants to fuck she just wanted the plausible deniability. Whether she will actually fuck depends on how horny you get her and how much sexual guilt she has. Just throw the movie on, cuddle up for a few minutes then start making out with her and let nature take its course. Get her nice and worked up then lead her to the bedroom, you don’t want first time sex to be on the couch IMO. Check out my closing section on the how to get laid on the first date article.

  13. Really good articles man thanks! Need a pointer on if you cant meet with a girl for like a week, would you keep up conversation every day til then? Or blank her sometimes?

  14. Thanks Mark. Its up to you if you think she’s worth it. The more communication the higher the probability she’ll meet up. With that said it also means more time investment on your end and once we’re past a week since firstly contact were getting into flake territory. I would say if you really like her and think there is a good chance of meeting up then keep texting her but in most cases I usually don’t bother.

  15. Thanks for the reply man! yeh was way too much effort trying to keep up conversation. she lives pretty far away and says we’ll meet when she can travel over though.

  16. Really good article man, What if she responds to the opener you look like trouble” haha, why’s that”, what can I respond

  17. I can’t tell you how many times I have referred to this guide and Ii think it is a good guide but how come the example you choose to showcase is with some wrinkly post-wall old 36yr old hag? I’m now noticing this for the first time.

  18. Thanks. It was just the most straightforward lay. I’ve got 8 others in the book but most of them have objections that need to be handled which was too complicated for this post. Also I’m 32, she’s 36, us older guys become attracted to older women as we age.

  19. Hey man, like your stuff, it’s straight forward and honest. But here’s the deal. I tried this one week now and don’t have a single match. I think my face is not super attractive, but I am not ugly either. Some girls tell me I’m handsome. I have to say I live in Germany and am 20 years and 6 foot tall. My physique is pretty good, almost like in your pics. So what you think am I doin wrong?

  20. Thank you. First question is how many girls you messaged. On Tinder I get a match for every 1 or 2/100, tinder is very much a numbers game. Next question would be how good your pictures are. Are you in decent lighting, are you highlighting your physique?

  21. Dude, your a genius. I just got out of a 6 year relationship so I’m way outta practice. I live in a suburb of st Louis but this works. I shit you not, first day I tried it it worked. I’m maybe a 7 outta ten. The girls I have as prospects now are at least an 8. I’m amazed. Good thing is, they all just wanna be fwb on a consistent basis.

  22. Will,
    What if I get her to the point of “We should meet up” and she responds with: “Possibly!”
    How do i keep the conversation going?
    should I wait for her to text me back this evening?

  23. Totally agree with the will. Waste of time. Seriously though, most of these questions everyone is asking we all know the answer to. You just want someone to answer them for you. If you have that mentality, this won’t work. All you have to do is be assertive and to the point. So what if its out of your comfort zone. Its out of the girls comfort zone too. That’s why YOU have to get straight to the point. After you do that and get a commitment, you fluff. That’s it. Convos should go:1- Funny/sexy opening chatter, 2-to the point, something like “look, your sexy and I think we should get together and hang out at my place. I’m not looking for anything serious, but I’m not an asshole either” (the asshole comment works wonders) 3 -set a time. Game over. I literally copy and past most of my conversations.. Its easy guys. You just have to do it…

  24. Yep that’s pretty much it plus handling whatever objections she has. The girls who are serious will make themselves available. What most guys have to understand is 99% of women online will just waste your time.

  25. Thanks man I’ve learned a lot . This is Thomas from Venice California I was just reading all your information I gotta chick but she’s kind of far away she’s in New Mexico right now I’m trying to figure this out so I’m going to make it happen and just get straight to the point . All the information that you should explain in your stories I totally agree . I’m going to try a few things out and see what happens I’m kind of a hot looking guy I know I’m pretty looking so we’ll see what happens and I’ll get back to you guys thanks for your information . I think everything you said is great I’ll let you know how it works out .

  26. Hey, this is great stuff. It seems to be working great, but I’m still living at home with my parents and can’t think of myself just bringing a girl back. My parents would flip because I can’t just ask them to leave for a bit. I read the comment on finding out where she lives and meeting her somewhere close by, but what can I ask her about, to sort of get myself “invited” back to her place? I don’t want to pressure her into it, but don’t want to miss my chance. Also, this girl gave me her number and I asked her about her schedule and she said her dad’s birthday is this weekend, so she’s busy with that. Should I give this one a chance because, I mean, it’s her dad’s birthday and I don’t want to give her up if she really ends up being DTF.

  27. Just ask to go back to hers. Remember if you’ve screened her sexually she will want to fuck you, you won’t have to hide your intentions. With that said, you should ask her if she lives at home before you meet up, that way you know if you going back to hers is an option. If its not then you can always do a hotel.

    As for the girl who gave you her number, you can give her another chance but don’t expect much. If a girl really wants to meet up she’ll find the time. Usually a birthday won’t take an entire weekend, know what I mean? Treat every number as having a one week expiration date and the longer it takes for her to meet up within that week the worse your chances are.

  28. Thanks for this article bro. I like your approach, it definitely filters out those who aren’t 100% DTF. In my experience I achieved the same numbers, except with a non-sexual profile. I don’t screen so heavily for DTF mentality.I meet for coffee near my place. I end it quickly and ask if she wants to go to a bar for a drink (keep her comfortable with moving places). I usually mention something about artwork I have at my place or similar. From there I find an excuse to drop by my place and ass if she wants to see the artwork. Once she’s at my place it’s a done deal.

    80% of these girls would not be DTF upfront, but once you lead them into it, they won’t say no. I don’t think I’ve ever brought a girl back and have had her backout, she’ll bail much sooner. I think you’re limiting yourself to a subset of girls that are comfortable walking into a situation with the expectation to bang. Society doesn’t encourage this and a lot of girls have internal conflict when this is on the table, make it easier for them to say yes :)

    Keep conversation on tinder/text minimal.
    Arrange a time/place to meet.
    Meet near your place.
    Get her talking about herself, rather than selling yourself to her.
    Bring her back within an hour
    Escalate physically

  29. Thanks man. And I agree, I’m definitely limiting myself in exchange for absolutely no hassle or even the need for a date. You can set the conversion bar wherever you want but on this run I focused completely on efficiency.

  30. Great article, I just have a few questions. Did you find out if they any of the girls you banged had stds or you didn’t care? If you did, how do you go about it without scaring them away?

  31. Hey will great article!
    so I got this girl although not from tinder but pof. It all went good,laughs,sexual talk,number
    And once i asked her for.her schedule for the week she said she’s not sure and will know tomorrow. Should i wait until tomorrow or just leave it like that. Got to mention that she 28 im 23.

  32. Thanks Joseph. No I don’t ask that question for a few reasons. One its insulting to most girls and will compromise the close, two she can easily lie about and three she might not even know if she has any. The only defense is wearing condoms or abstinence.

  33. Thanks Neil. That might be legitimate if she has to check her schedule at work, no harm in texting her tomorrow and seeing where she’s at.

  34. Hi, im from Singapore and the girls here are rather conservative, How do i proceed if they just wanna be friends?

  35. They act conservative. I can’t say if Tinder is the best fit for your culture because I don’t have first hand experience with it. But any girl who just wants to be friends on a dating app is a complete waste of time.

