How Nightclubs Work and Why They’re Bad Places To Pick Up Women

The primary purpose of a nightclub is to function as an escape from reality. It’s a place where a good looking 20 year girl who works as a secretary and lives at home can go and be a star. She can have hedge fund managers spending money on her and trying to take her home.

The entire ecosystem of the nightclub is built on guys trying to get laid and girls lapping up the attention. The club pays its bills by men spending money on bottle service and buying girls drinks in the hopes of taking them home. I’ve outlined a breakdown of how clubs work and who the players are, check it out:

Types of Nightclubs

Big Box Drug Dens
  • Big box drug dens are where people dance to heavy house on ketamine or e, these are by far the worst places to meet girls
  • Most of the girls are fucked up on drugs and just want to zone out for 8 hours to the dj
Meat Markets
  • This will be your easiest place to get laid, usually these places have an active dancefloor with lots of people hooking up, dancefloor game is your best bet here
  • Meat markets usually have shady practices, I’ve actually seen one club in Toronto wipe beer off the bar and back into a pitcher
  • You also want to look out for and avoid underage girls
High End Lounge
  • This is where you’ ll find the hottest, highest quality women
  • You’ll also see local celebrities, wealthy business owners, drug dealers and other successful people
  • These clubs are usually more expensive and will have more tasteful decor
  • The music will be softer, drifting more towards ambient/chillout as opposed to heavy house or club bangers
After Hours
  • After hours are open after the clubs close, usually starting around 2 and can run well into the morning
  • Serve liquor past allowable times
  • Are known drug dens with dealers operating on premises
  • Usually have some type of arrangement with the police allowing them to exist
  • Are usually functional alcoholics who only see daylight in small doses (I used to be one in my early 20’s)
  • Usually the staff will go out after close to the after hours spot, many do drugs
  • Some staff will also sell drugs
  • Club staff are very incestuous, lots of hooking up, gossip etc.
  • Staff in general don’t like a lot of the customers
  • Some staff steal or skim from the till
  • Hot girl bartenders probably make more money than you do, at a hot club they can clear close to 6 figures
  • The owner is usually the only guy over 40 in the club, although he’s rarely in the club, he’ll have his pick of girls and usually owns more than one club
  • The majority of these guys make no money, they promote primarily for status, being able to drink for free and to get laid
  • For most guys it’s a part time job
  • Their job is to primarily bring hot girls to the club and secondarily a select group of cool guys
  • The average promoter will get paid something like $5 a head for each person he brings to the club on his “list”, if he brings in 20 people he’ll clear $100 plus free drinks
  • The big promoters will make ok money but most are lucky to crack six figures
  • Promoters will have event nights, for example on Sundays they do an industry night (geared towards people who work in nightlife) party at one club and on Mondays they have a reggae night at another club
  • These guys basically build their lists through friends of friends, social media and finding hot girls, promising them the world and inviting them to the club
  • Promoters are pretty much the least reliable people on the planet
  • Being a promoter is the easiest way to get laid with hot girls consistently for any young guy with style and decent social skills, you can start out by inviting people from your University
  • Some promoters sell drugs as well to supplement their income, coke and e being the most popular
  • There is also no such thing as a list, the doorman just checks off which promoter you’re with
  • If you can’t get in it’s not because the promoter forgot to put you on their list, it’s because you or your friends don’t meet the looks/coolness standard of the club
  • Club regulars are hot girls and cool guys
  • They generally know all the promoters and promoters are always trying to get them to come to their parties
  • A true hot girl regular won’t even bring her purse/wallet to the club as she has guys to take care of everything for her from cabs to cover to drinks, she pays for nothing
  • Chances are if you want to be a club regular you will have to “luuuv” house music and be up on the dj scene, house music has a borderline cultish following in the nightclub industry
Hot Girls
  • Hot girls are the lifeblood of the clubs, hot girls are what everything in the industry revolves around
  • A club’s primary goal is to have as many hot girls inside as possible
  • Hot girls are the exception to the regulars rule, they will never have to wait in line and will always be treated well
  • Chances are if you’re reading this you are probably an outsider
  • This includes everyone in the general public
  • This includes players, pickup artists, regular guys, regular girls or anyone that has to wait in line is an outsider
  • The club is rarely at capacity, the lineup is merely a tactic to create an illusion of scarcity and position the club as better than you, this is designed to get you to spend money on drinks and bottle service in an attempt to fit in
Bottle Service
  • A bottle service table will generally have a minimum spend for reserving, you will also have to book this in advance with your credit card
  • You could be looking at a minimum spend of $1000 for your party and easily drop a few hundred on bottle service in a night
  • Bottle service tables are by far the biggest profit centers for clubs and charge a huge markup on liquor
  • With a table you’ll receive VIP service or the equivalent of the service of the regulars, the difference is they don’t pay for it
Club Life Cycle
  • In general a club will be cool for 6 months to a year
  • After that time it will live on by it’s reputation but will slowly be infested by undesirables, once this happens hot girls stop coming and the club is on its way out
  • Most clubs will have a 3 year run following this cycle when either they will be renamed or redesigned by the owners
  • There are exceptions to this rule, every city has clubs that become staples, they have 20 year runs and everyone knows what to expect
  • Alot of the time these are the big box drug dens that have the budget to bring in international dj’s
Why The Club Is Bad For Picking Up Girls
  • Clubs are loud, this means verbal game is all but useless
  • As an outsider you have no value
  • There are a million distractions for women in these environments, it’s very unlikely you’ll be the most interesting thing in her reality
  • Clubs are the Olympics of socializing, meaning the difficulty and competition level is highest
  • Quality women do not go to clubs very often or ever, that means the girl you met at the club is most likely not a fit for anything besides a casual relationship
  • Cockblocks are everywhere in the form of the girl’s friends, her guy orbiters secretly in love with her, her song coming on that she needs to dance to etc.
  • You’re also working against the stigma of being a random guy, that means not only do you have to pass her filter, you have to pass her friends’ filters
  • Then you have to extricate her from having a good time to come with home with you at the risk of her personal safety and reputation
  • The guys who lay hot club girls are club regulars at the top of the social pyramid: bartenders, promoters and DJs
  • The club scene is a much smaller world than it looks, the way to play is social circle game not cold approach
  • Cold approach pickup artists do not consistently bang hot club chicks
  • The entire nightclub industry is built off the backs of guys trying to get laid but paradoxically the club is the hardest place for the average guy to get laid
  • Unless you’re socially connected or extremely good looking, nightclubs probably aren’t for you
  • If you’re tired of striking out at clubs you should check out Tinder or try your hand at day game
  1. Your last line is spot on – thats why I havent been to a club in 1½ year.
    Used to work as a promoter back in the days. No money, but good social status.
    Great insight in this article – lots of stuff I didn’t know or hadn’t thought about!

