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How To Fight Fear, Worry, Stress And Anxiety Course Now Available

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I just wanted to let you know I put a new course together on fighting fear, anxiety, worry and stress. Full disclosure: this is a series I released on youtube for free. With that said, I’ve put it together as a course for you on vimeo (at a low price) so that you can:
  1. Download the videos in HD to watch at anytime
  2. Use the vimeo app to stream the course as well as watch on apple tv, roku, chromecast etc.
  3. Support me in being able to put out a ton of free content (much appreciated)
I’m planning on releasing a lot of courses this year, most on the freemium model where I release half on youtube and the other half behind a paywall on vimeo, while also organizing all relevant vids and adding useful bonuses. My goal is to have a products page lineup on literally everything you need to win the game of life.
Everything in this course, from tactics to frames are things I use in my own personal life. The idea is to get you from fearful to functional, and if you’re already functional to superfunctional.
You’ll learn:
  1. The key metaframes and key strategies
  2. How to control your fearful thoughts
  3. Control your reality
  4. Control social anxiety
  5. Control your physical state
  6. Control your financial fears
  7. Control your fear of death
Check out the full course here:

How To Fight Fear, Worry, Stress And Anxiety Course

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