  36. Hi Wil,

    Hi Will,

    I went on a first date with this one chick a couple of days ago and shes the one that initiated to go to my house. The disappointing part is, is that I live with my parents and told her that we can’t make it. So I asked if we could go to her dorm and she said that her room mates are there studying. (feel like this was bs) Anyway, we made a plan to go to the movies on Sunday to see what we would do from there, but then she sent me a text saying shes going back home for memorial day weekend (which she did). The following day, i sent her a text saying “Hey whats up?” to start up a convo and didn’t respond at all to any of my messages. Now I’m not sure if she bailed because she found someone else or she thought I wasn’t interested. Any ideas? Move on to the next girl or just keep messaging her to find out?


  37. Hey Alex, you got it, on to the next one. Its amazing how often the excuses sound real, I’ve even heard a girl tell me her grandfather died. It doesn’t matter what she says, if she doesn’t meet up in the first week its almost a guarantee you’ll never see her again and she won’t respond to your messages.

  38. I find it odd how she was dtf but bailed after the first 2 days. Especially since she asked to come over my place.

  39. You recommend to send a pic of torso / cock via her number (MMS / Whatsapp). Why not over Tinder? Will Tinder suspend your profile`? I made some research but could not find any info.

    (BTW I am not the Alex above)

  40. How long do I wait for a response if my matches haven’t replied to my opener?? Its been a few days already.

  41. Hate to break it to you, Will, but i’m on pace to breaking your 10 in 5 weeks lol. Shit’s too easy if you have the pics to screen. I wrote above some months ago when I was living in a small town with my parents and was maybe getting wet 1x a month or so. Well, I moved out less than two months ago and it feels like my studio apartment is a brothel. Tonight the 6th girl in 15 days is coming over to ‘chill’.

    Keep slaying and I will too.

  42. Hey man, so I’ve tried that opener “you look like trouble ;)”, and most of the replies I got were “do I ?” Or “hahaha”, and I don’t know what to respond to that, any ideas

  43. For sure. For “do I” I would respond with “ya, my kind of woman” or “ya but in a good way” or “ya just what I’m looking for. And for “hahaha” Just :) and then move on to the next part of the sequence.

  44. I have a great profile, I get good cute matches. But I a not able to get the chicks to hangout with me. Most chicks response that they are just checking the app out and looking for a friend. I am able to get as many numbers as I wanted but they end up saying they don’t know when they are available to hang, some just give a lot of excuses. How do I turn down these objectives?

  45. Your profile isn’t sexualized. Girls know they can get you to enertain them for three dates (and usually pay) while they slowly decide whether to fuck you or not, usually not. If you want dtf girls from the first date you need a sexual profile like mine.

  46. Great article. What do you say if you use the “you look like trouble ;-)” line and the say “far from it lol”?

  47. Will, first off amazing article. So I am going on a long weekend trip to visit some of my boys that now live in another state. Should I still use this same strategy even though my time period is a little shorter? Looking to bang some hoes in different area codes. Thanks man!

  48. hey, great article, thanks. i’m completely new to tinder….in your experience, if i get a very cute match and she’s really friendly/open and ready to meet up, BUT, my profile was not explicitly sexual and in the chat i haven’t made it clear either that i’m looking for sex (just pushed some friendly banter what she’s doing etc.), is it still worth meeting? (in dont need to travel to the date or anything so costs are minimal) ie. do you always pre-screen?
    i mean we havent fixed the exact time or place , so i can still try to screen her by inviting her to my place, but that might also scare her off. in my experience (not with tinder, i’m completely new to that, just generally) many girls are more OK with a gradual approach where its not made explicit until the very end that its about sex.

  49. Thanks Petr. Yep its absolutely still worth it. I don’t always use purely sexual screening, it just depends what I’m looking for at that period in my life. If you haven’t screened sexually then inviting her to your place will probably scare her off, with that said its the quickest way to find out if she’s dtf. In Tinder and in everything else women prefer a more gradual approach to sex. The standard is 1-3 dates. The purely sexual approach has a much lower response rate but is extremely efficient in finding DTF women. The standard approach is 1-3 dates aiming to convert it to a sexual relationship. I would ask her to a coffee spot near your place then invite her back for a drink/some other reason at the end of the date.

  50. hey Will thanks alot man!

    i have a situation with this girl. she initiated the conversation and was very lively. she hinted that she wanted to meet up and she seemed dtf so we planned to meet for this weekend (its tues today). however she started to text lesser and lesser. she started to seem disinterested. what should i do?

    thanks again man.

  51. No problem. Sorry I just saw this comment now. First off you shouldn’t be texting too much before the initial meet, most girls are timewasters anyway and you should be spending your valuable time on things that reward you. I wouldn’t worry too much, just give her a confirmation text the day of. Chances are if she’s going to flake she’ll give you a courtesy text or won’t respond either way you’ll know if then if she’s going to flake. With that said it’s best not to worry about it. Most women are flaky and the ones that show up, unless they’ve been sexually screened beforehand tend to waste your time. My expectations for all dates are extremely low and im rarely disappointed. You want to train yourself to be as outcome independent as possible. Truly internalizing that mentality will make your game airtight. That way when you do have a great date you’ll be pleasantly surprised and able to enjoy it fully. The initial stages in meeting women is a lot like cold calling, best not to put much emotional investment in.

  52. Just started tinder…and finally started to get more and more matches…problem is…they haven’t responded to my openers. I usually start with “Hey beautiful, how’s it going?” Yet I get radio silence. When this happens outside of tinder, I usually not text them again, but since this is tinder, should I use your bombardment method or end it?

  53. Hey Will, I like the system, I’m not that attractive to reel in quality girls on tinder. How could I modify this for bars and parties?

  54. I would focus on day game instead, if you’re not attractive enough for tinder the bars probably won’t work much better. Parties can work but you’ll need social dominance. With that said if you’re serious about being player you should really try and max out your sexual market value over the next few years as much as possible from style to fitness to projecting confidence.

  55. Your article is awesome! I didn’t think it would be so easy. I just signed up for Tinder and got laid the first night and have four others that can’t wait to hookup and that’s less than 24 hours after signing up. I changed up my approach a little, but usually get to the point of what I’m looking for by the 3rd message. Its like fishing in a freshly stocked lake full of hungry trout. :-)

  56. Hey man, I googled “getting laid on Tinder” after a recent victory and found this article. I really like your tips and parts of it were kind of hilarious. We’re opposites and I’m wondering aloud which approach works better. I’m fit, but not muscular at all, and am a very nice looking red head. Not “alpha” at all but attractive and self confident looking. My match rate seems to be better than yours with the gentleman approach, but your close rate is so much better. I only swipe maybe 40 girls a day (I have tinder plus too), and I probably get 5 matches in return. Mostly 6s, a few 7s, some 5s. I never infer sex, and I usually take them out of a formal date. I travel a lot too (I’m from NYC), and my success rate is better when I do. I just banged this chick in New Hampshire and it was her second time having sex (she was amazing tho) (another chick I took her virginity, and one Tinder bout in Hawaii I had this devout Mormon chick go crazy on me due to agression towards her dad lol). But with the dates, I’d say 30% of them lead to banging, and about 50% leads to some hanky panky. I’m 24, and was a virgin until 22, now I’m I just banged my 32nd girl. Most of them are decent to good looking, with a handful I’d like to forget.
    So, how can the nice guy infuse elements of what you’re doing? Can we combine the best of both worlds, and if I got to the point quicker, would my time be less wasted, or do chicks put me in the nice guy catergory so the shit that you say wouldn’t work and turn them off before I have a chance. I’m doing well now but I feel like I can be in another level.

