Fleshlight Review: How To Use The Fleshlight To Increase Your Sexual Stamina

In Chapter 4 of my latest book: How To Fuck Women Properly, I go into depth (pun intended) on the best ways to train for becoming a beast in the bedroom. One of my secrets is the Fleshlight. I wanted to do a legit fleshlight review (as opposed to your average affiliate marketer’s) for those of you guys looking to increase your sexual stamina. Because the fleshlight is hands down the best tool for increasing your staying power in bed.

You might have heard of the Fleshlight before as a masturbation aid but the Fleshlight is actually amazing for increasing your sexual stamina. With that said you don’t the more expensive Stamina Training model they sell, the basic Fleshlight works fine.

Fleshlight Review

If you’re serious about mastering your stroke right I would suggest doing a Fleshlight session every day. The routine I recommend is to put on some porn and aim to thrust consistently for at least 20 minutes. The porn is important, especially if you’re a young guy, because it will help you desensitize your dick and be able to last once you get the real thing. I used this exact training routine about a decade ago to massively increase my stamina.

The positions I recommend are missionary, kneeling doggystyle and cowgirl. The key is to keep a steady stroke going for as long as you can without slowing down. Don’t worry about jackhammering, you’re going for consistency and desensitization. Jackhammering is primarily a question of speed which you’ll get from HIT cardio training.

From experimenting with angles to enhancing your stamina the Fleshlight is the next best thing to an actual pussy. Fleshlight training will also increase your endurance in the key sex muscles: your hip flexors, glutes and quads. 

In addition to the Fleshlight, I recommend high intensity cardio 2 to 3 times per week, edging and daily kegels to give you serous stamina and erection strength.

You can use any lube you want just make sure to have a towel nearby because this thing makes a fucking mass. If you’re training in missionary then you might want to have the towel underneath you so you don’t get lube all over the bed. Also make sure to take the cap off otherwise fucking the Fleshlight will make some pretty awkward noises.

For those of you guys who live with someone, don’t worry, the Fleshlight ships anonymously so you won’t have to worry about your roommate finding your fucktoy.

The good thing about Fleshlight training is that as long as you’re having sex consistently, the results you get from your Fleshlight training will be permanent. My stamina is near unlimited thanks to the training I did close to 10 years ago. The only time I struggle is when I have a new, hot, young girl. But once I slow it down and make it past the first 10 minutes, I’m good to go indefinitely. The fleshlight is the real deal, try it out and I guarantee you’ll get better in bed.


  1. Get comfortable
  2. Get your lube and fleshlight out
  3. Put the porn on you want to watch (unless you have a porn addiction, then avoid all porn)
  4. Select your position (a good idea is to practice with a different position every day)
  5. Focus on putting in 20 solid minutes at a medium stroke
  6. If you start to struggle, slow down and focus on your breathing
  7. Practice every day for 3 months
  8. Work up to 45 minute sessions by the start of month 3
  9. Add HIT cardio 3 times per week, daily kegels and tantric masturbation to your fleshlight training
  10. Become a beast in bed