The Definitive Guide To Sexual Economics

To understand your role in the sexual marketplace you need to understand sexual economics. Mainstream media and even most red pill websites don’t properly understand sexual dynamics. This post was originally written as the first chapter in my new book but I wanted to expand on it and get this out to you guys because this knowledge is so crucial.

From an evolutionary perspective, across all species, females are the gatekeepers of sex and are more sexually selective than men. If women were designed to fuck any man, no matter how defective, our species would not have survived. Women risk death with every pregnancy, nature did not design women to take that risk in vain but instead to produce a healthy, genetically fit child.

In the sexual marketplace, women are more valuable than men. Like any marketplace, the sexual marketplace is subject to the laws of supply and demand. Eggs are limited and sperm is abundant, so naturally the demand for eggs is higher than the demand for sperm.

In a traditional marketplace people get together to buy and sell goods or services. The sexual marketplace functions in a similar way, with the major difference being that sex is an equal-value exchange as opposed to an exchange of different goods and services.

In our culture, however, sex is not treated as an equal value exchange. Both men and women accept that sex is a transaction where women are the buyers and hold all the sexual capital. Even though both parties are getting the same thing, it’s accepted that women are giving something to men and that men are taking something from women.

Think about the structure of a traditional date. You meet a woman, pay her a compliment and make her feel good about herself. She’s excited to meet you for the next few days. You take her out and show her a great time, dinner, wine maybe a movie, covered by you of course. You handle all the nervous tension of the date and lead the interaction smoothly making her feel comfortable and happy. You invite her back to your place, in a cab covered by you of course, for some more wine and snacks. You play the perfect host.

When the mood is finally right you give her an intensely pleasurable experience where you do the majority of the work. An experience that she seems to get a lot more pleasure out of then you do. Sweaty and exhausted you offer to send her home, you even pay for the cab again. You text her the next day thanking her for coming.

At this point you don’t call her for a few weeks or maybe you wait for her to give you a call and return the favor. This never happens, instead she feels used. Society sees you as the asshole for not treating her properly. Think about how insane that is. Think about how you would feel if a random stranger did all those things for you, incredibly grateful I’m sure and you definitely wouldn’t expect anything more from them. But such is the nature of our reality gentleman.

The mainstream media and its feminist overloads wrongly portray women as sellers while complaining about how objectified they are by men. The truth is, the only time women sell sex is through prostitution. Prostitution reverses the sexual dynamic where women trade in their sexual capital for actual capital. As prostitutes women display all the behaviors of sellers: from appeals to your ego, aggressive advertising to lying about the services provided.

The truth is, we sell sex. Sex is the service we provide to our female clients.  We can only get access to sexual capital from successfully selling our service to women, just like a salesman earns his capital from selling to a client. A man can either get sexual capital from selling his services to multiple clients, or he can form an exclusive contract with one client in exchange for consistent access to her sexual capital.

Sexual capital is treated as value-loaded and finite as opposed to its true nature, equal-value and infinite. By treating sexual capital as value-loaded and finite, woman monopolize the supply, hoarding it like a wealthy investor. Women are given sexual currency at birth by being born female and accumulate more with age by maximizing their sexual market value and spending it selectively. In other words, by not being a slut.

Sluts are labeled as sexual fools, the same as people who spend their money foolishly. Sluts only get sex in exchange for sex. They make the mistake of treating sex as an equal-value exchange instead of leveraging it for other things. Since they’ve spent so much of their sexual capital they can never afford a good product like a confident, attractive, wealthy man who wants to be in a monogamous relationship.

The sexual marketplace, like all markets, is a buyer’s market. Women, like all buyers, have a buyer’s mentality when it comes to sex. They look for reasons not to buy as opposed to looking for reasons to buy. They exhibit all the traditional buyer behaviors like lateness, rudeness and flakiness.

Those of you guys in sales know that buyers are liars and women are no different. They know they have something of value, but they have limited funds before becoming a slut, so most want to buy wisely. They want to keep their numbers down and the quality of men high.

Most women, especially as they age, value finding a partner to raise children with over almost anything else in their lives and will easily sacrifice casual sex to preserve their reputation. This is why you hear nothing but a barrage of lies from them when it comes to sex. Women will sell you purity, telling you how they only want to have sex in a committed relationship. But mark my words, this is a bold-faced lie.

Women are as sexual as men are, they want to fuck multiple men just as much as men want to fuck multiple women, albeit slightly more selectively. Nature has no concept of marriage or a committed relationship and commitment is a human construction designed to prevent murder and maintain order in society.

Nature designed women to have as many children with as many high quality men as they can. Women repress their promiscuous instincts because it conflicts with their desire for securing a mate and resources because they know men want to be sure of the paternity of their children.

Most women offer a relationship in exchange for sex and I can’t say I blame them. This is, after all, the socially acceptable method. From a cultural perspective women are punished for being sexual. Women are punished less harshly than they used to be prior to the feminist revolution, but most women still sell some version of purity and lie about wanting to fuck multiple men.