  57. Thank you. Attractive is more important than alpha, that’s the bulk of your results right there. Your match rate will always be better because you’re less sexual. I don’t know what you mean by nice guy elements, I’m super nice to all the girls I talk to I’m also very sexual. Some guys confuse this with playing “asshole” game but I don’t do that at all. If you want less timewasters and more sexual girls than make your profile more sexual hit her with more sexual messages. Your response rate will go down but you’ll also eliminate timewasters.

  58. Hey i met a girl on tinder we both signed up to it on the same. we both matched, chatted for a long time then we met up a few days later. it was more of like a date then a DTF sitiuation. i know what u write here that most girls if not all on tinder are DTF and that’s something that i want. but the date was also nice. cheers mate for the resourceful information.

  59. Not to judge, I’ve been there and done that. I’m a little older than most of you guys. I get it you want to get laid. In the end you end up old and alone. It really is an unfilling life trust me. I’ve been with a lot of women. You are better off looking for the right woman or you end up the old guy in the bar or some loser at 40 on Eharmony.

  60. There is no right woman, all relationships are temporary, transactional and unstable. You can focus all your efforts on getting and keeping that woman only to have the relationship end in divorce like 50% of relationships in North America. 70% of the divorces being initiated by women.

    Despite getting older, as long as you take care of yourself you’ll always be able to get women in your age bracket.

  61. What is your opinion on how women respond to beards? I see WAY more woman with “I swipe right for dogs and beards” than I see “I swipe left for beards”.

    I’m curious to what your opinion is and if you think it’s a help or a hinder. I’m 33, but only look 33 with my (neatly trimmed) beard. Shaved clean, I look like I’m 20 and not in a good way. I’m not in the best of shape (but not a slob), 5′ 10″, 185lb. I’ve dropped 20lb since I left my cheating whore of a wife. Fucking belly fat is killing me to get rid of.

    I’ve only been on Tinder for a week or two now. I’m going to have to start ponying up the $20/mo to go unlimited. So far I’ve matched with 1., 9 of which were bots or otherwise spam. 2 didn’t message back, 2 had a short conversation and flaked on further talk the following day. I’ve had significantly better luck at the bar scene, especially when traveling out of town for work.

  62. Beards are good, stubble that is, wouldn’t recommend a full beard, I’m 33 as well and look super young without one.

    Good for you for moving forward but you need to get serious. The fact that you refer to yourself as a slob is unacceptable. Running through girls on Tinder should be a bonus in your life. Getting in shape and having your life dialed in should be much more of a priority.

    It’s good that you’ve moved forward on losing weight, just keep going, if it was easy everyone would do it. Once you get lean and ripped your responses will triple. And ya you’ll need to bombard them with the $20/month package,with that said you can wait till you’re lean before you buy that.

  63. This guy is a wonderful resource for the young womanizers out there.
    Take some notes boys- this is how it’s done…The mathematical breakdown of odds is outstanding… Well noted priceless experience.
    Young guys keep in mind that although nice marriageable women do exist, most are quite selfish and wouldn’t think twice about breaking your heart- keep this In mind as you use women for what you want…
    As stated, this isnt where you find a girlfriend…even if you find one that seems innocent and likes you- chances are shes boofed this guy and several more just like him….
    Good luck to all from Portland Oregon
    Jackson01…86 and counting

  64. Thanks Jackson. This is true, they days of marriageable women in the west no longer exist. Getting married in a western country this day and age is an insane business proposition.

  65. thanks for the great advice! it works like a charm! especially the starting line: response rate went from 10% to 85%! what i also did was essentially build a small robotic device using just a servo physically connected to a stylus, then write some simple code for an Arduino microcontroller to essentially move the stylus up and down to press the like button :) (you can google it too: servo code) and voila, I can swipe 24-7 now :)

  66. This article is funny as hell but does work. I signed up this Monday, late at night, for the first time. Never did bother with Tinder before (looking back now, I hate myself). Had a girl come over Tuesday at midnight and we fucked. That was some immediate success…Not sure if pure luck or if this site is just a gold mine of pussy

  67. Stats would have been 100%, the only girls I didn’t see again were the ones I didn’t want to see. Since sex was pre planned its not like they got lost in the moment and had ASD the next day. These girls were all sexual and invested in me on a sexual level. In those cases girls don’t want one night stands, they want a consistent fuck buddy.

  68. I think you are much better at the chit chat IRL than me. I’ve had about 30 first dates. (probably similar – slightly less attractive than u no homo) and very rarely does it lead to a second date or sex. My social skills are pretty shitty

  69. That means you need to up those skills, try modeling movie stars, or check my videos on youtube where I’m just talking normally, thats exactly how I talk to girls on dates.

  70. Hi will,

    This doesnt even work for me. I’ve been saying the exact same things you’ve said in your messages but its either no reply or they just stop talking to me for 2 days. I’m also a pretty good looking guy, average height. Physical appearance is fine, although im not sure what im doing wrong. Most of these girls dont even want to reply. Any further suggestions?

  71. All the girls is not a number, as you can see I swiped 30,000. Also as you can see the majority are timewasters. I would bet your major problem is not swiping right enough if you’re as good looking as you say you are. This is pure numbers game.

  72. I can’t say what your success rate will be, too many variables, my article was written when it was free. With that said if you want to test it out just buy a month package or if money is tight do the free one and just max your message limit out every day, that will still get you a good sample size.

  73. I would just keep the free membership. It resets every 12 hours. I would just keep swiping, message the ones you like from your matches and go from there. When I first got it, I would use my matches up when I got into work around 8am, and then would go through them again around 8-9 at night…repeat the cycle.

    I’ve only messaged maybe 10 girls that I matched with, and met 3…good odds, but I narrowed down the ones I was interested in “meeting”. Hell I literally just got home from meeting up with a tinder chick about 90 minutes ago. The biggest key is do not BS with talking in text, get their number and get them to meet pronto.

  74. The “you look like trouble ;)” isn’t really working for me. I get answers like “how so?!” or “Why”. Not sure what to say to those .

  75. I get “how so?” as the single most common response to the ‘you look like trouble’ line and I always follow it up with “I mean you look like the fun kind of trouble haha” to skirt the question and move on, response rate for me is about 50/50, but I think it’s a good way to screen earlier and more efficiently

  76. Hey dawg great post!
    Couple questions tho….
    1) how important is the fluff question actually?
    2) when i asked how the boys are treating one girl said “pretty good…lot of sweet talkers but i play along lol” how should I respond to that?
    3) another chick replied to the screen with “not much just never took my account down” is she dtf and how should I respond to this?

