How To Get Laid From Day Game: The Definitive Guide

If you want to learn how to get laid consistently, you need to master day game. Day game, for those of you who don’t know, is a “pickup artist” term for hitting on girls you see during the day, whether on the street or in a store. As a player I don’t think a pickup artist is something to aspire to but they have some good tactics available on sites like pua-zone.

In my opinion, meeting girls on the street or in public is the easiest way to find high quality women. My response rates are way better during the day than online or in clubs. Plus you get access to women who don’t use online dating or go to clubs. If you’re looking for more than just getting laid, day game is also your best bet for finding a quality girlfriend (you won’t find girlfriend material at a nightclub).

Picking up women on the street is based primarily on your sexual market value and the amount of effort you put in. That means playing the numbers game and constantly working on improving your delivery. Here’s how to get laid during the day:

How To Get Laid From Day Game

Who Will This Work For?

  • Guys who live in at least a medium-sized city, the larger the better, dating is a numbers game
  • Guys who have decent or better looks, style and physical fitness
  • The better you are in these areas the better your results will be
  • Despite what most pick up artists tell you, looks do matter
  • Work on improving your looks as much as possible through weightlifting, dressing well and proper grooming

What You Need

  • Before approaching any woman you should have your style and hygiene together
  • Remember most of a woman’s interest comes from how valuable you are in the sexual marketplace
  • You should know how you physically rank out of 10
  • You should have decent game, but most of this is trial and error, no pain, no gain
  • It’s also a good idea to have some Cialis on hand to make sure you really put it down (with prescription)
  • Phenibut is also a great drug for easing your nerves, plus it makes sex amazing

Who To Approach

  • You should be approaching girls within ten years of your age and within 1 points of your rating
  • Eg. if you’re 28 and a 7/10, you can realistically approach girls from 18 to 28 ranging in looks from 8 and below
  • The farther away from your age and rating the less probability you’ll have of picking up the girl
  • Of course you can approach any girl, no matter how hot, but don’t expect consistent results from constantly approaching girls out of your league

The Approach

  • The most efficient way to approach girls is when you’re already out on errands, shopping or grabbing food
  • This might not seem like a lot of time but it’s probably about 10 hours a week
  • You just always have to be on and ready to approach

The Method

  • You approach, you fluff talk for a few minutes, you tell her you think she’s attractive/pretty/cute, you ask for her number, you tell her you’ll text her, you wish her well and then leave
  • This should all take no more than 5 minutes
  • I prefer getting the number instead of an insta-date because I’m usually busy
  • Even if I go out specifically to day game I prefer the number because then I still have the rest of the day to hit on other girls instead of wasting it on a date that might not come through
  • Also most women aren’t free during the day and won’t be able to drop everything to have coffee with a random guy so keep it short

Follow Up

  • Text her back the same day you get the number
  • “hey its x, the charming stranger you met at x, how was your day?
  • Send maybe 1 to 2 more messages back and then text “cool, lets grab a coffee/drink this week, what does your schedule look like this week?”
  • If her answer is anything less than yes and volunteering a time, then delete contact information
  • If she says yes then schedule a time that works for you at a coffee shop by your place
  • I would never meet a girl anywhere else because girls flake, sometimes without a courtesy text and then you’ll have wasted your time hiking your ass across the city
  • Send a confirmation text the day of to make sure she doesn’t flake
  • The date should take between 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on how sexually interested she is
  • At the end of the date, ask her back to your place regardless
  • Once you get back to your place, escalate towards sex, this means making out, grinding and rubbing her pussy
  • If she stops you or moves your hand, give it about 5 minutes and try again
  • Never use force obviously and if you notice she’s tensing up physically stop touching her
  • If she will have sex with you on the first date it will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours
  • Women do have sex on the first date, in fact the majority of women I’ve slept with have been on the first date
  • If you don’t have sex on the first night you should invite her over again, if she doesn’t respond or wants to go anywhere besides your place, delete all contact information
  • That is unless you’ve decided you want a relationship with her
  • If she comes over again, escalate to sex
  • If a girl doesn’t have sex with you by the end of the 3rd date she either never will or will only have sex with you in a relationship