  2. So true. Everything you said is spot on.

    I think it is even worst for introverts. They think extrovert people are getting laid every night so if they can become extrovert and “crack the code” (learn pickup) they will get all the action they want. Some spend years going to clubs without any real results.

    Besides that, I find myself becoming happier the more I immerse myself in nature and the club nightlife is the exact opposite of that.

  3. Thanks Mark,

    I think you’re definitely right about introverts, it doesn’t make sense to force yourself to do things you don’t like, especially when you can find plenty of women with the same interests, like ones that like to immerse themseves in nature.

  4. Hi RLD. Good article… but how do you know all this? What is your involvement with the club scene?

  5. Thanks AJ. The knowledge here is from a combination of things, stuff I learned from night game (I don’t recommend it) back when I used to do that, dating club girls and a brief period where I was looking to become a promoter but I decided against it as I don’t enjoy the lifestyle. My involvement with the club scene now is non existent, I don’t like clubbing and I don’t hang out with party people. If you want to learn how to get into that scene check out this post from Chris at GLL

  6. Thanks for your reply. I have a dilemma and was hoping you could answer. I’m 28 years old and I live in Toronto and work a 9 to 6 corporate job. In terms of looks (face/height/body) I’d say I am a 5 or 6/10. In terms of career I am a 9/10.

    I am not plugged into any social circles full of girls. I get no traction on online dating.

    I only have time to do nightgame on Friday and Saturday nights. You know how it is in this city. It’s really fucking bad man. A good night = overcoming a sea of sausage and hardened cliques to get maybe a makeout with a sloppy drunk girl and like 2 flakey numbers.