  77. Thanks brandon:

    1) Not super important but is a low investment way to get a conversation going
    2) I would just say either “cool” or “lol” or if you want to be cheeky say “luckily you found a good guy like me” and then move on the next question in the sequence
    3) Def not DTF, she’s literally telling you she’s going to waste your time. She’s also lying to herself, the same as girls on Tinder who talk about only looking for friends on Tinder. Women are insanely deceptive/self deceptive when it comes to sex and dating.

  78. Do you alway have to have a shirtless photo when looking for casual sex? What do u recommend teens should follow this approach?(I’m 17 years old)

  79. Hi,
    I’m a female and was just reading this. I was wondering what your advice would be for me if I am actually looking for more than sex? What are the signs, so I don’t waste my time!

  80. If you’re looking for more then sex then Tinder is not the place for you, you’d be better joining meetup groups, dance classes, co ed volleyball teams etc. or trying OKC or

  81. Hey mate

    I am using your tactic. I used to always reset. I’ve fucked 8 girls off tinder this year alone.

    However I dumped my gf and back on it. Got 50 matches, I live in london.

    My question is, the settings aka location.

    I do certain hotspots and swipe the shit out of them where girls are.

    Or is it better to just set it to 25km from my place and swipe like crazy? Or do the hot spots aswell. Like when is the limit?

    Let me know.


  82. I would do 25 km and cast a big net, a lot of girls in the suburbs/small towns are happy to come meet a cool big city guy, they have way less options in their areas.

  83. Hi Will!

    Thanks so much for the reply.

    So you dont think doing the hotspots is good?

    I just reset. I live north of my city. And the hot spots are like 10-20km away from my current city.

    You reckon just blitz through 25km? Also how many swipes should I be doing daily? Lastly do you think evenings are better then during the day?

  84. Hey Will, thanks for the article as its been working really well over my first week on Tinder. What sexual responses could you suggest when they say ” I’m not looking for a fuck buddy lol”

  85. Will,

    Love the positive vibe dude, the information and dedication to respond to so many questions.

    Keep up the excellent work brother.

  86. Good info man. I thought my success rate with tinder was pretty low <5% but you helped me realize it is part of how it works. I agree with you that 95% of the women there are timewasters but you can find a couple out of every 100 who are down to meet at least. Any concerns on a co-worker finding your extremely sexual profile? I had a co-worker tell me once she found me on tinder. She was not attractive or I would have, haha

  87. As for all the boys or men out there…women are just like u horny as fuck. So i suggest be upfront to ur intentions. The cleaner n clearer u are, the greater chances u get laid. I have been doin this lifestyle for 8mo and yes i fucked 25 different cool n not cool men between 18 to 40… Good tip, I always fall for hot and gorgeoues body with great attitude and respectful guy. And yes schedule matters to me and if you have your own place, greater chances u get laid with me. Just tips and Will, thank you for making me aware that all men have the pigful nature…lol…in a sarcastic way. But i love men especially the kind hearted ones. Oh i also have done pitty fuck where i feel sorry for d guy n gave him a one good night! Men u guys need to know how to grind in rhythm and biting is hot if the girl is hot for it too!


  88. Yes that profile will make it much easier to get a date but also to get your time wasted. The profile and article is designed solely to get laid off Tinder hence the title and the 90% first date close rate. It is by far the most efficient way I’ve found to get laid but both methods work depending on what your goals are.

  89. Hey Will, so I got a girl interested for a date. Thing is, she lives 40 miles away. I just let her know I’ll drive to her. I don’t want to drive that far since I could be setting up for embarrassment/failure. would you say this is a good idea? what could have I done, or what can I do?

    Much appreciated.

  90. I would say this is not a good idea, you should have got her to come to you. If it were me I woulnd’t drive 10 miles to see a girl. With that said its up to you. If you have plenty of other options I would cancel. But if you don’t and you’re new to the game you can make the trip for the experience. Just get confirmation the day of, chances are she won’t flake if she texts you the day of that she’s going to make it.

  91. Hey will, im quite new to messaging women online, so i read your page and have used the line “you look like trouble” she replied with “i always follow through” what would i say back to that? Thanks.

  92. hey will

    I’m a huge fan and got a lot of help from your articles.

    stupid questions but when you meet these girls and if you ever got a bj from them do you use a condom?
    have you considered writing articles on types of girls (social, ethnicity, 1st world vs 3rd world) or on moving out on your own?
    also do you date thai girls and speak any thai?

  93. Thanks man, I really appreciate your support,

    1) For blowjobs no I don’t use a condom
    2) Yes I’m going to put out on article going in to hyper detail on female psychology including ethnicity among many other things
    3) I hadn’t but thank you for the great idea, I’ve added an article on moving out to my list and you should see it in the next few months
    4) Yes I date thai girls but I don’t speak more then the most basic thai

  94. Hey Will, I just like to thank you for article. It gave me good advice but also the confidence to develop my own way of chat/banter which has worked a treat… genuinely had to delete me tinder for a while cause i was skint from the dates haha anyway – thanks man

  95. Do you think its good idea to write in my bio this one to get rid of time wasters ? “Swipe left If you are here to wasting your time, doing ad for your Snapchat/Instagram”

  96. Great article, Will. We sound very similar. I have around 3000 matches in quite a small city so I use a very similar approach to this. With this many numbers you can’t afford NOT to screen ruthlessly. Only difference is that I don’t use the sexualized pictures, which would explain the high number of matches.

    One issue that I encounter occasionally, which I’d like to hear your take on, is when I’ve screened a girl appropriately, she agrees to come over, (either directly, or after the date), it’s all set up and ready, and then despite the screening at the very last minute before coming she throws out the “Just so you know I’m not having sex with you tonight,” or “Don’t expect sex tonight.”

    I realize this is often a shit test, but how do you deal with these ones? Do you plough ahead and let them come over anyway, or do you write them off as time wasters?

    I don’t get many of these, but enough to be annoying. Perhaps I’m stll not screening strongly enough. Wouldn’t mind hearing your take. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  97. Thanks man. Ya that’s just a girl setting up plausible deniability so she can have sex and tell herself the next day that it just happened. To me whenever a girl says something like that it means the exact opposite.

  98. I have meet 6 girls on Tinder and had sex with them, I tried to meet 3 of them again but none of them replied to my sms. So I guess they aren’t interested to meet up again, I don’t have any success on night game on the club but when I do get laid it’s only and only via Tinder. I have thought about this and it has made me lose my confidence significantly I don’t get it why they are not answer me anymore. They are for sure think I’m very good looking and so on.

  99. First off man don’t worry too much about it,girls should be your 4th priority it life at the highest. What some broad off tinder thinks doesn’t matter. With that said if you want to work on retentions I would recommend my sex articles to make sure she’s enjoying it. And make sure to give her 20% boyfriend treatment after. Meaning you cuddlle with her for a bit, talk sweet, not just boot her out and expect to see her again. Make sense?

  100. Hey Will. Your site is amazing. I read one of your articles and I was instantly hooked. You explain so many topics regarding women, dating, and sex in ways that have never been explained before. Just have a few questions for you.
    1. Have you experimented using Match to hookup with girls? If so, how did your numbers compare with Tinder, Ok Cupid, and POF?