In traditional society, prior to the feminist revolution, the best way for women to spend their sexual capital was to buy a marriage with a man. In exchange for her sexual currency she would get children, emotional support, financial support, a bodyguard, a social escort, a responsible father and a sexual partner.

In order to create a stable society it was necessary to control a woman’s sexual currency. The elite of all cultures across the world codified marriage as a business contract enforced by religion and the state, the violation of which would lead to ostracization or death. Marriage as an institution was so powerful that it became the only lawfully acceptable place for sex.

Of course our elites fucked who they wanted. They never have and never will play by the rules they construct, but the average man had no choice. For many men, marriage was a good bargain, he had access to consistent sex, fidelity and a partner to raise a family with.

The stability and population growth brought through the inventions of agriculture and marriage was responsible for humans becoming the most dominant predator species in the history of the known universe. Without marriage we would still be living in caves.

This system lasted from the dawn of civilization until the 1960’s and the feminist revolution. Prior to feminism a man received a wife who would provide him with children, domestic chores, fidelity and sex in exchange for financial resources, emotional support and physical protection.

Post-feminism, men receive none of these things and with the advent of no-fault divorce, enforced alimony and child support, marriage has now become a dangerous proposition in North America. Not only is finding a traditional woman all but impossible, but also half of all your shit is on the line if she wants a #yolo divorce.

On the plus side, finding girls for casual sex has never been easier. Sex before marriage and after divorce has become expected, the result being our current hook up culture of casual sex and short-term relationships.

In the de-regulated sexual marketplace, female sexual choice is the driving force. Since women only want to fuck men who are equal to or better than them, the top 30% of guys fuck everything while the bottom 20% are involuntarily celibate (incels). The average guy is only able to get sex within the confines of a monogamous relationship, a less restrictive version of the old marriage contract.

Now that’s not to say that all the barriers to casual sex have been removed. Feminism destroyed the religious barriers to casual sex, but the evolutionary and cultural barriers still exist. In the post-feminist world, society still believes women should use their sexual capital for securing a monogamous relationship as a test run for marriage.

The sexual liberation of women is a myth. They are more promiscuous then they used to be but they don’t truly want to be liberated, they want consequence-free sexual freedom while being able to keep all the patriarchal sexual privileges.

Some women will trade sex with you outright but the majority will insist on leveraging it for emotional, financial and social resources as they always have. Not because they don’t want to fuck you, they do, but because they believe they deserve these things as part of the package.

Prior to 1960 I wouldn’t blame any woman who acted any differently, being promiscuous for a woman was the social equivalent of leprosy. But since then women have no excuse. The double standard that feminists cry about only exists because they collectively restrict the demand for sex.

By restricting the demand for sex they keep the price of our sexual services low. Of the hundreds of dates I’ve been on I’ve never had a woman pay for me and I’m sure you haven’t either. We’re commended on our salesmanship because that’s all we have, but instead of having to sell myself I’d love to be the person on the other end of the phone with all the money. I’d gladly give up the small amount of prestige of being ladykiller for an equitable sexual exchange.

Women will always be more sexually selective based on evolutionary reasons, but they would fuck way more men than they do now if the cultural barriers were fully removed. If women stopped selling purity men would stop trying to buy it and their sexual privileges would be gone overnight. Feminism has no interest in taking away a woman’s sexual power over men because it’s far too advantageous for them.

In the era of free love, feminists briefly pulled back the curtain, marriage and monogamy were oppressive they said and female sexuality needed to be liberated. You remember seeing the videos of the summer of love at Woodstock, the true nature of women on display.

That era didn’t last very long, most women quietly realized that maybe men and marriage weren’t so oppressive after all. They realized it was nice to have someone to support them emotionally and to help take care of the kids, especially now that they had to work. Plus getting guys to buy you shit and being able to restrict sex as a weapon are some nice privileges.

If the cultural barriers were fully removed women would fuck every guy they thought was hot. From the barista who serves her coffee, to co-workers, to the guy in her yoga class. You get a glimpse of their true nature when you see them drunk and making out with multiple guys on the dancefloor.

Without cultural barriers, nightclubs would be nothing but young, good looking people fucking as opposed to women attention-whoring, teasing and going home to play with themselves. Believe me, in a consequence-free world, young women would be fucking five guys a weekend.

So, the result of the feminist revolution has not been the sexual liberation of women but rather the creation of a hybrid market based on free sexual choice for women but balanced between our traditional customs and our primitive sexual state.

This is a market that would never have been possible under previous historical conditions, but is one that we’re able to sustain now through birth control, abortions and the enforced redistribution of income. In this hybrid market, most women still want to exchange sex for commitment or a relationship that will lead to commitment, but a select few will exchange sex for sex.

So Where Does This Leave You?

