How The Sexual Marketplace Really Works

The definition of a marketplace is a place where people get together to buy and sell goods or services, subject to the laws of supply and demand. When it comes to the sexual marketplace, all these rules apply, the only difference is that sex is value-neutral

This means that both parties are exchanging the exact same thing, just like a handshake, as opposed to exchanging different goods and services. The reason for this comes down primarily to evolution and culture, this article will show you exactly how those factors work as well as the strategies you need to succeed, check it out:

The Marketplace


  • Women are buyers, men are sellers
  • Like all markets, the power is with the buyers

Value Exchange

  • Sex, in its true form is like a handshake, it’s a value neutral exchange where each party receives the same thing
  • Sex in the real world however is rarely treated as a value neutral exchange, it’s usually leveraged by women either directly or indirectly in exchange for resources, status, or emotional investment depending on their agenda
  • This is partly due to women’s hypergamous instincts, but is also due to the cultural programming of making women the more valuable sex
  • It’s true that evolutionary biology dictates a lot of a woman’s response to sex in terms of being selective due to pregnancy risk and a pre-disposition towards pair-bonding, but culture is equally if not more important

Repression In Women

  • Women’s bodies react the same towards visual stimuli as men’s do, see here (and are not category specific ie. they react just as strongly to lesbian porn as they do to straight porn)
  • Despite feminism women are still extremely repressed sexually and society still functions under the madonna/whore complex which is a holdover from the marriage tradition
  • Women have higher levels of social filters on what they are attracted to because they’re valued more for being selective buyers
  • Women are taught early that they have higher value than men and are constantly reinforced not to lower their value or be exposed to slut shaming

Her Outlook


  • Love-Motivated: Her primary interest in men will be emotional investment
  • Status-Motivated: Her primary interest will be in wealthy and high status men
  • Stimulation-Motivated: Her primary interest in men will be sexual attractiveness

Her Agenda

  • Bodyguard: To protect her from other men if necessary
  • Financial Support: To support her and her children
  • Emotional Investment: To care for her and support her emotionally
  • Sex: To please her physically
  • Children: To give her the best possible children
  • Escort: To take her to family functions, parties etc.
  • A woman will be looking for between one to all of these depending on her agenda

Her Receptiveness To Your Approach

  • Her receptivess to you is based on the following:
  • Her Mood: how happy and open to meeting she is
  • Your Attractiveness Level: what your total attractiveness out of 10 is on her scale (see below)
  • Her Sexual Availability: if she is single and available for sex that day (not sick/on her period)
  • Her Motivation (Love/Status/Stimulation): this usually determines how fast she will have sex
  • Her Timeframe: how much time she has to talk
  • Social Pressure: if she’s around people who will judge her negatively for talking/having sex with you
  • Her Sexual State: how horny she is at the time
  • Her Agenda: what she’s looking for at the time and how she feels you would fit her agenda



  • Your attractiveness is based on the following characteristics:
  • Looks: Includes style, body, genetics
  • Bearing: Includes your body language, voice
  • Personality: Includes humor, emotional intelligence, confidence
  • Status: Includes wealth, pre-selection by other women and connections, status is the biggest attractiveness amplifier (Justin Bieber for example)
  • Money: Money is attractive as a financial support enhancer eg. cars, houses etc., money also increases status Status

Her Filters

  • Age: You’re within her age range which could be 2 years to 30 years, usually it maxes out at about 10 years
  • Niche: You’re part of a niche she’s attracted to eg. businessman, athlete, thug, musician, artist etc.
  • Race: You’re part of the race or races she is attracted to (women are very racially selective unfortunately)
  • Outside of genetics, all of her filters are cultural

Your League

General Attractiveness

  • Your baseline attractiveness, otherwise know as your league is how you rank to the average woman based on her outlook above represented as a number out of ten

Situational Attractiveness

  • There is a big difference in women’s outlook so in reality your league varies from girl to girl and in different situations
  • For example, a promoter might be a 9 to club girls through situational status and niche selection but less so day-to-day when taken out of his environment
  • Compared this to a high-powered executive who has a ton of status to the women in his company but will feel out of place and ignored at a club