    2. How much does penis size matter when trying to hookup with a girl?

  101. Thanks Mike I really appreciate it.

    1. I haven’t tried actually or E harmony because I assumed these sites were geared towards relationships
    2. Penis size doesn’t matter at all when you’re trying to hook up with because once your pants come off its already mission accomplished. For sex an average sized cock is perfectly fine for all but the 5-10% of women who are size queens. If you’re below average you can still be good in bed. You can master foreplay and use positions to your advantage – missionary with her legs up and your cock aimed at her g spot. With that said if you’re small, but you find a small asian girl she’s going to be perfectly happy.

  102. Hi Will,
    Thank for your article . I messaged a girl saying if she is interested in meeting up. She said yes, I suggested we meet at a bar on Saturday night . Didn’t get a reply , then messaged again saying if she wanted to text instead of using the app. She said she doesn’t mind , but she probably cannot come to a bar in Saturday night . then I asked if she wanted to meet for coffee instead. She said that would be easier. Is it worth meeting ,nor is she a time waster? She is quite attractive .

  103. Yep, give it a shot, just make sure to send her a day of text to make sure she’s not going to flake. 9/10 if you send a day of text and she tells you she’s good to meet that day she won’t flake.

  104. Hi Will
    I just started using, thanks for a lot of info. i created a profile, got matches, the girl messaged me first and after some conversation, was asking for my facebook profile and to add as friend before meeting up. I have had 2- 3 girls do this. They are certainly not DTF right?

  105. Its not a complete dealbraker but in my experience its usually not a good sign. She wants to rifle through all your photos and take a long time to make up her mind which will usually be no

  106. Hi Will,
    I just posted a question 2 days before. Was about to meet a girl yesterday, but just before 3 hours of meeting for coffee, she flaked and told her head was pounding and had to go for dinner with her best friend . She also told she can meet anytime this week or the weekend. I just replied ‘no problem’.
    Not sure if she is dtf, what do i say again ? Which is the best day to meetup? Mid week or may be Friday/ Saturday ? Also not sure if coffee would lead to anything

  107. She is definitely not dtf. 9.9/10 she’ll flake the second time but it never hurts to take the shot. Always pick mid week if you can, flake % goes way up on fri or sat as they are her prime nights.

  108. So I matched with a girl I went to middle school with (I’m in college now) and we started talking about how we used to be friends and such. I ended up telling her that I used to have a crush on her and she replied saying that she did too. I said it’s too bad neither of us said anything then and then the conversation pretty much stalled which is when I found this. So I sent her the “how are the other guys treating you?” message and she replied she was just on here as a joke. What should I do now?

  109. Forget the script and invite her to meet up, say its been a while and youd love to catch up if she had the time.. And of course she says that, every girl is embarrassed to be on tinder.

  110. The article mentions Cialis. Do you know where I can buy these or some other related drug without going to see a doctor? I sometimes have trouble with ED. Any websites or stores that carry them? I live near Toronto.

  111. I would suggest going to the doctor and getting a prescription. Then you can either get it at the pharmacy or follow the link in the article or the link in my article on cialis.

  112. Hey man, wondering if you have any opinion on how facial hair affects your chances of getting laid. I got a few months of beard going and I know I look more attractive without the beard, sexually I mean but I appear much more approachable and easy to talk to with the beard.

    Which do you think is more important in your chances of banging a girl after a date?

  113. In western countries I think for most guys stubble or a weeks growth of beard is more attractive, myself. Months growth is not, especially those giant hipster beards guys are growing, those are a big no for all but a few girls. When I was still in trouble I would keep a week’s growth because I have a babyface without it. In asia where I live now girls like the babyface so its clean shaven all the way, girls don’t like beards at all.

  114. Hey Will! Thanks for the info, man. Psychologically, you’re a genius. Is there a problem with swiping late at night? For example, 12am-4am?

  115. Hey Will. I just bought your book and I must say it was a good read and interesting to be able to pick at your brain and reasoning on what you did and why.

    I do want to just start spamming the shit out of tinder to get maximum results but at the same time, I’m a bit concerned about the STD rates. I mean I would always wear a condom for sure but aren’t you worried that you’ll catch something someday? If it’s the curable ones, that’s fine and regular testing would suffice, but if you get the virus ones… how do you mentally process that?

  116. Thanks for your purchase Tim. I can’ make that choice for you but all I can say is use a condom and don’t fuck girls in the ass. That will prevent the big ones like aids and syphillis – blood borne diseases. I’ve had Gonorrhea twice but its a quick few pills to take care of. , chlamydia is another common std thats curable with antibiotics. For HPV and herpes you can get these with a condom because they come from skin to skin contact and its estimated that over a 1/4 of the population is affected many without showing symptoms. Every new girl you fuck increases the probability of getting something so all you can do is practice safe sex or limit the amount of girls you fuck.

  117. Will Freemen.

    I must say you are a genius. actually i figured out mostly of this strategy by myself 2 weeks ago and coincidently i find out your site and it was totally what i was doing and it was really working. Usually i used to be a sensitive, gentle, talking about cultural stuffs , movies etc just to impress them and then try to fuck them . But it is really so fucking incredible how girls that i treated like gave a fuck to me. So i created an acc without my face( due common friends, familly and etc) just shirtless. Told in profile that i just would like to have fun and casual sex . That i would not be their princes however we could have some fun. Then i used to introduce the conversation with ” hello, how are you doing” . i used to bombard them with normal lines and nothing. So i just thought , lets shock and my start was something like ” I dont want be rude , but i dont wish to be your friend just want have sex with you , what do you think about it ” Almost 90% girls used to answer me imediatly , even the girls that i could read in their profiles that they wanted serious guys and was no there for sex. And they were very willing to have sex . I did the same with ladies that i havent got any answer for 2 months and even these ladies answered me , i ve fucked some of them. And it was like you said … beeing sincere is the key. Beeing fucking direct You wont waste your time and energy with girls that are there only passing time and girls that are up for sex will be interested ( for my surprise it is a lot of them , i would say 70% of girls that i talked were up to have sex) . i ve fucked some . And must agree you are amazing if i ve meet you earlier i would save time. But i m not sure if the cock picture on whatsapp would work …. Why sending the cock picture, what is the intention , i didnt get it , maybe it could scare them , i tried just twice because those lady were dirty and asked me for that haha. Anyway congrats man. BUY HIS PRODUCT . IT TOTALLY WORK . WILL FREEMEN IS A SOCIAL GENIUS!!!!

  118. Thanks brother, awesome to hear and thank you for the support I really appreciate it. I agree its a massive change when you start speaking from a place of authenticity, not just in your dating life but in your life as a whole. When you walk tall and announce to the world that you act in your self interest unashamedly it completely changes your reality and how people respond to you. Most people try and cloak all their intentions in this phony altruism, like the guy trying to befriend the girl to sneak his way into her pants. Compare this to a guy like Donald Trump who just states his intentions and does what he wants.

  119. Why do girls between 18-24 flakes all time. This is not person to person but always girls between flakes between around this age. Is that due to they are insecure or high standards?

  120. IMO, girls 18-24 flake for 3 reasons:
    1. They have a shitload of other guys trying to fuck them
    2. They have no clue what the hell they really want
    3. They usually don’t mean 3/4 of the things they say

    Usually a combination of the three. I’m 31, and every girl I’ve fucked on tinder was in that age group.