As a man things will always be harder for you. We are the sexual slave class. This is reality and here at RLD we don’t argue with reality, instead we play the fuck out of the hand we’re dealt. The way to play your hand is to have a great product and to keep your salesmanship razor sharp.

This will keep you in demand and able to dictate terms to your clients whether its casual or committed. If you get a problem client or a client who wants to renegotiate the contract: fire them. Just make sure you maintain a top notch product with razor sharp game and you’ll always have access to plenty of sexual capital, which is of course the most important resource in any economy.

  1. has a more scientific take on this. In a resource-rich r-selection environment, females only need males for sex. Therefore males compete for access to fertile females, in a mating milieu you know as a “sausage fest”.

    It’s not like this in a resource-poor K-selection environment, where the young starve to death if both parents aren’t fully engaged in the struggle to feed them. In that case, females compete for marriageable males, and whoever fails to find a husband is locked up in a convent so she won’t “accidently” get pregnant.

    The former selects for male beauty and female fertility (e.g. peafowl, inner-city voters), whereas the latter selects for female beauty and male productivity (e.g. Mormons, Mennonites).

    When men decide that enough is enough, and refuse to support or protect women who won’t have sex with them (and that includes paying taxes to any government that supports single mothers), the divorce rate will drop to zero and young women will get serious about finding husbands.

  2. “The sexual liberation of women is a myth” – couldn’t agree more.

    We talk about how women are still oppressed and judged by the number of their sexual partners. But the truth is, we – the women – are our own harshest judges.

    Brilliant piece.

  3. Excellent piece. Very clear and well written.

    You say: “The way to play your hand is to have a great product and to keep your salesmanship razor sharp.”

    Can you please give some specific examples of how to play the fuck out of your hand within the context of a monogamous relationship?

    Thank you.

  4. Very interesting article Will. And I love the new site design.
    Quick comment on something you said early on in the post in terms of women being more picky. “Eggs are limited and sperm is abundant, so naturally the demand for eggs is higher than the demand for sperm.” Technically speaking it’s not about the number of eggs or sperm. It’s about the amount of children a woman can have in her life vs a man. A woman can only have a maximum of 1 child every 9 months, where as a man can have as many children as women he is able to sleep with.
    And a small typo. “Those of you guys in sales no that buyers are liars and women are no different.” Should be “know.”
    Also, what is that “Related” posts plug-in you’re using at the bottom of your post? Thanks.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Ethan, thanks for catching that typo. The plugin is called related posts but its a sub-plugin of jetpack which connects your site to, I highly recommend jetpack, its free and has a bunch of other great sub-plugins.

  6. Thank you, the best way to play your hand in a monogamous relationship is finding a great girlfriend, this is where most guys fuck up, check out the girlfriend guides to find out exactly what to look for. Other than that you want to keep improving your body and style, just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you can get lazy, a lot of guys make this mistake. As for your salesmanship your woman still needs to be seduced, charmed and fucked properly. She also needs to remember that she has bought a valuable product, a product many other women would want to buy and sometimes she needs to be reminded of that :)

  7. Thank you for your response.

    You said: “She also needs to remember that she has bought a valuable product, a product many other women would want to buy and sometimes she needs to be reminded of that”

    Can you please give me specific examples of how to remind her of that (in a calibrated way).

    Thank you.

  8. Sure and use these sparingly, mention how going for lunches with a girl you work with or keep in touch with old fuckbuddies and casually bring up conversations you had with them. Go out to the bar with your single guy friends when she’s not invited. Subtle like that, just like a girl would do to you.

  9. Men can considerably reduce the sexual market value of women by applying Machiavelli’s “Divide Et Impera” and building relationships with several females at the same times and making sure that they all know what is going on. Females who raise the price of sex too high would be promptly replaced by a new female. That would also make females happier as it would take away the boredom from them and keep them on their toes all the time – which they simply adore, indeed.

  10. It takes a really good dose of unwanted sex via divorce to open a man’s eyes. To see a woman as a home spending unit that rapes & pillages assets is what todays wives have become. Marriage offers religions stigmata followed by judicial gear greasing. Marriage is a religious ritual that the government became involved in strictly for profit. Religion & state seems to lack separation where it is profitable.

    By the way is your book in print or e-book?

  11. Yep, I’m glad I’ve never been through the financial rape of a divorce but I feel for all the men out there who have. And I definitely agree as far as government being involved in marriages, its strictly for profit and for further control/dependence over the host population. People are trained from birth to believe things are only official once the government sanctions it.

    My books are illustrated pdfs.

  12. Quote: On the plus side, finding girls for casual sex has never been easier. Sex before marriage and after divorce has become expected, the result being our current hook up culture of casual sex and short-term relationships.

    This is my dilemma now. I am 55 years old and divorced and only want a causal sex partner so where should I start looking at to get back into the game? Do web sites like Ashley Madison work ?

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