  • The following stats are based on 3 experiments, mine, Good Looking Loser‘s and Paul Janka‘s
  • Good Looking Loser runs a self help website for guys and Paul Janka is a dating coach
  • I use their data because it fits with my experience, they use the same method I do, and in my opinion they are both legitimately good with women

My Stats

  • My Attractiveness – 8/10 (My estimate)
  • Quality Of Women Approached – 7.0/10 – 8.5/10
  • Number Of Women Approached – 14
  • Phone Numbers – 5 (36%)
  • Lays – 1 (7%)

Good Looking Loser

  • Good Looking Loser’s Attractiveness – 9.5/10 (My Estimate)
  • Quality Of Women Approached – 8/10 – 10/10
  • Number Of Women Approached – 102
  • Phone Numbers – 47 (46%)
  • Lays – 7 (6.8%)
  • You can check out his full experiment here

Paul Janka

  • Paul Janka’s Attractiveness – 9/10 (My Estimate)
  • Quality Of Women Approached – 8/10 – 10/10
  • Number Of Women Approached – Unknown
  • Phone Numbers – Unknown (Estimate of 50%)
  • Lays – 11% of phone numbers (Estimate of 5.5% of girls approached, see below for analysis)
  • This data is taken from Paul’s book The Attraction Formula, unfortunately he doesn’t list how many women he has to approach to get the numbers
  • I’ve extrapolated a guess based on my phone number rate as well as Good Looking Loser’s and give Paul a 50% number close rate
  • This means his true lay %, based on women approached is 5.5% (50% of 11%).

Statistical Analysis

  • That leaves us with a pretty standard data set of 5-7% between the three of us, this also seems to be pretty standard with other players I’ve checked with
  • Breaking above that 7% level from cold day game alone would require either some serious slumming or some pretty big equalizers such as fame, insane charm or spending tons of money


  • Advanced – Lay Ratio 5% – 7%
  • Average – Lay Ratio 3% – 5%
  • Novice – Lay Ratio 1% – 3%
  • This is a general guideline and assumes you’re staying in your league
  • If you’re in your late 30’s but aim for women in their early 20’s your lay % will probably be in the novice level even if you’re awesome with women

Time Management

  • Assuming you approach 3 girls a day while you’re going about your business, that equals to 90 girls per month, that’s a pretty decent number without having to schedule any time to day game
  • Text girls during lunch, on the subway or at work
  • This saves time for doing other things, like banging other girls
  • From day game alone you can easily have 3 dates a week


  • Like any type of sales, this is a numbers game and your product is sex
  • It is a buyer’s market and you will always be coming from a position of weakness, that’s just the nature of the beast
  • Women’s sexual market value is disproportionately higher than ours so rejection comes with the territory
  • Keep in mind though that a lot of the time she’s not rejecting you, she’s just not available
  • She could be on her period, getting over a rough break up, moving next week, in a rush go back to work etc.
  • Keep all this in mind and don’t beat yourself up about getting rejected
  • If you’re serious about learning how to get laid, rejection is just part of the price you have to pay to be a player in the game

Day Game Vs. Night Game

  • The main differences between day game and night game is the sexuality of your approach, aggressiveness and energy level
  • All of these things should be toned down for day game although you still want to present yourself as sexually interested
  • Night game should be geared toward getting laid that night, phone numbers you get from drunk girls in the club are way flakier than from sober girls you meet during the day
  • In night game you mainly want to make the woman horny enough that she wants to go home with you that night
  • In day game you’re getting that number and looking at about 1 to 3 dates to have sex
  • Day game also gets you way higher quality women than girls who go to the club 3 nights a week
  • In night game you have to deal with the girls peer group, music and all kinds of other cockblocks
  • In day game you don’t have to deal with any of the shit
  • Night game costs money, day game cost nothing
  • Day game wins hands down


  • Maximize your looks and game
  • Spend 5 minutes max per approach on your way to things you need to do that day
  • Expect a lay ratio of between 1% to 7% depending on how good your looks and game are
  • Assuming you approach 3 women a day while you’re going about your business that equals to 90 girls per month
  • At 90 approaches per month this should average out to approximately 1 – 6 new lays a month (6 being the maximum and not common)
  1. Interesting article, RLD. I like how you try to measure every possible variable. Question: what is a good, reliable (at least as reliable as possible) way of finding where you are on a scale of 1-10? I imagine if you’re a 10 or 1 it’s obvious, but how do you know if you’re a 5 or 6?

