How To Get Approach Invitations From Women

An approach invitation is what a woman does when she either wants you to come talk to her, or is at least open to the possibility. When you approach her it’s known as a warm approach, as opposed to a cold approach which is when you approach a women without and signal or social cue beforehand.

Of the two options I definitely prefer the warm approach, it’s a lot more fun talking to a girl who you know already has some interest in you. And the good news is you can actually create approach invitations, not with all women, but with some, when you know what to do.

In the audio and video below you’ll learn:

  • How to get approach invitations from women
  • How to build on the initial invitation by bringing her unconscious awareness in conscious awareness
  • How to make the actual approach
  • The pros for warm approaching over cold approaching
  • How to baby step your way up to approaching if you’re nervous

Also, you might want to look at these additional resources covered in the audio and video that will help take your game to the next level.

How To Get Approach Invitations From Women

  1. One time when I went to the supermarket there was a very gorgeous
    checkout girl. I asked where she was from an she said some South
    American country (I don’t real where.) “I LOVE _____ girls!” I said
    in response. The other people in the checkout line laughed. I thought
    the girl liked the compliment as well.
    After some time I was back at the store. I noticed her staring at me with
    an inviting look. I didn’t do anything about it. With my non existent history,
    I never do. “Nothing succeeds like success.”

  2. Curious you mention cold approach is mainly a looks game but I have been watch this guy evolution daily on youtube and he seems to great success despite being extremely average to below. He is skinny fat to and kinda looks like Frankenstein. He uses a lot witty funny ma pua game bullshit but it seems to work. Do you think of the stuff he is doing matter or would he get the same results running basic/boring interview mode question type shit like what is taught in GLL.
    Curious what your thoughts are

    They seem like maybe girls that he converted with game but I could be wrong. Is all the bullshit irrelevant and They are just physically attracted to him. He confirmed he slept with them through facebook.

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