  121. It’s pretty funny and also interesting that girls under 24 flakes or don’t want to hook up. I wonder how they get laid or find a casual sex when they flakes on guys even if the guy are good looking.

  122. Ya, they get laid because there are so many 1000s of thirsty guys pounding on their door trying to get in, they know they can flake on a guy four times a row, respond to 1 out of 10 of his messages and if they even hint at meeting up the guy will be there at the drop of hat

  123. Lmao!!!^^ Man that’s true as hell and sad that they are able to do that because most men give them that option and power. I think your totally right about being stright up sincere and assertive. I’ve played the “nice guy” role and always got friend zoned. Being passive or trying to get her to fuck you becuse your so nice isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you act like a door mat then you only going to get walked on.

  124. BTW I meet a girl who where 22 years old yesterday and we had sex but she was to rude and disrespectful, when I went home I got a SMS from here that she wrote “haha sorry I was so cocky and rude to you. Hugs”

    What would you answer here if you where me in this situation? And should I thanks for yesterday and that was cozy beside what she treating me?

  125. Hey Alex you can can thank her but only if you feel it, normally the right move to see her again is to send the day after thank you text but if she’s rude then I wouldn’t bother. Sounds like she got rude because she was nervous about sex and maybe upset at having given up her sexual power too early – but ither way I get of rude girls quick.

  126. Is it weird to offer to pick a girl up and bring her back to your place? I’m not really sure how you are supposed to bring a girl back to your apartment or whatever. Does she follow you there after a date, do you drive her there, etc.? Dumb question I know


  127. Right there in the article, you just ask her to come over. If you go for the coffee date then you just bring her home after, thats outlined in the book as well as the okcupid article.

  128. I don’t think it was because she was nervous or because of it was early for the sex, here in Sweden we have very open minded about casual sex and the majority of the girls don’t have Anti-slut defense like any other countries. love to experiment and replied her and give a signal that I’m not allowing such bad behavior like “Thought it was just pretty unnecessary to behave and be disrespectful as you did. but it is ok now after your apology. She replied me again with that she was really sorry I feel bad and it’s she are like that when she feels insecure and it was bad side of her and that she is working on her attitude. and she thanked me that showed I don’t tolerate and she appreciated it. I replied her with “I am glad that you have the courage to admit your bad sides and want to get better. Wish you all luck.”

    She haven’t answered me I hope I did it right.

  129. I posted this question the other day but i dont see it anymore so i guess ill ask again. how do you feel about the super like button? i feel like it could have a negative effect and come off as creepy?? thanks

  130. Hey bob, sorry if I missed your question. I don’t find it necessary, I think why put yourself below her when you can start the interaction on equal footing, at the end of the day if she likes you she’s going to respond.

  131. Hello bro. i ve sent you a message earlier . And i am watching your videos on youtube and following your website . I ve noticed that you talk about many stuffs , like business , style, work out , food , dating , neuroscience , relationships in general ( how to behave with other peoples) and etc. Then let me ask you a thing , what do you think about biohacking ourself with hormones ( testosterone, oxan, gh , trembolone, deca , dura and etc ) , sialis , supplements( whey , bcaa) , modafinil, caffeine, choline, bacopa, ghinko ( for focus and memory ) and etc. Do you think it is a good idea to improve ourself as human beeing or just an anti-ethic way or the harm dont compensate the beneffits . thanks for helping us, obvious with medical monitoring . att, fanfarrao05

  132. I think improving yourself is always good but that is a very broad category of things you’re talking about and each one has to be weighed carefully with pros and cons for each.

  133. What is the main age range that your techniques have worked with? I just turned 20, and am currently in college, but i feel as if this style works mostly with older women, like in their late 20’s or 30’s

  134. I meet up with a girl at the club last weekend and we go to home and fucked her, we where also agreed before that she gonna come home with me. The day after I send her “Thanks for last night, It was cozy” she replied with “Thanks you to!”
    I haven’t write to her since that, the thing here is I want her more than just ONS, I don’t know if she planned just have me as ONS, but I at least want to keep that girl like fuckbody or hopefully get more closer to her to a relationship. How can I follow up with that any idea? Should I write “Just let you know you can write me when ever you want to meet up again”, to see what her intention was?

    I really looking forward to you to answer my question about that

  135. Hi will! Rishton here 21 yrs old living in a city, but still live at my parents how can I overcome this obstacle of not having my own place? And will the strategy work since I don’t have my own place?

  136. Hi Rishton, first priority has to be getting your own place brother. Get your money and lifestyle together and then you can start playing around with the girls.

  137. Great article man. Just started using Tinder, followed a few key points via your post, everything is going smoothly. Thanks a lot for writing this

  138. just started using tinder, I’ve got a very good profile and am good looking etc… (normal and hot but non sexual profile). I live in a nice area of park slope Brooklyn but dates are always in Manhattan, I have a big nice apartment but I’ve also got a friend staying in my spare bedroom. how do I get girls (including non dtf) to come back to my place where Ive got a roommate (12 minute train ride – but leaving Manhattan feels alien to most girls).

    I’m certain your technique would work, but I’m trying to deal with this challenge in a general sense (even with time wasters). I’m willing to put the work in with “time wasters” so long as I like them, either as a challenge or just cuz they’re interesting.

  139. Hey Jason, I haven’t lived that situation before so the best I can do is a hyopthetical. First off try it and see if it works. If it’s a struggle for them to leave Manhattan you might have to meet them there and risk flakiness and timewasting because your situation is not ideal. Also having a roomate makes girls a bit uncomfortable so you should try and coordinate your dates for when he’s out of the house. With that said if you’re serious you might want to upgrade logistics, maybe a small apt. in manhattan with no roomate might be the move.

  140. I bought your book but you don’t mention about what to write in the bio or what I have heard many women do care about bio. Could you give some examples what to write there?

    I wrote something funny don’t know if it’s good enough like “might be to drunk to hang, but never too drunk to bang”. What do u think ?

  141. I did mention and have screecaps of my bio. Basically looking for a oold girl to have fun with, but definitely not what you wrote. Keep sex as implied, not overtly spelled out in the profile.

  142. Hey Will,

    Not sure if my first post posted to the site but first let me say that I love the site and find it very insightful, helpful, and inspiration. The purpose for my post is that I can’t close. I don’t use tinder, I use “soul swipe” and get a quite few matches but just can’t seem to close. I can get a girl to go out on a date with me but after the first date they are usually apprehensive about coming to my places for a second or third date. Moreover, I’m not even sure of the right words to say to get them back to my place after any date at all. As I said getting a date is not a problem, closing is the problem for me. I come up three inexpensive date but not sure how to close after any of them, if you get this can you assist?

    P.S. My dates includes( the movies or pool hall, comedy or improv show, and poetry bar)

  143. Thanks James, I really appreciate it. I’m not sure what soul swipe is but I can’t comment on it. With that said your results aren’t surpising when you’re not screening her to be DTF. Without DTF screening you’re looking at the standard 3-5 dates and the standard of many of them not closing even after that time period. This is why for just sex I advocate being so ruthless. With that said outside of experiments like these I don’t screen super hard for DTF as casual sex is not a priority for me. If you want casual sex do exactly as I outlined on Tinder or if you want experience and a more traditional route go for the traditional 3 -5 dates.