  2. Hey Azeres, thanks I really appreicate it. Good question, I might actually have to do a post on it. I’ll give you some general guidelines, these apply to North America only, I can’t comment on anywhere else. Some of these are harsh and racist but unfortunately its the truth, girls are ruthless and racist about who they date. On race, its a generalization across the board, your league usually will go up with girls of your race, for example you’ll see plenty of Chinese guys dating Chinese girls, however its not always the case, some Chinese girls will only date white guys for example.

    Also keep in mind that every girl weighs things differently, some girls will never date a guy no matter who good looking if he’s under 5’7, even if he looks like a young Brad Pitt, whereas they will date a guy who is 6’4 and confident but average looking. I also broke things down by types of places you’ll meet girls where different criteria are weighted heavier.

    I’ve given you a baseline which is what you’ll be judged on primarily, thats your core attractiveness. Your baseline is what girls will notice from you on a first impression. If your baseline is high, having strong amplifiers can take you into the stratosphere, Channing Tatum would be a good example. Even if your baseline is weak there is a lot you can do with your amplifiers, for instance there are plenty of ugly guys that get laid because they’re in a band, even a mediocre local band has high situational status when they’re playing a club. Amplifiers also work in the opposite direction, they amplify the negative. That means if you’re jobless or have no friends that’s not something you should bring up around women, if you have a decent baseline she’ll just assume average for your amplifiers.


    Height’:6’4 = 10 5’10 =7, 5’5 = 4, 5’0 = 1
    Body: 60 lbs. lean muscle = 10, 40 lbs. = 8, Skinny = 5, Skinny fat = 3, Fat = 1
    Style: Movie Star = 10, Stylish Guy = 8, Average Guy = 6, Dad = 4, Aspergers = 1
    Social Skills: Russell Brand = 10, Charming guy = 8, Average Guy = 6, Social Anxiety Disorder = 1
    Confidence/Alpha: Shwarzenegger = 10, Alpha male = 8, Average Guy/Beta Male = 5, Omega Male = 1
    Class: Upper = 10, Middle = 7, Lower = 4, Underclass = 1
    Race: White = 10, Black/Latin = 8, Middle Eastern = 6, Asian/East Indian = 3, Asian/East Indian with Accent = 1
    Face: Movie Star = 10, Good Looking Guy = 8, Average Guy = 5/6, Ugly Guy = 1
    Age: 18-25 = 9, 25 – 30 = 10, 30 – 35 = 8, 35 – 45 = 7, 45 – 55 = 6, 80+ = 1


    Income: $5 mil and up = 10, 250k and up = 8, 45k = 6, Unemployed = 1
    Status: Famous = 10, Popular Guy = 8, Average Guy = 6, No Friends = 1

  3. Thanks for the reply! It was actually fun to think about–a buddy of mine suggests that it is far more complex and that you should think about adding weighed variables. Lol Another question, concerning your post on cutting fat and maintaining muscle: what is a good, quick, and efficient cardio workout to burn 700 calories at the gym? Swimming and running are out of the question.

  4. Absolutely, I agree with your buddy and was actually thinking the same thing after I wrote the reply so I’ll probably be putting together a post in the next week with weighted variables, thanks for the idea. For now you might want to check out my article on the sexual marketplace if you haven’t already, there is some good stuff on smv there.

    To your other question the stationary bike is the best form of cardio in my opinion because you can track the exact calories burned on the bike and its no impact on your joints. For 700 calories you’re looking at an hour on the stationary bike at 14 to 15 mph, which is pretty fast, I’ve done that a few times a week on previous cuts.