Reasons Why Guys Are Unsuccessful

  • Aiming outside of their league
  • Not approaching women

Options For Guys Who Are Struggling

  • Follow RLD system and begin to maximize your total attractiveness while focusing on girls within your league and keep trying to play the variety game
  • Aim for girls just outside of your league, but not for variety game as the response rate will be too low, girlfriend game only
  • Many “pick up artists” only teach variety game, and they teach it to guys with below average social skills and style to be used on girls far above their league, this is why the majority of guys are not successful with it
  • If you’re a true hard case, focus on meeting girls online, it will be a lot easier on your nerves
  • Aim for a girlfriend within your league to be able to build social and sexual comfort with and expect to have to play the numbers game on a massive level
  1. What are your thoughts on height in the real world? It’s no secret that height is probably the most important factor in online dating, but do you think it has the same degree of importance away from the internet?

    I ask because I’m a guy who’s been told a handful of times over the years that I’m attractive (by both women and gay men), I watch my nutrition, hit the gym 5-6 days per week, and like to think I have some intelligence up there as well.

    The problem is, I’m only 5’6″ tall, and probably due to a rough childhood that never allowed me to build any self-esteem, I’ve allowed my height to define me and I find myself pre-disqualifying myself when it comes to women. In other words, I assume I could never compete with taller guys or that I’m below any woman’s standards so I don’t bother. I’ve had some successes with females, but admittedly I’ve always aimed low, chubby girls, women with low socio-econimic status, insecure women (which I seem to have a 6th sense for), etc..

    Would be interested to hear your opinions. Thanks, and great site, I’ve enjoyed reading it over the past several moths.

  2. Hey LM, thanks for the support, I appreciate it.

    To answer your questions, height is definitely very important online and offline which I would include in the looks criteria under attractiveness.

    I understand where you’re coming from. For the first part of your problem, self esteem, I think some crucial things for you moving forward is to focus on your mission in life, work on developing multiple levels of self esteem (career, fitness, intelligence etc.) and positive self talk so that you’ll be able to develop a positive self image. These all take discipline and application every day and do not come over night, true self improvement is never a quick fix. I’ll be delving deeper into these topics in my next post.

    With that said, it will be difficult for you to get girls who are taller than you on a consistent basis, most girls screen for a guy who is taller than them. I would focus on girls under 5’6, ideally petite girls from 5’0 to 5’3. If you’re a good looking guy you will be able to have a lot of options in that range, especially if you’re a cool guy to be around and are positive, motivated and intelligent. Its just a question of playing the numbers game and shaking off rejection until you find a girl who is in to you.

    Hope that helps

  3. Yep, get in where you fit in. Your race is outside of your control, you just need to focus on what you can control, play the numbers game, max out your sexual market value and find girls that are in to you. Also its a good idea to focus harder on girls of your own race, they will be your highest probability lay. And, if you’re a well sexually stereotyped race like black guys, you can play up the polarity, get jacked, dress edgy. This will put off a lot of white girls but the ones that are into black guys will be wet on sight.

  4. Will – again well done.

    I am and older but don’t look older white male. The only eye contact I receive is from black girls. It is actually ridiculous because I do not know how to react. Is this a status thing they are looking for? Or daddy? Or are they pros? This will be in usual everyday settings. Wondering…..

  5. Sounds like they’re into you, if you’ve got style and swagger you can pull young girls. Also I find black and latina girls are more sexual in general so are more open about things like eye contact. As opposed to white and especially asian girls.

    Can’t hurt to approach them, especially if you’re getting solid eye contact.

  6. This was very well-written and insightful.

    My social / approach skills definitely aren’t my strong point. But as Will said in a comment above, self-esteem is a must-have. I’ve been focusing on myself exclusively for the past 6 months, maybe to a point of isolation, but from it I’ve restarted my business, have improved my body and mindset a lot and even got a few lays in. I feel more confident about myself and understand myself a lot more, maybe at the expense of those social skills, but like anything else I know they can be improved.

    I know I’ve been focusing on the right things, but a more steady stream of sex / companionship would definitely make it more rewarding. :D Been digging through your blog all morning, great great stuff here Will.

  7. Thanks Alex, I really appreciate the support. Sounds like you’re making great progress and have your priorities straight. I can’t overstate how important this is, I spent way too much of my 20s chasing women and neglecting the more important things in life. Don’t worry, the girls will come as you keep stepping your game up in other areas which it sounds like you’re doing.

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