  144. I dont think I have the best of body, so yeah I have my main pic of me in a suit on a balcony overlooking the Vegas strip (classy, yet has fun). other pics are similar where I hopefully look playful.
    Still don’t think I am getting the DTF kind of matches. I have been doing the standard “You look like trouble ;)” but dont get any replies. The replies I do get are girls that seem like they want something more. I wrote in my profile at the end about “looking for a cool girl to have good times”
    not sure if I should put a body pic anyway, and I guess if someone likes it they will like my profile lol. but think I will get very little likes (skinny guy, not fat).

  145. Most of the time I got matches from girls who are not responding to either the first or second message. These girls are only there to wasting time and get validation.

    My first message are “Hi, how it’s going?” then if she’s not responding I send another second message “What are u up tonight?” 99,99% of the time they don’t either respond to the second message, It really bothers me since I don’t get a lot match and unmatched a lot of them after they don’t respond.

    Should I write on the bio “Swipe only write if you are gonna respond” ? Or do you have any solution

  146. I call BS on one issue… Why on earth would any of you guys give a total stranger your home address on the first meeting? If you live in a house, I’m sure she could do a reverse background check on your address to find out your real name and from there on discover more about your personal life. She might also give another person your info. You’re now vulnerable to thieves, stalkers, or even robberies. But that’s just some of the short term problems. Before you know it, you now have 10+ crazy hoes that can bring drama and danger to your home in the long run. Congrats!

  147. I’ve lived in condos so giving out my home address wasn’t a problem. If you live in a house and you’re worried, just meet for coffee or a drink.

  148. How do I get over the fear I have of starting conversations like these? I’m a virgin. Also, what do you think about maintaining relationships if you like the girl after fucking one whos DTF right away? Does it matter over someone who’s more conservative?

  149. Hey John, the best way to get over the fear is just to do it, confidence is something that comes after the fact. With that said, if you’re a virgin and nervous, you don’t have to use all the aggressive sex talk, start slow, take the pressure off and just try and get her to meet up for a date. As for seeing a girl who has sex on the first night, for sure. I’ve had great relationships with many women who we’re DTF off the bat. It’s only when you’re talking about an exclusive relationship that you need to do some screening, for that I recommend my girlfriend guide series of articles.

  150. Hey Will,

    Great article and very insightful! I do however have one question. I currently live in a small town so tinder is not really popular here. However I was wondering when I do go to the city I stay at my friends apartment. So my question is when using tinder but not living in the city I’m visiting how do I processed with the action? Do I just tell her if we can do it at her place? Is it ok to do it at her place or is it traditional to do it at the guys place? Is there really any objection to doing it at her place?

    Thanks Will looking forward to hearing your response

  151. Thanks Simon, your place is always better because you can handle all the variables ie roomates not being in and being on home turf helps. I’d try and set something up in advance, that you think has a shot of closing for that particular day and maybe ask your friend if you can have the place to yourself for a few hours, assuming he’s a cool guy.

  152. Hey Will

    just curious how you manage to ‘only’ delete 15% of your matches? I swear like 80% of my matches are either fatties, or girls who only show photos of their face (which should make your alarm bells
    go off). This is kinda frustrating… any tips on screening would be appreciated. Great and well written article nonetheless!

  153. Thanks Daniel, I think it depends on where you live. When I was in Toronto I had a lot higher quality matches than in Chiang Mai. If you want to speed up the process don’t bother to delete them, just message the ones you want.

  154. Interesting clues on how to… Good article. however, can you advice on how to deal with girls insisting on video chat or skyping etcc.. I am not much into vdo chatting and believe its time waste. and do not have skype id either.

  155. Thanks man, just get rid of them, their timewasters and won’t meet up, first it’s video, then facebook, then your social security number. The whole point of online dating is to meet up from the site, if the girl needs to see your video to trust you she doesn’t belong on online dating. Nearly every single girl that I’ve hooked up with will meet up with will do so within 5 messages back in forth.

  156. Thanks for the informative article. However this is mostly based on the assumption that you actually get matches. I have been using tinder for over 6 months now (on and off) and other dating sites for even longer and have had literally 0 matches. This failure rate is soul destroying and thoroughly depressing. Yes I tried the mass spam approach and I get nothing. I just want someone to tell me what I am doing wrong, without feedback I don’t know what needs fixing.

    In real life some women do look at me and smile and flirt, this is in day time at work, or when I’m out so I wouldn’t say I’m completely ugly and hideous to women. Obviously there is something wrong with my photos. It appears I am not photogenic at all. I am kind of slender so I don’t know if that puts girls off or not.

    I have middle eastern roots so started to wonder if this is a race/culture issue. It isn’t an issue for me I have lived and grew up in the UK my whole life. But it makes me wonder. The main reason I say this is because I put a fake pic of a white guy with tattoos (I Googled “bad boy” and picked a random photo) I then started getting at least 5 matches per day on tinder.

    I welcome any feedback or advice.

  157. Hey Captain,

    If women are looking at you in the day, then its definitely a problem with your photos. I suggest getting a friend with a dlsr or finding a guy on craigslist to take 400 pictures in afternoon lighting with a good camera, and choose the best 3 or 4 – will cost you a couple $100, also check out my style guide to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes.

    As for women online, they are incredibly superficial, even for me the top guys its still a big numbers game. And yes women are racist when it comes to datinng, no matter what they tell you.

    With that said no need to get depressed over what some broads on Tinder think. The move is to get in where you fit in. Try again with the best pics you can, if no luck, just start doing day game where the girls are already looking at you. Also, by making an extra effort to approach middle easter women your lay percentages will go up.

    If you max everything out and still can’t get laid on line, no big deal, day game and social circle have the best quality women anyways. No need to get upset, just find a way to win. And don’t put too much priority on women, you have your youth, your health and you should be focusing the bulk of your life on your wealth so you don’t have to work a shit job in your 30’s. Keep your head up player and find a way to win.

  158. What’s your thoughts on Tinder today? Most of these girls have profiles that state they are not down for hookups,. 1NS, Netflix N Chill etc. I like the Gronk approach of right swiping everyone, but I like many others are using the free app and cannot swipe without running out. Do we actually have to read and screen ourselves before we screen the time-wasters?

  159. Hey Jay, if you’re using the free version, then just swipe on the attractive ones. And no you don’t need to read their profiles because they are on tinder, a known hookup app. All girls are on their to hookup but the vast majority are also timewasters. That’s why I recommend you stick to the script to screen them out, but no need to worry about reading their profiles.

  160. Hey Will great stuff but quick question. I’m really tall (6’9″) and I mention that in my bio. But I have the physique of an NFL offensive lineman. But I still find myself getting plenty of matches with most of them willing to meet up. I’m wondering if I can still get to home base even if I don’t have a ripped body when I meet up with these girls. Your thoughts? It should be noted that I’ve never met up with a chick on tinder yet as I’ve only had the app for a couple days.