  5. 3 Questions
    1)How did you come up with the ratings of the men in your statistics? I find it hard to see Good Looking Loser as a 9.5/10.

    2)You glossed over the date part. When you land the date, what do you do on it? Will you make an in depth article on going on a date after a day game pickup? (And cover maybe 2-3 different venues. Coffee shop & home)

    3)This is a post about how to get casual sex from day game, but in the post you say we should already have good game. That’s a little confusing. And the guy you suggested has a $300 guide, do you really suggest investing that much money on it? Are there any other really good game material you would recommend? I’m currently reading models.

    Great post overall though, thanks!

  6. 1) It was a completely subjective estimate, I’ve got a post on the way with objective measurements. Maybe he’s not but he’s at least a 9 in my book, tall/broadshouldered, good looking, muscular, stylish (targeted for young girls), confident/alpha.

    2) Yes, I’ve got a full chapter on it in my Tinder book which should be out within the week but I’ll probably post it for free. For now you can look at an older version I wrote on pua-zone here .

    3) By decent game I mean decent social skills, that you can project some confidence, that you speak in a normal voice and can hold a normal conversation. I think his stuff is good but no I wouldn’t pay for a $300 ebook. Models is ok but its not a practical guide. As long as you’re a normal guy already which it seems that you are its just about taking action and following the steps here then maxing out your style, fitness, haircut etc. At some point I’ll try and get some body language videos up but for most normal guys you already have everything you need, don’t fall in the trap of over complicating things by buying all these pickup products. The formula is Sexual Market Value + Normal Social Skills + Numbers Game + Basic Linear Method For Closing = Get Laid. Of course there is a bit mores subtelty to it which I’ll try to flesh out over the years but you’ll learn as you go, its much better to do than overcomplicate and get paralysis of analysis. Approach girls and if you can even do 1/40 you’re doing fine, the time to take stock would be when you’re going 0/100, at that point you have to analyse where you need work. Make sense?

    Thanks man. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want some tailored advice as far as pictures etc. goes

  7. “You approach, you fluff talk for a few minutes, you tell her you think she’s attractive/pretty/cute, you ask for her number, you tell her you’ll text her, you wish her well and then leave”

    this is the part i find very difficult. starting a conversation with a random woman on the street/in a shop etc. basically it’s not something i’ve done before, i always picked up girls from social circles, house parties, conferences etc., so in situations which are already meant for socializing.
    do you have some good tricks on how to break down the anxiety barrier one has? eg. some really easy openers.
    i’m 30yrs old, 6 ft tall and 160 lbs, pretty athletic, have a decent wardrobe, so i’m fairly good-looking, i don’t have a major problem with that.

  8. Hey Zoli, nope you just have to feel the fear and do it anyways. I’ve been there with women and I’ve been there in sales when I first started cold calling but you just have to do it – six months from now it will be second nature. The other thing you have to keep in mind is rejection is part of the game, the best guys go 1/15 – so accept that you’re going to get rejected and it doesn’t mean you’re ugly and unworthy. Just look at every girl who isn’t into it as getting you one step closer to that girl who is. Phenibut or Kratom is also good stuff to take the edge off if your anxiety is really high.

  9. an additional snag is that i live in a country where i do speak the local language (german) more or less fluently, but still not very confident in it. anyhow, this is just another difficulty to conquer.
    (starting to talk to women on the street in english is not a very good idea, locals would tend to react slightly negatively, like you didnt even have the courtesy to learn their language, so that’d be more of a disadvantage)

  10. Hey Z, yep its a big disadvanatage, day game was great when I lived in Toronto but is all but useless in Chiang Mai unless you speak the language. Even when a chick is flat out staring at me, going up to chat with her she just blushes and tries to muster a few english words. And even if you can pull what kind of relationship can you have without a common language. I had a few google translate dates and even when the chick is super cute its still a nightmare. The only move is to learn the local language or move to a country where English is taught in schools.

  11. well i do speak the local language fluently (good vocab, some mistakes in grammar), but still not completely confident in it. which kind of hurts your general confidence a bit. but that just makes it a bit more challenging.