    What can I do?

  7. Haha, ya night game is not where its at unless you’re plugged into the scene or really love hitting up clubs solo.

    As far as your dilemma goes its great that you have a realistic assessment of yourself and are looking to take action. Starting with your looks I would tell you to follow the weightlifting routines and diets on this site, you want to aim to maximize your body. In the meantime your dress code should be top notch, if you’re making good bank at your job that should be apparent to every girl you talk to, that means tailored suits, pocket squares, colorful socks, big faced watches and expensive polished shoes.

    If you’re saving money for your exit plan (which you should be), a $300 suit from Zara with $70 worth of tailoring and $100 shoes from Aldo will still have you looking better than 99.9% of guys. You want to maximize your edge by radiating money/success, this is a big attraction trigger for women, combine this with good posture and presence and you’re easily a 7.

    Your best bet is day game, I’m a Toronto guy as well, the PATH downtown at lunch or after work is the best place to pick up corporate women in the city, aim to approach a couple women a day on your lunch break or way home (assuming you work downtown), check out the day game guide on here for more. If online is killing you that means your pictures are bad, you need some solid ones in natural light with a high resolution camera (not an iphone), check out the pof article on here for more. I would say Aim for 7s at this point and between online and day game you will have more than enough women once everything is dialed in. If you have more questions email me at and I’ll give you a free consultation.

  8. A guy that does good at day game will say night game is not good, a guy that is good at online will say night or day game not good etc… It comes down to preference, with that being said i will agree with most of the stuff you said in the blog. The problem is that it comes from a perspective that night clubs can be difficult, but they can be easy/easier and more efficient than day or online game (of course depends on many factors). I did day game and online, i still prefer night game cause you can get more physical faster, girls are at their best attire/looks… More concentration of hot girls in one place etc… Again it has its pros and cons but so does day and online game, you did not mention the pros, only you mentioned the cons. Get me? But solid article overall… Sad you did not do it as guess post lol…

  9. Awesome post!! Would you recommend taking a part time job as a promoter or bartender while still working a traditional 9-5 job for the social benefits? Is that even possible?

  10. Thanks man, and ya absolutely, that is if you have the time. More so a promoter though, or just bring girls to a sub promoter, then you can work around your own schedule. Bartending jobs are tough to get at top clubs and usually go to hot girls.

  11. Very cool article, interesting info. You’re site is great, and, importantly, you seem like a good and genuine dude. Best of luck!

  12. I wish you have wrote this article back in 2001, you would have saved millions of people a lot of frustration and pain. Great analysis. Thank you.

  13. I can tell you are from Toronto. Ive been clubbing in 20 different countries and Toronto is by far the worst.

    The reason is bc the women get hit on so much, they think they are literally a model.

    If you had 200 likes on your pics and 2 dozen members of the opposite sex telling you you’re sexy, you’d believe it full heart.

    Too bad..

    And Toronto has some of the most beautiful, amazing girls in the world. they are not chillin at Muzik or Uniun on weekends, I promise you that.

  14. Ya man I agree. There is a reason I live in Thailand now my results pretty much quadrupled overnight and that includes with white girls here, not just Thais.

    Toronto is shit, cold as hell and overpriced. Canada as a whole is a communist country.

  15. hey Will…
    question, as a (successful but not balling – yet!) business owner do I have a higher SMV overall than when I was just an employee? does it set me apart from guys who are just employees?


  16. Thanks for the post.Mainly, a nightclub is a place where girls come to take drugs, get drunk, switch off their brains, and then, dance and dance.
    Even if you are super hot, girls won’t recognize you in that crazy crowd.What is more, they all will be drunk. No brain to look around, analyze, plan, and etc. Total stupidity!
    Definitely the worst place to meet girls!

  17. As a girl, I must say that I do not go to clubs to be picked up by guys and i just go to have fun with my friends. So obviously if a guy tries anything, I am likely to walk away. But obviously they should go for “quality girls” who do not club. A normal guy does not try to pick girls at a club to have a serious relationship with them. That’s stupid. So MAJORITY OF BOTH guys and girls who go clubbing are looking for a casual relationship

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