  161. Hey Phil. Absolutely, your height and weight/being really big is a huge advantage. Ideally though you get to a point where you’re not significantly overweight, a bit of fat isn’t a problem when you’re a big guy though, because being big is such an attractive thing to women. I only suggest shirtless pics if you’re ripped, if not, cool casual clothes (nice jeans and t) or suited up are best, using a good camera in afternoon lighting is ideal, or get pro shots done. A lot of guys think girls will just ignore pro looking pictures as it seems try hard, not true, online is 90% about looks, so the better you can make yourself look in pictures, the better your responses will be.

  162. I am going bald. How will this affect my game and should I change my pics from having a full head of hair to my shaved head now?

  163. Yep, your pics should reflect your current look. With that said I’d look into my article on minoxidil, also check out the research chem RU and transplant options. That is if it’s bothering you, otherwise just shave your head, wear a bit of stubble, get tanned and get jacked, jason statham is the best style icon to model for balding guys.

  164. So ive been trying out this method did the whole you look like trouble thing and everything working out fine. This girl wanted to have sex like on the first day. My question to you is, this girl really wants to have sex with me its obvious with what she tells me and i think its def going down, however she really wants me to sign up to this site to verify im not some creeper should i drop the 100 dollar subscription fee bc im totally feeling this girl? Already dropped 30 dollars to get her email address things are getting serious. Could she just be a timewaster? Awesome book you are a social genius and the whole thing works as evidenced by how far ive gotten with this horny girl hehehe. What do you recommend i do?

  165. I have a big issues here with Tinder. I get matches and often 7 of 10 matches don’t even replay to my first message, this happen a lot right now. Tinder is not like it use to be. I have 4 photos of me and 2 of them of my face and I got a lot of complement about that I look very good and so on, but the girls don’t seems to be interested to write or hook up. Why do they even swipe right? Is that for getting attention from guys who look good? or what’s the problem with today’s Tinder?
    Is that good idea to write on the bio “Swipe only if you are gonna respond” ?

  166. How do I respond to “hahaha what do you mean” after I ask ‘how are other guys treating you on here”

  167. Great post. Just a quick question, do you recommend using Tinder Boost? Are they worth it? They’re kind of expensive, are the necessary nowadays just to be shown to women? How would you get shown otherwise with so much competition if others are using it, etc.?

  168. Thanks Ron. I personally don’t use it, but I have enough matches to keep me busy (not trying to brag), if you’re putting in the numbers and not getting the matches I’d recommend giving it a shot.

  169. Hey dude! Read your article & been a great help but, this girl has responded to the ‘you look like trouble ;)’ with a never ?. Best response?

  170. Heya Will,

    Appreciate the good article. I heard somewhere that mass swiping likes on Tinder will brick your app, because the algorithms show you as thirsty, and will only match you with fuglies.

    Is this true?


  171. Have you tried much with Fetlife Will?

    I’ve been using your screening method on Fetlife instead of Tinder, and have been getting several girls to meet up.

    Because on Fetlife, most of the time you only put body shots but not face, I would send my full pic (face included) after I got a girl to agree to meet up + got her #, and 50% of the girls would not respond, despite them actively saying “yep I want to have some fun and am keen to meet on x day.”

    Does this also happen with your Tinder girls? I’d put it down to me being Asian – my body pics pretty much got them to agree to meet + give number, then when full face pic gets sent, 50% are still keen to meet and 50% go silent.


  172. I have and had success on it, will do a post on it some day. And yes, girls unfortunately are very racist when it comes to dating, but, you just get in where you fit in my man.

  173. Thought so Will, cheers my man. Have had one solid lay off it so far, with two very hot ones DTF until face pic sent hahaha. I think once you get the hang of your Tinder guide, it’s pretty much universally transferable to anything online pulling wise!

  174. Hey Will,

    Just dropping another thanks your way – laid another chick from Fetlife Saturday just gone. Fitness model too! I’m a regular poster over at the GLL forums and have been recommending your stuff to the boys.

    I suspect another one should close in about 2 or so weeks (school holidays in New Zealand, and she has 3 teenage sons).


  175. hey Will. Your article is a real service. As I see it, it is based on complete honesty and both offers and demands respect — the exact opposite of the Trump approach to life.

    When you were following the approach you describe, did you try to turn some or all of your lays into fuck buddies? If so, what was your success rate and how did that work out for you and them? Do you have any advice on how to get them to be available for booty calls?

  176. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of
    the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but
    I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

  177. will, i’m loving this method so far, as i’ve already got to in most conversations where i haven’t before. i’ve fucked one girl so far and it wasn’t that hard to set up, but i just didn’t have the greatest performance. not bad, just not what i wanted. my question is about the cialis. do i take the pill right before we start hooking up? sorry if this is a dumb question i’ve just never taken any sex pills before

  178. A document for rape you fuck wit. She says no so try again in 5?? So lovely of you to spread this poison – no mention of make sure you honour her boundaries, make sure both parties consent, be authentic straightforward? You’re actually teaching men how to abuse women. Nice work – it’s people like you who contribute to fucking up the world. Hope you have a daughter one day and see the value in a human being. I’m sorry your parents and environment created this life for you. Rot. Man just rot… or better yet – take this site down and learn to soothe your insecure weak as piss character

  179. All excellent advice up until inviting her directly to your place. I guess it’s ok if you live in a giant apartment building but if you have a standalone house or condo you’re asking for trouble. What if some fucking weirdo shows up with his Johnson in his hand for the trolls? Quick coffee where you can dash if it looks wrong is a little more “safe”.

  180. Hi Guys (I am a woman)
    I’ve read carefully this post, very interesting and hilarious.
    I just moved to Canada and used Tinder lately. I got the “you re like trouble”, cock pic and so on…:) So hilarious to know where it comes from ?. Congrats Will, guys are following up your advices.

    Just to clear things, if we (women) don’t reply to your posts it is mostly because we get lots of matches! Too many!
    I personally never start a chat unless I find the guy f**** hot (according to my standards). It happened once. 99% of the time I let the guy initiate. So why 50% of my matches don’t talk to me? Who knows and who cares? I have other matches to look after.
    A girl can get 30 matches very quickly. I got the “+99 people liked you” after a few hours only.
    If 10 guys out of the 30 matches that I have start to talk to me, I pick 2 or 3 only. Don’t see the point chatting with the 10.
    That’s as simple as that.

    Secondly even if I am on a DTF mode, I want / need / have to (?) be attracted to the guy to go to the next level. Having a drink doesn’t mean that you will bang me.

    Anotheir thing. I am tall and I unmatch 40% of the guys I talk to because they are shorter than me. Superficial? Maybe but I can’t help it….
    I am sure you all have your little non négociable something. (Most girls do).

    You also have to réalise that we (women) face lots of:
    – fuckings ghosts who tell us how good they are in bed before vanishing.
    – fucked up guys
    – attached and lunch break available only
    – liars
    – very different guys compared to theirs pics.

    Tinder is brutal on both sides.
    I had a DTF date the other day. All set but the guy cancelled on me because he “met someone closer”. Nice and delicate (but honest at least).

    Sorry if I have been intrusive. This page is a guy zone.
    Good luck :)

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    topic. You realize so much its almost tough to argue with
    you (not that I really would want to…HaHa). You definitely put
    a fresh spin on a topic that’s been discussed for a long time.
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