  12. Ok then its no problem, I actually find it easier to game in a foreign language, almost like you hide behind it and girls seem to love when you mispronounce words, especially when you’re trying hard, they think its cute.

  13. Hey! Gangster post man, just had a quick question. I’m 18 and unable to move out yet, but i do have me a car. Any suggestions on where to take the girl after a date to escalate physically?

    Any help is much appreciated.

  14. Thanks Angel. You can try going back to her place, but chances are she lives at home, so the best move is probably renting a hotel. With that said, you should know as close to 100% that the girl is DTF, because taking her to a hotel is a harder pull as she doesn’t have plausible deniability.

  15. Hi Will,

    I have a natural stutter when speaking, regardless if I’m speaking to one person, reading out loud to myself or to a group. Do you think having a stutter can decrease my rate percentage with women?

  16. Hi Will

    I thought I’d already posted my question but I can’t see it. So this may be a duplicate.

    I am coming out of a 15 year relationship / marriage and so in the process of finding my way with approaching and dating women. I have spent the last few months as my divorce has been professing getting in shape, losing 30lbs and packing on muscle.

    I want to start approaching women again and wanted to know if you had a simple easy opener that good to use for those getting started. I’m not looking for a magic line – I know that there’s no silver bullet. But I also know that I can get in my head too much so having a simple opener ready means I just focus on actually approaching rather than getting stuck on what to say.

    I know I’ll find my way once I get underway but would appreciate any advice on this as I get restarted.

  17. Hey Andrew,

    Good for you for moving forward and taking action. The approach I recommend is hi how are you, that or any variation is pretty much all i use. Then within a minute I compliment her as in the article. Women decide within about 10 seconds whether they’re into it or not.

  18. Hello Will, I wanted to thank you very much for this great article. Really appreciate it. I have a question from you.
    For day game, you mentioned that you approach, fluff talk and ask for her number. I have a question about approaching girls. Some people say you should approach a girl saying something like “Hey, how are you? I know that it’s completely random, but I thought you’re cute and wanted to say hi”. But others say that it is better to begin a conversation with a girl by using an “indirect/opinion opener” that gives her very little sign that you are hitting on her. Which one so you think is better: direct or indirect way?

  19. Indirect for the first 20 or so seconds so she relax a bit, but then I hit her with a direct compliment, if she takes negatively I’ll bounce, if neutral/positive than ill keep going and get the number.

  20. How do you think would the numbers look if you are day gaming to get a girlfriend and don’t mind about being efficient?

  21. I like the piece. Only thing is there are many people out here like Black Dragon and Alpha Male Strategies who suggest not complementing a woman when you meet her because it’s supplicating and pedestalizes her. Thoughts?

  22. I love blackdragon, but that’s an area where I do things differently, I give compliments all the time from a charming perspective, and if they’re sincere girls love them. But I feel like it’s still coming from a place of strength, as in not being afraid to express myself but also not being needy about.

  23. What do you think would the numbers look like if you just want to find a girlfriend and you don’t really care about getting laid immediately?

  24. I would say you can get better quality when you slow play it and pitch boyfriend game, although you will have your time wasted more often. Check out my 5 part series on how to develop your dating game plan.

  25. How big should be the city at least so that you dont build a reputation of being “that guy”? Is it avoidable in smaller towns?

  26. I don’t want to be a jerk here, but you can’t consider 14 approaches as representative statistic and tell people what your success rate is 7%. Unless you approached at least few hundreds women you don’t know your actual approach per lay statistic. You can be lucky and get laid from your first of second attempt even if your real statistic is only few % lay rate. And you could have a downstreak and don’t get laid after doing 50 approaches even if your statistic is 10% or higher. Just because of how probabilities work. Guy who have 50% winrate in Dota wouldn’t win each second game, more likely he would win four games straight and then lose four games straight… This is why online games so addicting, they could make people feel as if they are awesome or shit just because most people don’t understand how probability works.

  27. That statistic applies for me across the board, or at least it did before I left Canada after many approaches, it’s actually higher in Asia. Although it might be lower in Canada now that I’m 37 as opposed to 30 at the time of release of this article.

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